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''pc Doesn't Have Enough Ram. Save Your Data And Close The Following Programs: X''


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Mostly it's either Warframe or League of Legends.

The game always minimizes if that error pops up.

Allthough, I always have ~50% ram usage, so that error isn't even supposed to pop up.

It automatically closes the program it tells me to close, even if I cancel it.


Quite annoying, anyone knows why that happens?

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how much RAM does your computer have?

7,8 GB

Currently 3,8 GB is being used while running WF in the background.



As a side note; it started happening after I installed Windows 8.1.

Not sure if it's related to that, but it's suspicious.

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I can't see why it would say you wouldn't have enough RAM, my laptop is only has 4GB of RAM and I have never encountered this problem, with Warframe or any other game for that matter.


I don't know if it could be a virus or something? maybe?? or you have other processes in the background working away that aren't really doing much.


You could always try Razer game booster (here is the link http://www.razerzone.com/gb-en/gamebooster) it stops all processes that you don't need running in the background while gaming and boosts gaming performance, if that doesn't work then I don't know :/


send a support ticket with your EE.log?

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