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Shield Flux + Stamina Orbs


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I finally got shield flux and decided to try it out. Loki with shield flux, quick rest, marathon and rush Loki can sprint for a minute.


I tried the dojo's obstacle course and usually stamina lasts for the whole course, but when I touched the stamina orb all of my stamina disappeared and started ticking my shield off.

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shield flux has several errors for me :

a) if you only run 1st stamina goes to zero, then the shield. BUT when the shield goes down and you STOP running -> the shield value stays on the lower value (for example 0 if you run until shield and stamina is out).

shield is NOT restored.


b) if you melee shield is lowered with every hit (seems ok for me) BUT that happens not always. (seems bug)


c) if you have the bug mentioned in a and you make a roll the shield SOMETIMES start recovering.


d) the description says : 100% shield goes to stamina, so why stamina is used PLUS shield ?

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