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Who are your favorite frames and why?

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Volt. It was pre-determined, since I prefer a caster and electricity in virtually all games.  My usage of other frames is almost always in some effort to get something for Volt, like using Dragon keys with Wukong to get the Mods I wanted, for example, but once I used others as a stepping stone, back to Volt.

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I mostly just go with the frame that makes the mission easiest or most fun.

Mesa for bounties and disruption.

Mirage & Nekros for Deimos bounties.

Saryn for ESO.

Volt for relic fissures, captures and fishing.

Revenant for high level missions and interception.

Loki for stealth missions, animal hunting and mining.

Chroma for Profit Taker.

Inaros for Exploiter Orb.

Trinity for Eidolon Hunting.

Oberon, Nova, and Wisp for team support or hydron leveling.

Limbo for defensive missions.

There's more but this is all I can think of off the top of my head.

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I was in love with Rhino since the day I understood how his skin works (I didn't even bother using skills of Excal tbh, didn't learn about corrupted mod and wasn't wiki-ing the crap of this game yet). My build always had 145 range and Natural talent to spam 1 like crazy to beat speedy Volts :D. But then I got upset that all of thet skin means nothing when the bubble-guys start to spawn everywhere. I've tried Inaros, Nidus, invis frames but they were just not my thing.


But then..

Wisp was introduced + aero vantage + aerodynamic ;D

 My main ever since. She has perfect 1,2,3 and her 4 is perfect for Helminth experiments!

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I don't really have a favorite.

Now I got primed sure footed and can add status cleanse to everyone through helminth, my playstyle rarely changes. I use my ranged as cc and status spread for condition overload, then kill with melee. The frame I am on often feels supplemental only.

Though I do whore khora a lot, lol.

Steel path, excavation, defense, disruption... even the index, can be marginalized by her, and I like extra loot.

I do lean more towards atlas, frost and umbra, rather than caster glass cannons I guess. I am also a big fan of spawning pets in video games, so I do have a lot of love for atlas and nekros and wukong.

Since the game is fast paced, I also lean towards spammable abilities, with short casting duration and no cooldowns.

Lavos for example, represents everything I don't like, lol. Also don't like anything that says "when" or "if".

I am playing harrow right now, where first you have to charge his 3 - which could take 10, 20 or even 30 seconds, then it's still only "if" you get a kill. You end up spending more time loading the ability than using it.

Or his 4, where it's only - if - you take damage.

I played a defense round with a volt, who was spamming out his aoe stun, so nothing was shooting me, make my ability straight up malfunction.

That's definitely not my thing.

Game has to play at my speed, I am not waiting around for even half a second, for permission to play again, don't like uncertainty or randomness. 

1:1, it reacts when I click and I know exactly what will happen, so I am in total control of the situation.



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Gauss: so fast and his abilities are designed so well.

Baruuk: its really satisfying to have a support frame who can become a massive damage dealer when necessary.  Him saying “Turn away” when you cast his 4 is also really badass.

Nezha: Just a really good, reliable frame that’s good for just about any gamemode.

Nidus: Mained him for 3 years. Be a crime not to mention him.

Protea: Another really good reliable frame.

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5 hours ago, xcrimsonlegendx said:

(Only play frames that are fun, don't care about the "meta")

Absolute winner right here bois. Same here mate.

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Mag+Pneuma Skin. Best looks, and amazing abilities, akin to telekinesis, love at first sight ^^

Ember after her rework+Graxx skin=perfection.

Hildryn after removing her 3 and placing fireblast.

Ash, favorite stealth frame.

Oberon, cause i mained him in early game and helped me alot.

Volt, cause speed and Proto Skin xD

Mesa after replacing her 1 with Pull (my most subsumed ability)

Nova after her new skin was released+replacing her 3 with warcry+stropha to charge her 2

Wukong cause of his design, and his Defy, great nuking ability imo

and lately Nyx+Graxx Skin, great for wrecking Acolytes and the like.

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Ah, another one of these threads. Always gotta restrain myself from babbling on and on about how much I like skulking around unseen and stabbing people while enacting my Robin Hood fantasies, and that is why I tried to paint my Ivara Skathi skin to evoke Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. Instead, I think I'm going to talk about the other members of my "Horsewomen;" my primary favourites with their own exclusive loadout slots at the top of my loadout screen, which just recently got a new member.

Mirage Prime is the frame that got me out of Uranus and to Mot. She's simple and uncomplicated DPS who also happen to be a sexy jester. I painted her to evoke my favourite red and black shader for Harley Quinn, my favourite character in Injustice 2.

Mesa is a space cowgirl who can do aimbot gun katas. What's more need to be said? I even self imposed weapon restrictions (i.e., must mainly use Secondaries, no automatics) just to accentuate the cowgirl feel. "It's Tenno clock."

Saryn is my favourite melee frame; a deadly and classy lady who look especially good with a Tatsu. She's also a Condition Overload queen.

And finally, the newest member of this exclusive set: Protea. She solves problems. Such as how is she gonna stop some big mean mother hubbard from tearing her a structurally superfluous new behind? The answer: use a gun. And if that don't work? Use more gun.

I'm a simple person; I like damage, and I like style.

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7 hours ago, Aldain said:

Excalibur Umbra, because nothing is more fun than pulling off a reverse Titanfall and controlling a Necramech while Umbra also wrecks things.

I never considered this! Definitely gonna bring sad dad more to open worlds.

Vauban was my main since he was announced. I always go for traps, explosions, engineering etc in videogames. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with him at the time, but after I came back to the game he's got everything. Homing shock drones? Vaubs has it. Turrets? Gotcha' covered. Damage buff? Mah man. Vector... pad..? Sure, why not. SPACE LASER? You bet I've got a steel path viable meme config centered around it. I'm currently on a quest to gather Vauban Prime so I don't feel wasteful throwing umbra formas on him. So far I have half the set.

Ember was my main before Vauban existed. When traps and engineering isn't available, I always appreciate setting fire to things. You can never quite fall asleep at the wheel playing Ember. That thermometer adds just enough extra fiddling to make you always pay a little attention and make your work just enough to maintain damage reduction and energy economy. Abs you can grate cheese on helps.

Atlas has what I consider to be the most versatile and and fun kit out of every frame. Every single ability offers something interesting and useful to his kit, and you could make a config focusing on any of them. It helps that Atlas is essentially Chris, from Resident Evil 5:

  • Context-sensitive punching that makes enemies explode with loads of invincibility time.
  • Uses walls for cover.
  • Often attacks by staring really harshly at enemies. The main difference is that in Warframe, this actually makes your enemies stop. Maybe Chris Redfield forgot to shoot the arbitration drones first.
  • Hangs out with his stoner bros. RE5 was initially Xbox exclusive.
  • Built like brick house.
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Ember: Ever since rework became my goto for any content (sp included). Damage, survivability and a great stripper (armor)

Valkyr: Something about a catlady that's done right has a draw to me

Wisp: If her buffs, cc and damage weren't enough you also get an eyefull of her substantial ASSests

Protea: Fills the engineer role i always wanted to try, vauban was a bit too passive for my taste

Garuda: Being a blood maiden with style

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Nyx: Haven't used much else since I first built her after finding my starter volt was getting too squishy, and as someone who always mains the psionics-like characters in games there really wasn't much of a question.

Zephyr: That low-grav mobilty is really fun, and birds are cool. Birds with airbender powers? even more so.

Valkyr: My go-to tank, carried me thoughout most of the hardest missions and still the ideal lich hunter.

Frost: Frankly, the first time I looked at him in the codex my thought was "rundas frame. need it." His good defensive skills are a bonus.

Loki and Rhino: The older frames in general hold a nice appeal, not overly complicated in visual or kit design, simple and effective. These two guys specifically are neat, stealth and stomping.

Honorable mentions for Vauban(really great at bounties with all that cc) and Excalibur(using a slashdash+marked for death build is surprisingly satisfying and more engaging that just exalted blade).

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Volt and gauss :)

Volt is very versatile; but everyone knows that already.

speed, damage buff, defense, and nuke.

he's the perfect soldier, and he excels at everything he can do.


gauss because the Speed demon fantasy, and i am so in love with redline and the amount of buffs it gives

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I use a lot of different frames but the most used are:

Loki: Stealth

Octavia: Auto-kill and Stealth

Wukong: Mobility

Khora: CC and loot

Hildryn: Immortality, armor strip and enemy stagger/auto-kill. Extra useful because it doesn't use energy and only gets better at higher levels, stupid armor scaling in Steel Path only feeds the Hildryn. Useless against infested though.

These frames allow me to play Warframe (almost) as an idle game and work at any level.

The ones I use less often are: Titania, Nova, Ivara, Oberon, Frost, Mag, Limbo, Nekros, Trinity and Saryn

Also keep Nyx around for fashion (best looking deluxe skin).

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I love playing all sorts of frames but I'd say high on my list are:

  • Nekros: He was my first Prime warframe and I fell in love with him instantly
  • Valkyr: Love her theme and I am trying so hard to make her look like a wolf XD
  • Vauban: Recently started playing as him and love his playstyle
  • Excalibur: First Warframe I picked, love swords, plain and simple. I play as Umbra from time to time X3
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Hildryn, my main since 1 year ago and my go-to frame, called goddess of annihilation by some of my friends. And she become even better with Elemental Ward in place of her 4.
I also like to play Nyx, but not as a mind-control based frame, but more like the Excalibur sister, with Radial Blind and the famous trio : Braton, Lato and Skana
And i sometimes play Rhino, for somes purposes.... [Mick Gordon music intensifies]

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Wisp is by far my favorite frame. Her 1, 2 and 3 are just too good. She has buffs from her 1 with a soft cc from shock. Her 2 is pretty much built in rolling guard and can be used to double the aoe of her 3 which is a hard cc with damage multiplier built in. Her 4 is perfect as a free subsume slot. So many subsume options since she doesn't really need anything to fill out her kit. Even her passive is amazing. 

Saryn is another frame with a well rounded synergistic kit. She just works, sure does get a lot of hate for it though. I just wish that every frame was designed so well and had a role so people would stop complaining that a dps frame can dps. 

Mag was my starter frame so she's always up on the list of my favorites. I've always been a sucker for casters and crowd control and playing her just feels right. She's a perfect futuristic magnetic caster and she got me hooked on the game.

Xaku is just weird. I love it. I drove myself crazy throwing forma on that thing and testing subsume abilities. It's a unique frame with a lot to work with. I liked figuring out that puzzle. 

I also really enjoy Nyx, Ember, Nova, Vauban and Harrow even though I rarely play those frames. 

Khora will make her way back up on the list if DE ever decides to fix the LoS thing on her whip, until then RIP

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Mag, because she's best girl.

For real though, magnetism is a very cool force, she's cute, her abilities are rather solid, she scales incredibly well, has great fashion options... I don't know what there isn't to love about Mag! except her deluxe skin, we don't talk about that

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Wukong, my goto everything frame.

Ivara, when I want to chill and spy or fish or mine or take my time.

Protea, engineer frame with her 4th replaced with tesla balls.

Valkyr, my second tank next to Wukong when I do not know what I want.

Mesa, my first prime and just want to watch some b-ass when I play.

Wisp, when I want to play support.

Nezha, burn the world and go fast.

Rest of the frames I have are either pull them out once in awhile or trying to figure out.


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Am 8.4.2021 um 19:29 schrieb PaturikuD13th:

I want to know your favorite frames guys :--)

ok .. senseless discussion without fruitful meaning, but still ...
normal nekros: more resources for the group and me. good support and first class tank with best mods.
Nobody needs more damge. otherwise I would play something like wisp ... even SP has long been an EZ mode.

here i have to underline that i mostly only play in publics. and mostly i only meet lvl 29-30 people. So .... resources or mods are not necessarily needed here. but still...

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12 hours ago, Maggy said:

Mag, because she's best girl.

For real though, magnetism is a very cool force, she looks like a mannequin, her abilities are rather solid, she scales incredibly well, has great fashion options... I don't know what there isn't to love about Mag! except her deluxe skin, we don't talk about that


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