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Random game freezes in Orb Vallis

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I had a problem like this 2 days ago, 1 of the bounties a stage 5 bounty would cause the game to completely lock up but I could do any bounty below it including profit taker.

also checked other open area bounties and none of them had an issue. 

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Got similar problem just recently when nightwave got 5 vallis bounties challenge. Tried to start tier 1 bounty from vallis itself, i think it was scorched earth. It consistently made the game freeze a few seconds after selecting it, i was too distracted to note if it was during the timer or after though. I killed the warframe process, restarted, loaded into vallis and selected the bounty twice after the first freeze, and it just froze both times again. Selecting bounty from Fortuna didn't make it freeze, but there were strong stutters in the elevator.

Stuttering was present before, but not to this extent, and freezes weren't happening just from selecting bounty. Haven't done vallis stuff since last nightwave though, so can't pinpoint when the change happened, but my guess will be the latest big update.

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