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Launcher breaks after every single hotfix.

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i also have this same problem  i hit play  nothing happens  steam says its running . task manager says it is not   .  rebooted  and launcher will not even work this time


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2 hours ago, [DE]Momaw said:

Please open a ticket with Support and attach your log files AFTER the launcher has failed. In the launcher click the "Gear" icon to open settings and then there is a button for Get Logs.

And just how do I open a ticket?

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16 hours ago, mystery052 said:

i was able to put in a ticket  using the support option. but without access to the launcher i can not get to the gear  to get logs .

The launcher won't even go that far?  The log is in

C:\Users\<your windows username>\AppData\Local\Warframe\Launcher.log

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