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After New War, New Loka/Red Veil should be the Antagonists

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16 hours ago, .BralessToaster said:

Can't we just have a civil war between tenno after the New War instead 
Because we need a reason to have solar rails and similar stuff alike 

I think a Tenno civil war could happen after the war with NL and RV. After all, aren’t the Tenno human at their core? They had parents, families. They’ve just been altered by the void. 

Compare them to the Grineer, who are just clones, the level of humanity is nowhere near the Tenno’s, the Grineer are just fodder. So for some Tenno’s, actually killing human operatives who are simply fighting to avoid a perceived extinction by races who are no longer human, could bring about some massive cognitive dissonance and a psychotic break. Or maybe even just a bitter world view that develops into hatred and self-loathing; and now there is a schism within the ranks. BAM solar rails are back with an emotionally heavy civil war narrative!

15 hours ago, -Augustus- said:

OP must be joking. Putting either or both up against Tenno is like suggesting a couple of pre-K powderpuff football teams are going to be an NFL team's arch-nemesis next season.

Hey those operatives are pretty good at holding their own in interception missions lol! But yes, compared to the Tenno it’s David vs Goliath. Tenno are few in number though, and this particular conflict I imagine would be more of a mental/emotional battle than physical. 

We’ve slaughtered Grineer and Corpus en mass throughout the Origin System. They’re the villains, they’re not the same as us, they’re more alien than human now. Now imagine applying that same murderous tendencies to other humans across the Origin System, to NL and RV. It becomes very different. During Chains of Harrow when the RV were attacking, it did give me pause. We’re these guys being mind controlled or are they actually insane? Either way it felt different fighting them.

Narratively speaking I think it would be great to delve in and explore. And it sets up some major distrust between surviving human factions and the Tenno, even if there is a power difference. 

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An Interesting idea, but I still have this feeling that the tenno may not even human themselves. We do have have the issue of the ember prime codec.


The old woman gestured for the officer to take Kaleen away. The meeting was over. When Kaleen reached the door she twisted out of his grip and shot back, 'Why would you do that? Why did you put children on a military ship?'

'We didn't. That would violate procedure.'

Perhaps this was true and there were no children on that ship and the tenno were conjured out of the void, all the memories of parents, time aboard the ship and such were false. There may be more truth to Ballas' "Void Demon" name than we think  there's a lot of dark places the story could go without touching the factions.

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10 hours ago, (PSN)Rebel-sonie said:

We’ve slaughtered Grineer and Corpus en mass throughout the Origin System. They’re the villains, they’re not the same as us, they’re more alien than human now.

I don't think I can agree with this statement.  If you "paid tribute" to the Parvos statues and collected all of the Corpus lore fragments, you will see that the Corpus basically just started out as lower class/caste human farmers during the Orokin era.  Physically, they were not all that different from the Ostrons, which I think we can all agree are "human".  In fact, Hunhow even refers to Alad V as "Orokin" during The Second Dream, likely using it as a blanket term for the human race.  The Grineer, however, were heavily genetically engineered from the get-go, though probably still originally modified from human stock given the physical similarities.

That said, it does seem likely that some sort of Tenno civil war type situation could eventually break out in this universe.  The Sun/Moon "alignment" system seems to point to a showdown between those who support the Lotus and those who support the Man in the Wall, though my guess is that syndicates will remain neutral as having them also pick sides would invalidate too many current players' choices.

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