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Twitch Drops 2.0 - Constructive feedback.


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Once again there were 5 chances of a "grab bag" loot this week. Once again I got 3 of one, 2 of another and nothing I actually wanted. Now on the one hand, its free stuff be grateful and nobody's forcing me to watch. Okay, okay, I get it. But when I'm feeling hopeful about the random lottery that is twitch drops which are constantly spoke about in chat and on stream, then having that drop you really really wanted not turn up and having zero chances of more makes me feel like "okay, why bother watching Thursday's stream its just gonna upset me". This isn't a healthy approach to the streams. So, here's some constructive feedback.

1 - 5x 30 minute drops over four Mon-Thu 1 hour streams = "Ahh, I have to get 3 drops in the first 2 days or i'm not gonna have a safety net". Yeah, thats 150 minutes out of a total 240. However, there are times when that second drop just doesn't start because the first one bugged out, so one 60 minute stream doesn't always net two 30 minute drops. And hey, even if it does, by the middle of Wednesday I'm already done. The end of Wednesday's stream is usually me logging into game and (Please, please, pleas- oh. Oh well...) oops, RNG got me. Now I'm sad, and I'm seeing everyone in chat talk about either "is 75% enough?" or "I got 4x <rare drop here> POGGERS" and it shouldn't affect me, but honestly it does.

So. You said there was feedback Mr Jellyfish, are you gonna elaborate?
Oh yeah. My bad. I'll get to the point. Quite frankly I would appreciate a system like quite a few of the other games using Twitch 2.0. Here's some examples (click the spoiler tags):



As you can see, that is two long campaigns with drops simultaneously. Those drops ramp up in rarity the more progress you attain. Watch just 15 minutes? Fine! You get a "poor" drop. Watch a full 4 and a half hours? You get a special high end reward. No RNG, promotes growth, and this is enabled for the entire community of Sectors' Edge. PLUS there's two teams, you can show your loyalty to your favourite team. You can even get both! It would take 9 hours of watching the community streams, but from 25th March to 12th April that is easily achievable. The campaign also allows other channels. How many times does the [DE] stream end in "Oh hey random person they raided, where's my drops?" to which the community channels can't do anything about? It would be awesome if the creators had the opportunity to give official drops too. Those channels get fresh eyes. Those eyes get curious. More curious viewers = more Tenno.

But wait, lets assume [DE] only wants OFFICIAL streams to count, not the warframe creators, right?
You could still do that with the above method. Official stream only with additive loyalty. However, lets say you've got your heart set on grab bags?
Okay, here's example number two:



This is an official developer, running 5 random drops DAILY, on a weekly campaign, at just 15 minutes per drop. Okay so that wouldn't work for your 1 hour segments, 5x15 clearly adds up to 75, which is 15 minutes too long. Honestly though you could make it 3x 15 minute drops in your 1 hour segment on a grabbag that is continual for the week. More watched content = more chances for the drop. 45 minutes of your 60 timeslot = less people who don't get it due to twitch not tracking progress. Yes it means that people who miss Monday can't add to it on Tuesday any more, but we still get rewards for loyalty and you still get people tuning in for more official community streams. Four separate streams with 3 drops each = 12 chances at 5 rewards. Yeah we still get duplicates, but simple maths clearly states that 12 chances of 5 drops is better than 5 chances at 5 drops, ESPECIALLY when you add in "common" and "rare" modifiers on top.

Of course, I'm just one mind out of almost 50 million registered losers *ahem* users. And yes, I'm playing a free game and getting free stuff, so "quit complaining" right? Err, actually no. This is the "Feedback" discussion, so my opinion is valid. Some people will agree with me. Some won't. And that's fine! Opinions are like noses, everyone's got one. Either way, that's clear and concise examples of how others have done Twitch Drops 2.0 without as much backlash as I see on the stream and the weekly community stream schedule posts. But hey, as I said. That's just my opinion. Feel free to discuss. Or not. You could totally just ignore the thread. But PLEASE don't be disrespectful. Thank you for your time. 👍

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Honestly any reason to stay away from Twitch the better. It has become an enormous cesspool of pseudo-beggers, obnoxious children and hypocritical administration. There's really nothing DE could offer that would be worth sitting through a 4 hour stream hosted by an annoying man/woman-child.

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Personally I have neither the colour pallet nor the Peculiar Bloom, which are literally the only things I'd have been interested in of the drops. Quite frankly I'm peeved but mostly okay with farming the absurdly low chance of the Peculiar Bloom mod, It would've been nice to avoid that grind since I don't have it, but at least the option exists. I can hear the "trade X for plat" people already typing a reply, but lets face it. If that was an argument then it would work for every week's drops regardless of what they are. Anything without trading is automatically leaps and bounds ahead of anything I have to buy from the market in my view. I'm also an anosmiac (no sense of smell) so I really don't care about flowers, Sure the decanter looks pretty, but they're not my style personally. Dangling that 75 plat Storm picker though? That's the kinda thing they could put behind a loyalty drop.

I'm sure most of us would've tuned in to 4 streams a week for the full duration for those rare drops, even if it was behind a 3 hour cumulative drop timer. Lets say 30 minutes was a floof / planter / decanter grabbag. 1 hour would be your second attempt. 90 minutes for your third. 120 minutes for the fourth, 150 minutes for the Storm. 180 minutes drops the Bloom. That would be 3 hours of drops, still using the drop grabbag but giving a guaranteed drop for the "rare" ones. I would honestly be willing to bet that everyone would be happy with that system. Gives a full 60 minutes extra over the 4 streams, which split over 6 drops is 10 minutes leeway for each one. If you miss it, its grindable and tradeable. I genuinely think the entire attitude to the drop system would be different if the fear of losing out purely on RNG wasn't such a factor.

Alternatively If anyone thinks "Hey five drops is plenty, we don't need six" then sure. Maybe 3 hours isn't enough either, so I'll adjust to 45 minute intervals. The above still works perfectly well with 45 / 90 / 135 minute drops on the "common" three, 180 / 225 for the rare two. Still the same 5 drops we get now, but without the disappointment factor. Only 15 minutes total leeway for that scenario though so any late starts or early finishes will mess up a whole lot of people, as 3 minutes to claim a drop is a nightmare. That being said, some Drops 2.0 campaigns (such as Rust) 
allow you to claim ALL the drops at the end of the drop campaign by starting all the timers simultaneously which could easily fix that issue.


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