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Worst Warframe to die to?

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14 hours ago, Berzerkules said:

I'm gonna say Inaros because death by pocket sand would have to be the most embarrassing way to go. 

Or if he devours you which would be several hours of painful nomming if he's full power strength. Weeks if he has none. o.o

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Valkyr, she crazy. She'll rip you apart like a rabid dog. 

Also Wisp. Not only do you get roasted alive by a freakin' star, you also get severe radiation poisoning in the meantime. 

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Atlas could probably punch a massive hole through your stomach and watch as your intestines are blown out your back. He could maybe petrify you for eternity. Imagine being a statue forever, never truely alive or dead. Nasty.

Being trapped in the rift plane by limbo to die alone slowely.

Khora's pet tearing your throat out. 

Nova creating a portal and sending you to the warhammer 40k universe to meet the dark eldar.

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Ash is probably the fastest way to die, but there's no one who can beat him with showing his enemies that they have no chance.

And because I got bored and wanted to improve my english skills.


The Assassine

You are the captain of a Grineer galleon. You have been in countless battles with your comrades in this ship and you won all of them. During this time there have been numerous assassinations tries on you, but all of them failed. During that time you learned the weaknesses of your enemies and most importantly weakness of the Tennos. They are either unexperienced and won’t even come trough the first door before they got shoot down or they are so called veterans. These veterans are far worse than the other types because they kill thousand of soldiers in minutes and are normally unkillable. But not for you. You know that the more powerful a Tenno does become the more likely it is that Tenno think he is immortal and will stop looking around for any dangers. The Rhino which they once send to you killed 90% of your fleet, but all you have to do was to stay before an abyss and equip a grapple hook. It was a perfect opportunity for the Tenno. Killing the captain by slamming him into the wall and letting him fall into the deep abyss. Such an humiliating dead for a captain who is said to be even feared by Tennos. You lost your right arm on this day, but you will never forget the face of the Rhino when he saw, that he was surrounded by flamethrowers and energy eximus units with no active abilities. Warframes may don’t have a face, but just imagining the crying face of a Tenno-children who just lost his playtoy was enough to give you a smile. Even until now.

It was a normal day for you. You give your subordinates some commands and here and there you tortured some slaves and prisoners. Then you got to a message on your device that a Tenno have been spotted. On the way to the main dock, you got the message that the Tenno uses an Ash frame. You start smirking because Ash is normally only used by starters or by Tennos who never learned how to destroy the new steel armor. You send your all hyekkas units to the main dock. These units are until now the only ones who can see invisible frames. Just to go sure you send some energy eximus units there too. When you finally arrived at the main dock is the hyekka army already in position and from the eximus team are also only a few missing. At first you went to the terminal to watch the video record about the enemy. This tenno doesn’t use his abilities so he is very likely to inexperienced to use them or don’t have the needed energy. The only strange thing is that the Tenno is Mr. 30 and use skins to hide his actual weapon, but you are at least able to determine that it’s using a slow-firing full automatic pistol, a nikana weapon as melee and a bow as primary. The Tenno is not using it’s bow which further improve your thoughts that this tenno is probably just too inexperienced to use it accurately. The high Mastery rank can be explained that it’s just a hydron farmer. With other words will this become a quick and easy fight for you. You hide yourself behind an ammo box at the end of the room, because the safest and easiest way to survive a fight against tennos it’s to never let them see you.

You look on the radar for the tennos position. It’s 300m away, you check that everyone is at their position. 200m, you hear how some of their soldiers are questioning if theirs an emergency plan. 100m, you feel the tension in the air and how quiet it has become. No breathing just nothing. The door opens and you see the Ash behind it. You start smirking, because your thoughts were right. Only a inexperienced tenno would be foolish enough to enter an enemy filled room without energy. Just like you ordered did the hyekkas started firing one after other. On this way would the tenno have no chance to regain his shield and would be burned to death in seconds. You look at your device which shows you the camera view of this room. The burning places are empty. You look the video record over and over, but you can’t find where the Tenno has gone. It just disappeared. You hear something falling on the ground and before you can completely turn over you see an arrow land a centimeter away from you right feet. Attached to the arrow was a head. The head of one of your eximus units. You start crouching but then you smell something and before you can identify the smell you start to feel strange. You feel weakened and your lungs started to burn. You grab the arrow with your right arm and shoot it away with the attached grapple hook. You hear you units crying in fear and you look frightened at your device. The Tenno. It slashes trough your units like they would be made from paper. Every time an unit tries to shoot it, it just disappears and reaper a second later behind this units and kills it instantly. Then you see it. The tenno seems to clone itself and attack at three different places all at once. You see how your units fall one by one. There is a shattering sound over your head and before you know you have a shuriken on your right should plate. To prevent that you get dissolved with your armor you take your armor of and throw it away. You look again at your device and see “no signal”. You look up and see that the camera was destroyed by the second shuriken. You cannot see anymore where the tenno is, so you slowly look over the box in the hope to see it before it attacks you. Then you feel it. Two knives in the middle of your back. You fall after the knives gets removed from your back. You do not know what to do now until you remember an old rule from your old captain:” When you get successfully hitted by Ash go sure that you make use of your last 10seconds.”. You start counting. 10, you take your modified automatic ogris and try to stand up. 9 You turn over and go directly to the battlefield. 8 You start shooting and see how the tenno is dodging one rocket after another. 7 You scream to the surviving units that they must close the doors and evacuate as fast as possible. 6 You feel how your Ogris become lighter with every shoot. 5 Your Ogris is finally empty, but you can see that the Ash is burning. 4 You let you Ogris fall to the floor and grab your Kraken. 3 You shoot on the tenno, but it just stands before you like nothing happened. 2 You scream:” DO IT! KILL ME. ISN’T THAT WHAT YOU WANTED? KILL MEEE!!!”. 1 The tenno ignore your request and walk away. Leaving you without any hopes of survival and no fighting spirit. 0


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7 hours ago, Ailia_Grimm said:

Eaten alive by Nidus' maggots

I'll do you one better, getting eaten alive by Inaros' Scarab Swarm.

They're small enough to even get inside of you, devouring your softer tissues as they pop in and out of all the holes they start to create. They start from the waist down, tearing right through anything weak enough, ignoring all of your armor and clothing to go straight into your open mouth. When you manage to crush a dozen with your arms a hundred more take their place, now finding a whole new area to burrow into. You watch them as they start bubbling up underneath your skin, only now the bubbles are making their way to your elbows, before you lose sight of them past your shoulders. Some have now managed to traverse ever higher. You can only stare as the bumps tear out of your cheek, pushing themselves right between the small gap between your eyes and skull, eating all of the way from your frontal lobe to your cornea. 

You'd be left seeing red and black as they clogged themselves up in your nostrils and trachea, causing you to suffocate in the dark, hearing nothing but the sound of water and deafening clicks as the insects manage to break right through your eardrum. Your skin is on fire, the flames finding new ways to dig into the place between your neck and clavicle. You taste copper and dirt, before your tongue starts to feel like a severed wad of paper. Your teeth are forcibly pushed out of the way as they skitter into the nerves connected to your jaw, causing a rush of liquid that you are forced to swallow. Only now, the wetness is doing all the work for you, gushing down your esophagus in thickened spurts as tiny legs allow you to feel just how long that journey is. Your stomach gets heavier and heavier as the creatures find a whole new place to go, only thing is, you can also tell it's expanding, and there was never that much room between your plates and midriff.

Then you're left on the floor, screaming and choking.

Gagging and writhing. 

Dying. One second at a time.


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1 hour ago, Hypernaut1 said:

i always thought Equinox was a horrible frame to encounter. The slow torture of 100s of lacerations suddenly appearing all over your body as she enters the area seems like a nightmare. 

And that's not even the part of the attack that kills you...

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2021/4/9 AM12点11分 , SaberSentinel 说:

Good point. I want to write more, so let's write more!


Alarms were blaring, the littlest Queen was screeching over the intercom, but none of that mattered.

Grineer had little in the way of 'survival instincts' - it had been engineered out of them centuries ago - but there were always a few, those careful enough to listen to the whisper of their hindbrain but not fully conscious enough to transition to Kavor or Steel Meridian. One Lancer felt that long-depreciated part of his brain screaming at him as he watched another squadmate fall.

It was standing perfectly still, unbothered by the carnage around it, unblemished by the hail of fire rained down upon it. The shape of its body was vaguely feminine, but it wore neither clothing or armor; instead, it seemed to be made of it, for the legs went down to stumps instead of feet, and the head bore not a face but tiny glowing lights inset in a symmetrical latticework. The ring floating behind its head brought to mind kinder things than the noise of battle, but every now and then in the lull of reloading, the dangling ribbons jingled cheerfully in the quiet.

She made no effort to hurry. She didn't need to.

Reinforcements came and a wave of her hand ensured the same result. Slugs of all kinds, from armor-piercing to sheer molten metal, riddled the being as she walked, ever closer to the life-support capsule glowing the nightmarish red of kuva collection. Despite taking every round, no damage appeared. Allies, friends and strangers alike, looked like they had walked in front of her even though they were safe behind their Blunts, and one in particular let out a bloodcurdling cry as a green glow heralded their end, released in a wave that seemed to invigorate their foe further.

That helm turned to face him, and even though memories of his cloned predecessors had retained the knowledge of the vats - as they all did, to remember the horror of the dire threat the littlest Queen used so often - he was unprepared for such a fate outside the cloning facilities. What little organic he had supported by his augmentations twisted inside him, wracked by a pain impossible to describe outside of being returned to raw genetic data for the next generation of Grineer.

A pulse of blue flared from his body, surging the same as the pain with every successive moment, and the living doll seemed to find that acceptable. She made no move to end his suffering.

She simply stood, silent and still as the fortress frenzied around her.

When the last pulse died, so did he.

At least he never had to see her allies arrive, made all the more invincible by her presence.


Because I've used the Strega skin and nothing else since it came out. *Shrug*


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On 2021-04-08 at 12:52 AM, -CdG-Zilchy said:

Being impaled on spikes by Garuda and having my life force slowly drained probably wouldn't tickle.

Well, it’s either being dead by deep, bloody cuts, or her being full Vlad The Impaler from stomach up. 

Though i do prefer if Garuda bathed in my Blood during my Sleep than being Electrocuted by Volt or having a Covid-19 Fungus infection from Saryn.

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