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How About We Give Torid Its Tweaked Version Of Firestorm?


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Basically I had an idea for Torid: a weapon specific mod that allows it to chamber more round into one shot to make a way bigger AOE.


What I was thinking is, with the mod, Torid can charge to consume one to 4 additional rounds (depending on mod level). The mod indirectly balances itself by  making it so that you can't just spend one ammo to cover a whole area, and if you empty your loader you will have to reload right after a shot (let's be frank, only the reload is significant on Torid, not the ammo consumption).  


I think this idea can be easily implemented and add a fun mechanic to Torid. The opacity on the cloud will definitely need to be toned down tho, what's with the large blinding effect. 


Maybe the mod could extend the duration of the cloud as well? 


Whatcha guys think?

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I was really hoping that Firestorm would work for the Torid. But nope, Ogris and Ignis only

DE really needs to brainstorm and craft more weapon specific mod (and weapons that can be given unique mods).

Chain effect for Synapse; AoE for Torid; (minor) Seeking mod for Ogris and/or Glaive; Knockdown mod for Bo; etc.

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Why should it consume more ammo when firestorm on ogris doesnt?

I think that torid should just be able to equip firestorm to increase its aoe honstly.


Well, to make it different for one.


And if it has a greater cost, we can justify giving more power to the Torid with the same mod (bigger AOE, more enemy damaged and all). Maybe even give better damage or a debuff on top of that. 

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