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I have one question... can I fight for any side at any time in the event "Gradivus Dilemma"?


I have been fighting only for Grineer up until now because I thought I would lose progress on it if I choose to fight for Corpus... no sure about it?


Does anyone know?



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Exactly what AlienTetris said.


I couldn't make up my mind who I wanted to fight for, so I went with Corpus. I found out that if I got an even number of wins on both sides, when the end was near I could get one more win for the supercharged slotted stuff, because that's all that matters to me.


I had 100 Corpus wins, but finally I managed to get 105 Grineer wins, so I'm set.

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Say I have 25 missions for Grineer and 25 for Corpus. I get NOTHING because that's really not supporting one faction, it's being mutual.

You'd get the melee weapon but no emblem. Melee weapon is just do 25 missions regardless of support. The emblem and hand cannon are support dependent. 

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