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Better text editing for Dojos and Terminals on console

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A problem I often had on my NSW when I was editing the Clanmessage or the text on the room terminal was that I couldn't just press a Enter key to change the line and even with a keyboard it just would have finished the text.

So to create a pleasing looking text I would have to typ space several times and change the amount of spaces so that the text would fit the order of the other lines wich sometimes limited the amount of text I could put in a textbox extremly because space counts as an letter.

My suggestion would be to include a command that would funktion like a enter key press 

something like |enter| or |space|

and commands that would decide on wich side of the text box the text would be 

something like |right|, |middel|, |left|

or just change it so that space wouldn't count as a letter on these terminals.

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