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Two For One: The Clear Door & Air Walking.


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The first bug seem to only happen in the Tower missions where the large cylindrical doors open but do not allow you through without jumping over some odd invisible wall of some sort.

This has only happened a total of four times, and the first issue I had thought it to be lag of some kind. However it is a reoccurring issue that I can always get around so long as I play as either Vauban of Excalibur.


The second bug would be while fighting Jackel, I know I am going to get a bit of heat from players who actually exploit this bug.

The glitch is after you enter the room with Jackel while he is not active you ca hop on him, when the match starts it treats it like you are still standing on him, with or without him being below you.

This bug tampers with multiple things.

- Shock-wave is rendered useless.

- Drone bombs are also rendered useless.

- NOT CERTAIN: but it seems to cause a great deal of lag when performed [i only get the lag if this is being done]

- Creates a farming habit in Fossa making it less of a good fight for new players just getting to the second boss.



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