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My formal complaint on an xbox moderator (have to censor names because don’t wanna breach TOS)

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I’m sure add some of you may know, there is a moderator on xbox. He does not have the greatest track record at all, however today he was kicking people for seemingly no reason at all. People were getting upset said and so i toms the man to stop abusing his admin powers, kick #1. After that one was over, people started getting angrier and so i again said something along the lines of “he’s too afraid to talk to anyone because all he does is abuse his power “ This resulted in my second kick. I then asked how am i to fix what i have done wrong, kick number three. i was pretty heated to say the least so i privately messaged him, and I quote, “Does it bring you joy to do these things (kick people for asking semi stupid and non harmful questions)? Does you take enjoyment in making people afraid to say anything? What about your abuse of power, sat and up for yourself and fight back. Don’t cower behind you power.” then i proceed to tell his to stand up for himself yet again. At no point was any fowl language used therefore not breaching TOS. People in region were like “oh you just need to shut up and listen to him and respect his authority, it’s not that bad” i saw people earlier get kicked for saying the dumb. To which no one took kindly to. then the message that got me my fourth kick and chat ban “Yea it is that bad, when you call him out on it, he acts like a 12 year and kicks you cause it hurt his feelings.” Now i may have been a little mean but i was one of the only one to get kicked/banned/suspended. In fact there were many messages where people discussed this moderator being reported multiple times. If there is anyway to resolve this i’d love to be given advice or links. I received this suspension at 16:28 EST. Have a wonderful evening everyone and i look forward to hearing from you. 

Edit: Censored names 

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censored names
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  • (XBOX)TorturedSoul112 changed the title to My formal complaint on an xbox moderator (have to censor names because don’t wanna breach TOS)

If a player wishes to dispute a case of Chat Moderation, or to report inappropriate behavior, they can do so by creating a ticket at http://support.warframe.com where it will be reviewed by Warframe Staff. Please note that support and other Digital Extremes staff will not discuss any punitive measures taken against Chat Moderators, showing them the same respect as we would any other community member.

Chat Moderation is a process performed by humans, and errors (such as misclicking on a moderation tool, or spelling issues) can happen, and we will take any steps to correct such issues. However, repeated abuse of the reporting function will be treated in the same manner as other kind of system abuse, and may result in punitive actions taken to a reporting player’s account.

Digital Extremes will not respond to, or take action on purposefully false claims, and will not tolerate the unfair hunting / targeting of individuals who are in any of our volunteer programs. As a result, Digital Extremes will treat such attempts as violations of our EULA and ToS, which can result in the temporary or permanent removal of a players access to Warframe."


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