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Refinements For Any Future Invasions


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Thoughts of beneficial changes to current invasion mechanics


1.  Have all planets in the entire sector in conflict throughout the duration of event.

2.  Reduce the amount of points (mission victories) required for one side by an amount (around 1/3 to 1/2 of current).

3.  Since there would be a much larger amount of overall conflicts happening significantly reduce battle pay rewards.

4.  both sides offer identical rewards for battle pay for each conflict.   


The reason i think having all planets in an entire sector in continuous conflict throughout the event is mostly to alleviate the feeling of monotony and grind in the current model.  At the moment you are given not much alternative but to replay the same mission over and over if you want to contribute to the event, even if you can predict which side will win/lose the node.  If the entire sector is under constant conflict however,  players/clans can choose to support nodes they believe will win,  and as time goes by they can bounce around nodes trying to help other nodes based on other players reactions to their reactions etc.  in other words adding to a greater feeling of involvement.


Now because each and every node would be continuously contested, i feel that each node should also be reduced in the total amount of mission victories it takes to conquer a node.  given that we cant tell how many is currently needed however,  i would not recommend a significant drop in this requirement.  At the moment, we are seeing a very slow progression in conquest  as it is only the change in total player base vs opposing total player base.  Yet if every node were to be contested,  the player base would naturally be far more divided amongst the nodes to play, and directed surges on a singular node (say from a strong clan)  would be far more noticeable.


In regards to battle pay, it should be first and foremost completely identical reward.  other than that i believe that it should also be far more significantly lowered,  (personally like 10k per 5 levels or 2-3 of rare non clan resource)

While that may sound drastic at first compared to catalysts and BPs,  You also have to understand that far more conflicts are occurring.  This would also help players with significantly less time to play.  in the current model with far fewer nodes and far greater rewards, players are also far more loathe to miss a node conflict.  I feel these rewards should not be the sole reason why players should be playing the levels/sides they are, but they should also offer as an incentive to continue to play.  I suppose the occasional high value reward can still be offered by both sides (but far more rarely in this proposed model)


That being said, in order to have all nodes in constant conflict there would have to be one more addition to the system:

Every time a node is conquered by one side or the other that specific node acquires a tally (emblem/star etc) in its favor and the node itself gets reset back to 50%.  Think of these tallies as an individual victory within a zone/region inside of the node itself.  At the end of the event the side with the largest overall tallies for the sector would be victor (contested nodes at the end of the event would substitute with whichever side has the stronger percentage)

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