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Call of the Tempestarii: Update 30


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when New War?;
when Duviri Paradox?;
When Baro?

Do we recive this as sound on orbiter? Please  I see this is 

Please reduce void storms effect.

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So all this adds is a warframe, a skin, and void fissures for railjack? Why wasn't this just added with corpus proxima if its this small? Nothing this update just added is interesting to me. Sevagoth isn't my style, i don't play mirage, and corpus proxima ruined railjack for me, so fissures or not I ain't playing it until its worth more then a taxi.

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Why have you still not reverted the RJ forced join mission?

Why do I grind all the Weapons and Components to build MY Railjack, that I cant use unless I go solo or there are no open squads already in the mission?

Why am I being forced into someone elses trash ship when I start in my own fully built?

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Fixed endless Affinity gain from Crew Repairs by sitting in a mission and allowing the Railjack to take damage while your Crew cleans up. Affinity granting Repairs from Crew mates now has a cap of 20 per mission. 



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Please fix Quassus and throwing weapons not working Ith CONDITION OVERLOAD

pleave give us real content.

This update is great, really but after 40min for the mission and some plats spend because of how bad railjack feels and is for a Warframe player that wanna play warframe not railjack, there is no content after that.

Where are the corpus liches, where is replayability, i want to farm, where is the farm. I want to stay playing the game for 6hours if not more like a few years ago. But there is nothing like that anymore.

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Still broken...


There is a problem of protection of the Mirror from the damage from "Supra soldiers" on the Corpus ships. The Mirror does not protect from Supra absolutely.



В 19.06.2020 в 13:22, Aeon94 сказал:

I have been playing with Garuda Hinsa skin and noticed that she is missing Dread Mirror skin. Not only colouring is hard with different textures and materials of Deluxe Skin and base Dread Mirror, she also feels incomplete without matching Dread Mirror. Hope it gets added into the game.


ArtStation - Garuda, deluxe skin. Warframe., Arsen Asyrankulov

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I want the old Loading screen back. Better overview and better visual feedback on when u have returned to your orbiter and can press esc to continue your acitivities

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Yay, new update .... but U29 bugs are NOT FIXED YET.

1. Fix the perma Magnetic proc on railjack/warframes/necramechs after an Electrical Hazard. COME ON....


2. If you are in a Necramech and fall in to space in Corpus Freightlinkers, UI get totally broken.


Reconsider the Oberon farm. This is an absolute nonsense. A decent starter warframe locked to Intrinsincs 7 is a joke and totally no friendly for new players.

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So bought the supporter pack, which doesn't allow you to buy the collection then, but also doesn't come with the weapon lol. Why would you do that? I had to spend 200p of the plat I just got with the *collection*, the *supporter* one lol. 

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