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Clan Badasses Is Recruiting... [Become A Badass]


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Who are we?

Badasses are cripplingly proficient in the art of strutting around in black robes intoning things like "Seize them!" and " Apology accepted, Captain Vor." "Perhaps you think you’re being treated unfairly." in booming, sepulchral voices.

Because when you have an intergalactic race of killing machines, it only makes sense to conduct yourself as badass as is imaginable.


Those who wear our insignia have one rule: Be a Badass.


Where most would run and gun. We dart and devastate, to see clan Badasses in action is like watching a pride of hungry lions feasting on confined sheep.  If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the Badasses.


**Insert Awolnation Sail**


(That track dropped so hard, it smashed through the earth and launched into the sun, then used the suns gravitational field to be flung into another galaxy, where it imploded and formed an alternative dimension.)


We are Badasses.


Greatness Awaits.



Our requirements

That you are active, at least once every fortnight. That you are: amusing, considerate and refined. Failing that, that you’re not a dou**e bag.


Our dojo

Is all built, but I’m thinking we can do better so there may be some somewhat major remodelling/refashioning in the near future.


Our research

All done.



Our promotions are simple contribute to be promoted, but if you are offensive (see  dou**e bag.) or offline for too long you may/will be demoted.



We only want to be a ghost clan for now, since we are a group of Badasses We fight for ourselves, for those who bear our standard, and our loyalty extends no further. We are honour-bound to no one but each other. The Lotus, the Grineer, and the Corpus are only our allies when it is beneficial to us. If their convenience runs its' course we will be quick to eliminate/disregard them.


After all we’re Badasses. *shrugs*


How to join...


Just PM me in game. (or on this forum)







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