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Need A Weapon Upgrade





I took a break of several months from the game. Before the break, a veteran player suggested that I should get the level four shotgun - Hek - as my next weapon. Is it still as great? My mastery level is 4, I am currently using 60-mod Paris.


Any other suggestions? I also have the Snipetron Vandal.

Help is greatly appreciated,


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I've got HEK with catalyst and I SHOT (I kill people with just a shot) with it. 


Go ahead, it is one of the best shotguns. Well, maybe some people can say that it just has 4 shots, but with the mod that increase the ammo, you can arrive at maximum of 6 and all changes then.

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The Hek is a great shotgun, I used that until the Sobek came out (I like the Sobek more and, it is also mastery 4). I wish I had the snipetron vandal, I've got a regular snipetron and the thing is amazing but, compared to the vandal version it just can't compete. I also like the gorgon lmg. If you have one or get the blueprint for a login reward thats a pretty good primary. 

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I went through a lot of weapons to re-evaluate them in last couple of days, considering that enemies weren't too strong in the event, so personally I believe that Hek is still pretty awesome. It's got bigger range (that is, bigger range at which dmg falloff starts) than other shotties, decent dmg, and really good feel.


Sobek is good as well, but to a lot of people it just doesn't feel shotgun-y.


In any case, if you are not stat-obsessing type, and are looking for a decent shotgun, I suggest you go along with Hek.

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