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1000 Day Log-in Reward: Legendary Aura Cache!


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Huo8b5Q.png   GgSSAUn.png   Mtfq33d.png

Note: These Legendary Auras are not tradable and cannot be improved.



As always, have fun out there, be kind to each other, but equally mean to those that oppose the Tenno!
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These would make more sense being exilus mods. If they are supposed to be a reward for 1000 day login players, then making them an Aura means you give a free booster to other players which would allow a player to try sell their time being a booster bot.

Personally, I think a 20-40% boost to all resources/drop chance/credits as 1 exilus mod with a drain of 16 (and potentially no polarity which means wrong polarity wouldn't increase cost) would be more reasonable imo.

Also to note, it isn't the 1st for me anymore. I could genuinely see something like this being a reward given the MR 30 boon.

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