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Void Relics and Fissures: Suggestions, QOL Improvements and Bug Fixes.


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On 2021-04-07 at 10:11 AM, EtherPigeon said:

The worst part about void trace farming is getting the minimum traces: the range of rewarded traces just feels way too big, getting less than about a dozen void traces just feels bad.

100%, getting that ugly 6 - or any single digit number - is just ugly. Granted, i have a booster at all times, but the new players who need rare drops even more usually don't.

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There's definitely lots of detail here, but I would personally like Fissures more if they steered towards how Tower Void used to be. All enemies spawning as Corrupted would be a good start. Waiting for enemies to "turn" isn't good design. 

I would increase the levels of Fissures. Axis current level should be the minimum for Lith and scale up from there. Axi could be close to the Steel Path in terms of scaling, and a damage modifier like T4 Void would be nice to see. Primes are the "highest tier" of an item. There's no reason why the highest tiered items are level 10-15 missions. Primed are too easy to get, and I feel like that would be good to change. Most people will probably boo me for making something harder (not easier) to get, but it really cheapens the game's progression when Primes are the most accessible weapons outside of the market/dojo. It's quite apparent too with how litte Primes are valuable in terms of Platinum in trading (exceptions include long Vaulted items like Loki Prime).

Relic reward design needs better planning. The amount of unique relics is 300+ now with so many unobtainable due to vaulting. It's getting messy with the naming as well (double digits coming in). Players would greatly benefit if existing and future Relic rewards were shifted around to be set per Prime Access instead of mixed all over the place. This scheming has been applied to Vaulted relics as of late and seems to be fine.

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