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Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack: Hotfix 29.10.10


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Thanks for the hotfix!

But... again some issues.
- The key binding to unmount from a Railjack helm/turret seems to be hardcoded to [X], leading to confusion if you generally use a different key binding for "Use" than [X].
- Pressing [Alt] while mounted to a Railjack helm/turret toggles a fixed camera perspective outside of your Railjack (seemingly implemented to generate showcase footage back when it was about to be released). While you could toggle back to player perspective, you could also soft-lock yourself by mistake when you unmount from the helm/turret, since you're now stuck in that perspective and can't use the toggle button anymore.
- A feature I've missed since the initial release of Railjack: Setting waypoints to objects outside the Railjack from its inside (e.g. while you're operating a turret). Any chance this might come some time?

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Thank you for the fixes.

In relation to the Trello Board: Are the changes to energy/flux and feedback from the players regarding this going to be added or discussed? Will the feedback regarding the Corpus RJ mission structure when compared to Grineer RJ going to be added/discussed? These two things have been brought up quite a bit.

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Please for future updates start testing your content before letting it out. If its in inside the team or opening a beta testing community group then so be it.

I'm sure I don't need to explain to you how bringing out any kind of product that is damaged/ incomplete would desatisfy consumers of any kind. With large games it's understandable that SOME bugs will be found. But within each update, more and more content is being brought with larger amount of bugs and they're even more problematic and it seems disrespectful to the community to act as a debugger (which could've been used at least 3 days prior).

Since the latest update launched there have been 6 hotfixes in less than a week.
During that time, a small group of testers on a small dedicated server could've easily point these out and have the majority of the content tweaked before releasing.

This post was not created to bash the devs, but is a protest to the current active system.
Either give your devs more time, create a beta testing team or hire more people if you're unmatched to the amount of code warframe has become.

This behavior since the introduction of Liches has affected the community's population drastically (Since the arrival of Liches at least it has become more noticable).
This might be a factor to look at.


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Thank the pantheon you didn't spend all that time to fix complicated stuff like fixing the Endo price of Corpus Proxima weapons by changing one number and focussed on the really important stuff. But hey, according to your Trello board there are no bugs left anyway. So we should be good.

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Thanks for the hotfix.

Please consider fixing many bugs occurring in plains of eidolons after capturing animals (archwing blink animation, harrow convenant casting animation, ....), also the foundry delay when crafting.

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