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Waypoints that should go away instead persist (ghost waypoints)


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This happens inside game missions and is frequent to quite a few people (me included) for at least since the later half of last year.

While in some mission types it is at most annoying, it completely hinders the gameplay flow especially in Excavation missions, as I have had FIVE ghost waypoints in my HUD, not knowing where the next excavator is supposed to be, since for me all of the possible locations are marked at the same time while only two can spawn an excavator. Lately, in every Excavation mission I play, I have at least one ghost waypoint at all times after they show up initially in the expected behaviour. Meaning, this always happens After the waypoints show up.

It seems to be a client-sided issue since in the same mission it doesn't necessarily happen for all players.

Additionally, being unable to remove my own waypoint is a very common occurence, while being the host and a client.


This is a ghost waypoint in an excavator spawn location. Letting the excavators be destroyed seems to trigger this ghost waypoint behaviour more commonly since I replicated the five ghost waypoint issue in another Excavation mission later today, while in another mission letting them all complete safely only resulted in one ghost waypoint.


This is an example of a mild case, showcasing two dabbing grineer and the two yellow waypoints (one is hidden behind the hostage waypoint) of a two-man door being left there despite the door having already been opened. This was in a Solo mission. This confirmed that it can happen in other mission types and not only in Excavations. The two white cipher icons are also ghost waypoints.


An annoying case in a Sabotage mission, showcasing a cipher ghost waypoint and some fuel cell ghost waypoints after destroying all of them, also a ghost waypoint in the console to my right. These persist in the HUD even while walking away, hindering gameplay.

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Excavation was reported since at least August 2019 mate, it's very obvious that they simply don't care. It has gotten worse with recent updates though. 

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