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3 hours ago, Sevek7 said:

This is some very nice writing, allow my to offer my own along the same vein:

It's become routine. You and your friends in the 8607th are patrolling the data stations one more time before the next group take over. Sometimes you wish the orders were more exciting, more... dangerous. Nothing ever happens here in Saturn's rings. You turn another corner, seeing the same sight already for the tenth time. You haven't seen action even once since the day you stumbled from your cloning vat, heaving the amniotic nutrient fluid as you struggled in your first attempt to breathe gaseous air. Every Grineer battalion is typically comprised of at at least fifty percent combat veterans, at least ten thousand who have fought the corpus face to face - usually on the inner planets. You are not one of them, and it's easy to tell from the lack of tell-tale scorch marks where Corpus flux rifle beams leave their straight burned lines on Grineer armor. The group turns another corner, greeted with another familiar, boring sight. Every battalion also has one or two soldiers who claim to have seen something far worse than Corpus greed, the Tenno. The stories are so gruesome, so visceral, and so rare that nobody believes them. In-vitro behavioral conditioning is known to include induced memories that enhance loyalty to the Queens, reduce dissent, and bolster a feeling of camaraderie among fellow troops. It's common knowledge that these "Tenno" memories are induced in a small percentage of clone troops in order to prevent complacency. But still, those with the memories are so convinced, sometimes you feel there might be something there.

Your thoughts drifting, you find yourself near the rear of the group as you approach a narrow doorway in the galleon. This group has been together for nearly six years already, and you feel comfortable with them. Three are veterans carrying straight line scorches as a badge of honor, and the remaining four - yourself included - are constantly lectured about maintaining awareness, using cover effectively, when to use grenades, and a myriad of other battle tactics. You don't mind the lectures, in fact you enjoy them. Any information can prove valuable in a moment of intense fighting, and you are eager to earn your own flux rifle scorch marks, or "stripes" as they are often called. After the narrow doorway, the group ahead spreads out, with you bringing up the rear. Between your heavily armored friends, you can see the data terminal up ahead, the distinctive yellow glow against the olive drab background of the galleon providing yet another unnecessary reminder of the boredom here in Saturn's rings. With the rest of the group in front of you, you feel a sense of belonging. There is a light patter of metallic footsteps behind you, and you turn around just in time to see something you have never seen before.

There is a being, in shape not unlike the Scorpion class Grineer, females with light armor made to fit their body type. This one is different. It is fully metallic, with an ornate helmet including a long silvery crown that stretches far beyond the back of the creature's head. The body itself is slender and feminine, with small and sharp outcroppings near the top of the legs. Your friends are walking ahead to the terminal, completing the mundane circuit unaware of the newcomer. Your memory serves its purpose. After listening to countless stories about Corpus invasions and a handful of very descriptive induced memories of murderous Tenno, your mind quickly decides that the creature you see fits the description of a Tenno. In fact, your observations let you categorize even further. This Tenno is a Nyx.

All of this happened in a split second. You heard the footsteps, turned and observed. Your training kicks in and within the normal reaction time you raise your Hind to the enemy and begin the process of yelling to alert your friends. Unfortunately, you never fire your weapon at the enemy, and you never alert your comrades to the threat. The Nyx saw you first. It locks you with its gaze and holds out an inviting hand that pulls energy tendrils straight from the air. Tendrils that reach all the way back to you. To your mind. You clasp your ears and curl your head towards your chest in shock as you struggle to deafen the new voice inside. Your resistance has no effect. Your body is now glowing with the color of the energy tendrils, and the Nyx points its weapon at you. Of course, you expect to die, but you don't, not yet. Your fate is much worse.

The Tenno fires its silent weapon at you, and you feel an energy growing within you, an energy which extends to your weapon. The trusty Hind that you practiced with for so many hours is suddenly capable of far more damage than its engineering would allow. Reacting to the commotion over the last half-second, your friends all turn to face you. They cannot see the Nyx, who is now crouched and hidden behind the narrow doorframe. Instead they see you. They see their friend, with a weapon pointed straight at them. They cannot understand, and neither can you. Your actions are not your own. With tears streaming down your face, and no control of your body, you open fire and watch as one by one all of your friends are gunned down by your own hands. 

The Nyx is finished with you, and releases control. In your last living moment the built up, stored energy is turned inward and you are killed. Your friends all share the same final memory. You betrayed them and murdered them all in cold blood. Your last memory is knowing that your friends will never know why.

This was lovely , i was gonna put in something similar with nyx , guess i have to do something else now i think i will do Nidus.

2 hours ago, SaberSentinel said:

Hmm, love the narrative there! Thought of another suitably bad one. Time to make it more consistent prose-wise.


The Corpus ship was largely silent but for the usual routines of wage-slaves at work. It wasn't a good living, but it was better than many received, and results had been good that quarter. The captain was pleased, which meant the crew was pleased. It was bad enough being near enough to any planet Alad V had his eyes on, but they had no reason to assume anything out of the ordinary would happen on this transport run, so as long as the goods were transferred safely, the crazed scientist and his overgrown flea collar could go on living just as they would.

Of course, it was then an alarm sounded from the reactor room. The security cameras were known to jump at ghosts from time to time, and no amount of resets could fix the error. Not all of it was computer failure, to be fair. The last time a poor fool had forgotten his IFF tag, the captain had personally shown what would happen to the next.

With a sigh, the tech adjusted his pack and primed his supra. Never hurt to be careful near wherever Alad V was playing around.

The ship rocked as the reactor went critical without warning, as if some fool had reset the reactor without checking whether or not the coolant had been properly switched out. His unhurried pace quickly took more urgency as he raced to the alarm, but even if he had heard the skittering on the other side of the door, nothing could have prepared him for what awaited him in the engine room.

Tendrils of living metal crawled up the walls, rose from the ground like fleshy seaweed lit up with fiery bioluminescence that flared with every sway. The bulbs and stalks connecting floor to ceiling looked like muscle fibers blown up a million times, and it was only now that he was closer that he could hear the multitude of tiny taps over the blaring of the alarm.

He knew what this was. Infestation. But how?! They were nowhere near any of the unfortunately invaded ships! Certainly nowhere near Eris!

A tug on his leg drew his attention, and he screamed as a maggot the size of his hand tried to scurry up his jumpsuit. A slap and a stomp got rid of that one, but more and more were coming, drawn by his scream. The methodical whine of his supra filled the air as he showered the surroundings in energy bolts, and by the time the gun clicked empty his trigger finger was cramped and his throat hoarse.

He didn't even have time to reload before a mass of writhing flesh yanked him to the upper level, where a body stood hidden by the flaming wreckage of the reactor.

It walked on two legs, but it was as far from human or Grineer as anything from the Orokin era. There were no eyes that could be seen, no mouth or nose. Just infestation. Parts of its body were opened and visibly writhing, glowing with infestation that crawled along the floor below, and a stomp brought a surge of spikes right through him.

Not like he was able to focus on the pain, since the maggots covered him soon after.



Yeah, Nidus would not be a fun frame to face...

Ah damnit ... guess i will do ...


Standard patrol mission on mars , we were to setup a watch and ensure the AA guns were operational for any potential invasions. The only real threat we faced was sand in our cracks , mechanical and otherwise.

Mars , Arid practically a desert and so we were given standard issue "Arid" armor to cope,

Being a 2nd class Arid lancer I had the fortune to have the armor set with self regulating hydration device, water was a rare commodity and i envied some of my frontier brothers that walked through the jungles of earth where life had taken a new hold.

We were to relieve the earlier patrol at 2.00 hours standard mars time ,

we waited until 2.10 , we hailed the radios , no response.

This is not normal , there should atleast have been an update if the earlier patrol faced issues ,

grineer always follow the rules, we do not procrastinate , we do not laze ,

its in our blood , our sweat and our genes, for the glory of the queens we will not rest until our duty is done,

That was why this outcome was odd , we set out to try and find our brothers. Guns ready prepared for anything.

We found them, some of them atleast.

Closer inspection revealed a lot of blunt trauma amongst the fallen, as if an angry child god had picked them and smashed them against the ground like rag dolls and then showered them with hails.

Multiple broken bones, damaged armor some corroded, no signs of fire arms , no sign of fire at all , no tell take signs of a bullets being exchanged.

The Medic examined the bodies , he seemed surprised and when he gave his observation , we were surprised too.

Our brothers had died ... of drowning , in the middle of the desert , then i took off their helmets and i saw the face they made before they died.

Grasping for breath , mouth ajar screaming the last of the air they had while their lungs filled with whatever foul liquid they were immersed in.

Grineer are trained , we are engineered to last for dozens of minutes without air , Minutes they spent waiting for their inevitable demise.

Thats when we heard it , the sound of waves crashing against a shore , the scream of a great beast unleashed , of tentacles crawling.

And when we turned around we saw glistening as if just returned from a swim, in this desolate dry dune,

Hydroid ....


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Nezha may seem pedestrian in this context, but then again...twisting away on a forest of spears that just came up from under you and then (probably) getting lit on fire, you gotta begin to think "okay, I'm not sure which is worse: the fire from that flaming frisbee, or the spear that's run me through lengthwise. I mean, all round, the pain is really quite exquisite."

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There are a lot of bad deaths when fighting warframes. 

A few stand out, but some are quietly terrifying when you stop to think about it. 

Two that do stand head and shoulders above the rest, at least for sheer ugliness and mass terror, are Saryn and Garuda. Neither should require explanation. 

More existential nastiness can be provided by Nyx. Ripping away enemies' minds and setting them at each other throats is very much the stuff of nightmares. There's a good possibility her victims will never see her (but she's everywhere!) and there is no ally, no help, nothing that you can trust when she attacks. 

Trinity is another subtle one that normally doesn't seem any worse than most things. Fundamentally she mostly just shoots at you, but when you think about what she does, it's insidious and frightening. She uses her own enemies to power her own attacks against them, attacks which simply can't be stopped. She's a war of attrition made manifest, wrapped in silk and living steel--and it's worse if she has friends. 


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When I first saw the title of this thread, I thought it would be about embarrasing ways for Warframes to kill other Warframes. (Wukong Clone wipes out entire squad and owner with Kuva Nukor because Radiation Sortie). But this is a lot more entertaining.

For starters, I would rather die as a Corpus than live as a Grineer. "Get to work you rotten beasts! You flea-flocking meat sacks! This Kuva is garbage! We need more or you all are going to the meat grinder for tomorrow's meal. (laughs)"

Nidus' 4 spawns Maggots. Being slowly chewed to death by squirming maggots... I would probably want a warframe to end me quickly.

Or perhaps the Pharaoh Predacite. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Endoparasitic_Vector


On the Cambion Drift, alone. Garv and the other survivors, my brood-mates. Separated, calling for them, no answer. A low growling from behind, what's that? No enemy... Ouch! Where is...? Tentacles everywhere! ...inside... it burns... feel weak... Tentacles gone? Not dead. Thank the Queens! Over there, what's that in the sky? A Carabus Sentinel? Akk! Loud skreeching noise... coming closer. (everything goes dark).


Death From Above, a story by Deimos Tendril Drone.

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35 minutes ago, Sloan441 said:

There are a lot of bad deaths when fighting warframes. 

A few stand out, but some are quietly terrifying when you stop to think about it. 

Two that do stand head and shoulders above the rest, at least for sheer ugliness and mass terror, are Saryn and Garuda. Neither should require explanation. 

More existential nastiness can be provided by Nyx. Ripping away enemies' minds and setting them at each other throats is very much the stuff of nightmares. There's a good possibility her victims will never see her (but she's everywhere!) and there is no ally, no help, nothing that you can trust when she attacks. 

Trinity is another subtle one that normally doesn't seem any worse than most things. Fundamentally she mostly just shoots at you, but when you think about what she does, it's insidious and frightening. She uses her own enemies to power her own attacks against them, attacks which simply can't be stopped. She's a war of attrition made manifest, wrapped in silk and living steel--and it's worse if she has friends. 


Watching your friend's body collapse in on itself into a loose sack of skin and outflowing bodily innards and fluids, screaming hysterically as his bones are shattered and crushed, while you simultaneously are trapped inside a small hurricane, having your armour torn to shreds and stripped from your body to then swirl around you in the maelstrom, slowly cutting your body apart until it resembles nothing but a bloody mist and swirling fragments of flesh and bone, thanks to a sadistic Mag...

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9 hours ago, vanaukas said:

inside grendel stomach getting slowly diggested

As much as this sounds awful to me, there's a sizeable community that finds this erotic, so that might disqualify this one :X


Nekros can literally punch your soul out of your body, and I'm not an expert on souls, but if that interferes with whatever process would naturally lay your soul to rest after dying, then that would be the worst.  Even a painful death that took days seems inconsequential compared to an eternity without rest.

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Having Ember's mini flaming meteors slamming you face first and then burning alive whilst having broken bones and armor piercing your flesh sounds about right to me xD

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Guys... I love to read your story...  I'll try to create one (but english is not my language sry)

----- ----- -----

From the diary of Commander T0045

It started like any other day on the Station E45. The morning was boring, like every other morning, like every other day here.

The sector was one of the less important and less dangerous of the entire system and we spent all day repairing stuff and looking at the sensors screen. Yes, we continuously look at the screen to track any movement in the area... alwys calm; day, after day, after day. I think was 3 weeks ago the last time someone passes in our sector; a group of scavenger crazy enought to search scrap near Eris. The Station E45 was far from the major routes, was also far form any other route, far from other outpost, far from any fight. A lonely, old outpost, built decades ago, when the commerce from and to Eris was flourishing, before the rise of the infested, before me and every one of my soldier were bred.

But i remeber that it was more or less 2 pm Grineer Time when everything changed. The grey monotony our our days was broken. From my Comlink a voice: "Commander T0045, immediatly on the command deck!" so i started walking in the narrow corridors of the station. Other Grineer were running in any direction, sirens started to sound and from the speacker, a voice kept repeating: "All Grineer at the fighting posts, RED code, i repeat, RED code!" When i entered the command deck the scene the scene was surreal. Sensors are gone mad, and little light button was flashing on every console. On the big holo-screen, in the middle of the room i saw the shape of a ship. Was a galleon, a Grineer galleon. I had no time to think why we were in red code for a friendly ship that the Officials of the station called me near his position and started to talk. 

"T0045, 30 minutes ago a friendly Galleon entered in our Sector. We weren't expecting supplies or recruits for another 3 month. We tried to contcat them, but we had no response. So I called the Admiral and he has confirmed that no Galleon is direct to our position. Protocol in this case is clear. 15 minutes ago, a drone has been launched to the ship and has started the scan. 5 minutes ago the scan was completed and the result are arrived on our screen. So is started the red code."

He stop just a second talk, i was looking to the screen without having understood well yet, but befre i could ask anything, he take a long breath and continued his speack: 

"The ship is the Kundergal III, a medium-size galleon with whom we had lost contact 3 days ago. It shouldn't be here, this ship should have arrived on Earth yesterday, but since the Empire has lost any contact, has been reported as lost in action. We thinked destroyed by some pirates or after the encounter with a Corpus cruiser. His mission was to transport some fresh recruit to complete theyr training in the Earth forest, but now, any sensors reveal that on the ship there are zero lifeforms. Admiral has order to investigate.
So your mission will be this: Take you squad, wear protective equipment, take the weapons and board the galleon. Your Crewship will depart from Hangar IV in 15 minutes"

I took my leave from the command deck, and i start walking to the armory, where my tam was waiting for me. My mind was full of thinking and all feel so strange... how a so big ship could have lost his route so far away? Where are those poor comrades? Ideas and thoughts were running in my mind, i thinked too much, that i don't remember how i was arrived in the hangar with my team, but i was there with my squad. All of them were equipped with special protective suit and a face mask for purify the air. What happened to the crew of that ship could repeat for us... maybe a radioactive loss from the reactor? Or a magnetic storm? Or space pirates? Maybe infested?  The crew have left the ship in the rescue shells or has die inside the ship?

I was still absorbed in my tought when the voice of the pilot tell us that we were arrived. I was looking outside and everything look strange. The ship was old and rusty, but no sign of battle were on its hull. No sign of explosion or sign of plasma. Surely it was not attacked by someone. The external hull was intact. Behind the big glass porthole of the galleon, the light were on and all the rescue shells were attached to the ship. We enter.

The first one or 2 minutes on the galleon was everything fine, power of the ship was on, the seonsors of our suit revealed that no radiation or any other hazard were in the air. Everything was ok. TK345, the engineer of my team connected a device to a console. All the system were online, the air was not toxic. All was regular, except for one thing: sensors indicate that all the crew were still on the ship.

We had to continue with the mission. We opened the big door that separates our room from the rest of the ship. When the door was completely open, there begin the nightmare...

All my squad was looking that long hallway and no one had words to describe that. The floor, the wall, the roof was covered of a strange slime... everywhere there was that strange slime... infestation was my first thinking... but i was wrong. The objective was simple: arrive to the command deck of the galleon and take all the data. So we begin to move on the shortest way. The scene was horrible... wherever we turned, that slime was everywhere, drippling and straining from the ventilation vents, it was on every machinery and from the side door it was slowly sliding to the center of the hallway. Our torch were on, cause also the light was covered by sludge.

Also the ship was strange; in the few parts not covered by the slime, the iron of the wall was as if it were melted, where there should have been consoles, locker, forniture; now nothing... just sludge. Our boots sanks in the sludge and were covered by that disgusting materials since aboves the ankles...

The road to the main deck was short, but it look like we were inside that ship from ages... And slowly we arrived to destination. The big iron door, defending the main bridge, was closed, but in the middle there were a big hole, large enought to make also RT337, my bombard support unit, pass easily from there. Inside we found the first dead body of the mission. Commander, pilot and a lot of crew member lay dead on the floor. Tons of cartridge cases were scattered everywhere; their body mutilated and theyr parts was everywere.

No words could describe what we find there, the brutality, the massacre. Everyone of us was shaken. Some memeber of my team were veteran of dozens battles, one of them has also fought the infested, but no one has ever seen something like that. But at least the consoles were not melted. After some seconds of dismay, our Engineer went to a console and activate the data transmission to our station, then disabled the engine, ad stopped the galleon in the middle of the dark endless abyss of the space. A recovery team, with a pilot and a new Commander will be arrived in a few days and that ship will be tow to a Drydock and regain a life. Mission was complete. But everyone inside of that room had a question. And the answer was there, in the sourveillance data. TK345 start the video, showing them in a big, cracked, but still functional screen, just above the pilot seat.

A demon was running the corridor melting anything... the sludge in our bots were our comrades... the skin of that monster was multicolor, a mix of shocking pink, lime and electric blue. From his hand something like a bright red magic in a circle around her, all the crew melted, everything melted. When she passed near a still functioning camera we could have seen something floating on her head... was an arcane word of unknown meaning: xXBikDigKing2008xX. Maybe the name of the beast?

One of my team so start to tell us about a legend i've never heard before... demons called Tenno and theyr atrouceous monter called Warframe. Some veterans talked about them at the accademy, but for the few who have ever heard of them, they may look like legends to scare new recruit... but the video is there... is all true... everyone see what that monster has done.

   ---- ---- ----

Ok... this is the story of a casual saryn with horrible color and a troll name doing an exterminate mission...

And sorry for bad english (in italian i could have done something better) =)

No xXBikDigKing2008xX were mistrated for the creation of this tale. Any reference to people or facts that really happened is purely coincidental.

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2 hours ago, ghoti0315 said:

what about trinity's 2

Good point. I want to write more, so let's write more!


Alarms were blaring, the littlest Queen was screeching over the intercom, but none of that mattered.

Grineer had little in the way of 'survival instincts' - it had been engineered out of them centuries ago - but there were always a few, those careful enough to listen to the whisper of their hindbrain but not fully conscious enough to transition to Kavor or Steel Meridian. One Lancer felt that long-depreciated part of his brain screaming at him as he watched another squadmate fall.

It was standing perfectly still, unbothered by the carnage around it, unblemished by the hail of fire rained down upon it. The shape of its body was vaguely feminine, but it wore neither clothing or armor; instead, it seemed to be made of it, for the legs went down to stumps instead of feet, and the head bore not a face but tiny glowing lights inset in a symmetrical latticework. The ring floating behind its head brought to mind kinder things than the noise of battle, but every now and then in the lull of reloading, the dangling ribbons jingled cheerfully in the quiet.

She made no effort to hurry. She didn't need to.

Reinforcements came and a wave of her hand ensured the same result. Slugs of all kinds, from armor-piercing to sheer molten metal, riddled the being as she walked, ever closer to the life-support capsule glowing the nightmarish red of kuva collection. Despite taking every round, no damage appeared. Allies, friends and strangers alike, looked like they had walked in front of her even though they were safe behind their Blunts, and one in particular let out a bloodcurdling cry as a green glow heralded their end, released in a wave that seemed to invigorate their foe further.

That helm turned to face him, and even though memories of his cloned predecessors had retained the knowledge of the vats - as they all did, to remember the horror of the dire threat the littlest Queen used so often - he was unprepared for such a fate outside the cloning facilities. What little organic he had supported by his augmentations twisted inside him, wracked by a pain impossible to describe outside of being returned to raw genetic data for the next generation of Grineer.

A pulse of blue flared from his body, surging the same as the pain with every successive moment, and the living doll seemed to find that acceptable. She made no move to end his suffering.

She simply stood, silent and still as the fortress frenzied around her.

When the last pulse died, so did he.

At least he never had to see her allies arrive, made all the more invincible by her presence.


Because I've used the Strega skin and nothing else since it came out. *Shrug*

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Taking into account that every warframe is going solo and we are looking at it from the side and survive:

Khora makes it painful and tortures, but it's not gruesome enough and someone have a kink for it.

Gara and Splinter Storm, while gruesome, is too fast. There is no torture involved

Valkyr is brutal, merciless, and makes it painful. It's the type of death that horrifies as it's not four bodies on four walls, but one body on four walls.
My issue is still how fast it happens. Valkyr plays with her victims, but I still think the death is to quick. Valkyr is so full with rage that she's having troubles controling herself, she kills more then she tortures.

Garuda is the literal warframe of gore. She got to be on the list. Unlike Valkyr, Garuda doesn't play with her food. Sure, Garuda leaves the same mess and Garuda probubly leaves more blood, but Garuda prefers to kill and is less of an animal. More gore than Valkyr so +1 point, but also cleaner so -1 point.

Nyx is cold. The chaos she creates and looking at your friends killing each other. It's painful to look at and horrifying, but it's nowhere near the level of Valkyr in terms to gore spilling. Also, it's not that her victims are aware that they are killing their friends. It's not that they can't control their bodies, they can't control their own thought. It will traumatize only if Nyx will leave one of the victims alive which she's highly unlikely, and in that victim's mind it might also go as "Who killed them?" more then "Did I kill them?".

Saryn most of the time poisons more then "dissolving" her victims. Looking at a victim from the side, it's not gruesome at all. Looks painful and it can be slow enough to torture. It's worse when she starts to dissolves her victims because now you add the gore and it's way more horrifying to look at from the side. Even tho it's close, for me she's only third place for "Worst Way to Be killed Award", but I will get to it later.

Equinox gets second place. Unlike Saryn, the horror is more consistent. Looking at a distant friend getting a thousand cuts one after another for about ten seconds sounds like a very painful way to die, horrifying, gruesome and everything needed to traumatize you for the rest of your life.

The one flaw Saryn and Equinox have to get the top spot for "Worst Way to to Be Killed Awards" is that they are too consistent. They don't have enough variety. Looking at it from the side, I see the exact same corpses all over the place. I see something truly horrifying, but this is where my imagination ends. There is only one warframe capable of making true art of horrors with shapeless bodies:

Lavos got so many chemicals under his belt that it's hard to imagin what he can do with it. Some bodies are burned, some are splited in half, some are frozen with tons of cuts from glass shards, and all of them are starting to dissolve from corrosion. Wait, is that one died from radiation or from a snake bite? Is that really a snake bite? That guy got electrecuted, but it also seems like he puked at the same time... Did that one lost his limbs before or after he got burned to crisps? Mistake, he actually got blasted off...
We can't even imagin what horros Lavos can come up with, and this is why he gets the top prise.

You don't want to know what you will find at the end of a consistent mess of corpses, but you defenetly don't want to know what you will find at the end of an inconsistent mess of corpses.

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You flanked and killed them all but as you move out you step into nehza's fire or something, and inevitably die from the small dot 2 meters away from a health pickup.

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11 hours ago, (PSN)Adometro said:

Being dragged into hydroids puddled and drowned is probably pretty unfortunate.

Since drowning is my personal least preferred way to go out (yes, I have actually put thought into this) I'd have to say this would be the one I'd pick as the worst.

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Remember how a lot of us, started to get annoyed by Nightwave Series 3 Glassmaker? As it kept running for so long? Nora Nights voice lines? Constant interruptions to our Spy missions, Conservation Hunts etc? Glass shattering sound effects every ten minutes? I mean when you really think about it... for our enemies, Gara is basically the same. ""Hold up. Detecting glass... It's close.", except for them... Nightwave series 3 never ends... ever. Always hearing glass being created and shattered, always finding glass corpses of friends and comrades. 

There is no way they aren't developing some sort of PSTD and mental anguish over years and years of this happening. Worst way to die is slow and torturous, with the sound of glass. Or Titania. Imagine a giant Mosquito with lil guns, buzzing around you, as you desperately try to swat it, the noise it would make in your ear. Especially if she didn't want to kill you at first, but waited until you went to bed, then buzzed around your ear, disturbing your sleep, and then you have to get up, because the buzzing noise is so annoying, then you realise its like 5 am, and like... do you go back to bed? Or just stay up... because you know it would take you like an hour to go to sleep and you have to be up at 7...

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