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Hydroid rework idea


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I tried my best to think of idead that would make hydroid a better frame so here it is.

Ability 1 - Anchor: Hydroid summons an anchor and swing it at enemies by using the chain.

Ability 2 - Maelstrom: Hydroid calls in a storm that deals damage to enemies over time and forms a whirlpool that drowns enemies

Ability 3 - Same as hydroid's 4th current ability except tentacles impale enemies and do more damage.

Ability 4 - Leviathan Call: Summon a massive leviathan as a battle mount and ride on its back as it devours enemies and causes chaos. (Can be controlled)

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Current Hydroid would feel amazing if his abilities always did good damage no matter the enemy level

Imagine, using using his 1 and its taking off maybe 1/10 of enemy health per hit, using his 2 and its taking about 5/10. His 3 maybe helps build up damage so that his 2 and 1 deal even more damage. Then his 4 dealing 1/3 of enemy health as damage and throwing those enemies into hydroids pool

All youd need is a balanced energy economy that only gives the player energy in a fair way (heck id make it be based on kills and damage) and this would be fine. Cant over spam it, cant hide and wait for abilities to charge up, only fight

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