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PSN Call of the Tempestarii: Update 30


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We have arrived at our 30th Major Update to Warframe! Console Tenno, you are receiving a large chunk of the Update 30 bundle with Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack, and now the Quest content and new Warframe have also arrived (and more)! Tenno with a Railjack and the Deadlock Protocol Quest complete can answer the Call of the Tempestarii. This Quest is home to a new face, Vala, and her connection with our 46th Warframe, Sevagoth, the dark Helmsman.

Void Relic opening has expanded to Railjack with the presence of new Void Storms! These dangerous environments grant their own rewards on top of your pursued Relic reward. 

As we continue to read Feedback and collect Bugs, our public Trello board will be updated: https://wrfr.me/3uNtd3W

We are moving a lot of this over to an ‘Update 30: Call of the Tempestarii’ label, and will reorganize and leave details on the cards where applicable! As a reminder, this board is not-exhaustive and the Hotfix notes will always be a best reference.  

Share your feedback and bug reports for Update 30 here: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1780-all-platforms-feedback-bug-reporting/

This update includes everything from PC Updates and Hotfixes from 29.6.6 to the simultaneously released on all platforms Call of the Tempestarii update! This also includes cherry picked fixes and changes.

PlayStation Specific Notes:

The total download size for PS4 is roughly 11 GB and 12.5 GB for PS5 (size variations are to be expected based on the ways in which the different systems operate). 

NEW Advanced Reverb:

Advanced Reverb is here in what we are calling its 'Beta' launch! This is an entirely new reverb system that uses a Convolution (Impulse Response) method. What this means is that instead of using an algorithmic (Legacy) reverb for the game, we are able to use real-life spaces instead. We can feed the reverb system a recording of a real reverberant space and it will combine it with the game's sounds. So you will get a more realistic, vibrant, and deep listening experience. We've been busy adjusting the reverb setups across all tiles. So you can now experience this change across the entire game!

We also adjusted how the blending of the reverb works. When you traverse from different areas we need to blend the reverbs (think of a small space to a larger one). We used to do this based on your distance but now we calculate this based on time. This will give you a more accurate feeling of transition. 

‘Advanced Reverb’ is turned on by default, you can switch back to ‘Legacy Reverb’ in the Audio Options if you desire. 


PlayStation Fixes:

  • Made fixes towards screen tearing issues across the game (especially in Navigation and Arsenal), as reported here:

PS5 Specific Notes:

  • Load times have been halved on PS5!
    • While working on the update, we discovered that there were threading condition issues within our memory allocator that were affecting load times. 

General Console Specific Notes: 

  • Controller Changes & Fixes:
    • Added controller rumble to a few melee sounds, Tenno heavy landings, bullet jumps, and more!
    • Fixed Lavos’ elemental imbue UI prompting “1 2 3 4” by default instead of controller bindings. Also adjusted the UI so that the imbue and button callouts are more easily readable. 
    • Fixed controllers not being able to toggle certain abilities off (like Wukong’s Cloud Walker and Lavos’ Vial Rush) without reactivating the ability menu.
    • Fixed ‘ascend/descend’ appearing as double-bound in Customize Controller > Placement options. They will now show their unique assignments. 
    • Fixed custom config names not saving if your virtual cursor is not hovering over the config slot while using a controller.  
    • Fixed ‘Failed to Create Session’ popup appearing twice when disconnecting controller cord and attempting to start a mission. 
    • Fixed a crash while accessing Arsenal with a controller. 
    • Fixed a non-functional button prompt appearing while trading and using a controller.
  • Heart of Deimos Trophies: These still are requiring more time to submit and will be released in a future update.
  • The Mirage Oneiro Skin Deluxe and Animations will be coming in a future console hotfix/update. 
    • The skin and animations were released on PC with Call of the Tempestarii, but unfortunately due to the nature of console submissions we were unable to include them in this release. We are looking to do so as soon as we can, but in the meantime you can still take to the skies in style with the new Zephyr Harrier Deluxe Collection! 



Our first Warframe Railjack quest is here!  ‘Call of the Tempestarii’ is a Solo quest that brings you into the Proxima regions with a bang. Journey into Corpus territory and answer the Call of the Tempestarii. Keen Tenno will perhaps get a hint to what comes next once the Quest is completed...

Void Storms gather in Corpus lanes…could a mysterious vessel somehow be the case? Board your Railjack and investigate the call.

The prerequisites to access the Call of the Tempestarii Quest are:

  1. Own a Railjack
  2. Deadlock Protocol Quest complete

We strongly encourage turning your Audio options (especially Music) to the max for the best Quest experience! If you are hard of hearing, subtitles will guide you. 

If you purchase Sevagoth with Platinum, you will receive a Riven Mod as a Quest Reward in addition to the Sevagoth Blueprint and some other secret goodies. Please note upon Quest completion, Simaris will have Sevagoth’s Blueprint for those who wish to build duplicates for Helminth, etc. 



The storm-swept, Void-wandering Warframe has returned to harvest living souls. Send forth his Shadow to reap the life of the unwary.

On death, become Sevagoth's Shadow and fight to resurrect him by collecting the souls needed to rebuild his tombstone. 

Sevagoth's Shadow flies outward ravaging enemies in his path. Survivors are damaged by Death’s Harvest over time. The souls of the dead fill the Death Well.

Plant a death seed in nearby targets to drain their lifeforce. Reap what has been sown to detonate afflicted enemies, dealing a percentage of their health as radial damage. The souls of the dead fill the Death Well. 

Summon a radial pulse wave that ensnares and slows enemies, siphoning their lifeforce for the Death Well. Allies within the wave steal health with each attack. 

When the Death Well fills, Sevagoth's Shadow form is ready to be released. Tear the enemy asunder with a collection of melee-focused abilities. 

Ghostly hands pull enemies into a flailing mass.

Dash through enemies and rip out their souls to heal Shadow.

Inflict nearby enemies with a harrowing condition. 

Sevagoth and his Shadow become one.

Purchase in the ingame Market or earn Sevagoth Blueprint from the Call of Tempestarii Quest and his Components from Void Storm drop tables.


Sevagoth's wrist-mounted sidearm fires a chilling slow-moving slab, guaranteed to slow enemies for easier marksmanship. Charge the shot to fire a punishing high-velocity, high critical chance slab that punches through barriers. Deals additional headshot damage in Sevagoth's hands.

Purchase in the ingame Market or earn Epitaph Blueprint and Components from Void Storm drop tables.


A macabre alternate helmet for Sevagoth, the Warframe who harbors the Shadow.


A flowing, contoured Syandana for Sevagoth, the dark Helmsman.


Put the fear of the Void into your foes with Sevagoth, the reaper of souls. Collection includes Sevagoth, Sevagoth Lucifuge helmet, Epitaph sidearm, Vithil Syandana and 3 day Affinity and Credit boosters.



Corpus Railjack has arrived, Tenno. As we continue down our “ship what we’ve shown” path, we’ve finally arrived at Corpus Proxima! While reviewing the current state of Railjack as we worked on Corpus Proxima, we knew we needed to rework what we had in addition to adding new content. Introducing: Railjack Retrofit! Our initial 2019 Empyrean venture was a daring leap into space, but as we aimed for Lua there were some missteps. Our initial vision to provide a fresh new gameplay experience progressed into being overly complicated with an unnecessarily high barrier to entry.  This Update aims to simplify the Railjack experience for new and returning players. We encourage you to take your time as you dive back in - a lot has changed! And if you’re new to Railjack, welcome. It’s the perfect time to start. 


The Corpus Railjack Update is here! This Update brings you a full Corpus Railjack experience with brand new regions and Points of Interest to explore.  

New Corpus Proxima Regions

Robots and Crewmen are taking to the skies and have greatly expanded the Proxima Star Chart - three new planets (Venus, Neptune and Pluto Proxima) will introduce new enemies, new Points of Interest and more. There will also be the most difficult missions for Corpus Railjack added to the Veil Proxima. 


The types of missions available are now more diversified, in our efforts to further combine the Railjack experience with regular Warframe gameplay.

Some of these new mission types will already be familiar - classic Defense and Exterminate modes will occasionally be the main objective of a Railjack mission. Fight your way into the capital ship as a team, and extract back to Railjack upon completion.

If it’s loot you’re after, those greedy Corpus in the Corpus Proxima have many secrets to explore! Leave no container unopened, no vessel untouched, no enemy unbothered!

Each Corpus Proxima mission has structures for keen Tenno to explore and loot. Happy hunting! 

Ice Mines: Neptune Proxima

Derelict Freightlinker: Pluto Proxima and Veil Proxima

Orokin Shield Derelict: Venus Proxima

We have also added two new mission types! 

The first, known as Orphix, will be familiar to anyone who played the Orphix Venom event - take down the Sentient invaders, making use of Operators and Necramechs to circumvent the nullifier pulse fields. Similar to the Operation, if you do not own a Necramech of your own there are downed Necramechs available in mission for you to use. Instead of earning event currency, these missions can reward Arcanes, offering an alternative to Eidolon capturing squads. Orphix nodes will be locked if you have not completed the Second Dream due to heavy spoilers!

  • Affinity reward for each Orphix scales between 1,000 to max of 2,000 at level 60.

The second is known as Volatile! This completely new Mission type will offer the means to sabotage a Capital ship. Help Cephalon Cy from the inside by making use of the environment to cause a Reactor failure, while fighting off Engineers who can stop you!  

Here is a list of other rewards found within Corpus Railjack:

  • Carmine Penta
    • A special variant of the Penta grenade launcher, featuring a higher fire rate and doubled magazine size.
      • Find the Carmine Penta Blueprint and Components on new Corpus Railjack Derelict Freightlinkers!
  • Athodai
    • Reverse-engineered from propulsion tech to pack a serious kick. Headshot kills trigger Overdrive, locking off secondary functions while maximizing your fire rate and ammo efficiency for a short time.
      • Find the Athodai Blueprint and its respective parts on new Corpus Railjack Orokin Shield Derelicts!
  • New Rifle Mod: Internal Bleeding
    • Impact Status Effects have a 35% chance to apply a Slash Status Effect (x2 when Fire Rate is below 2.5).
      • Find the Internal Bleeding Mod on new Corpus Railjack Derelict Freightlinkers, Ice Mines, and Orokin Shield Derelicts!
  • New Pistol Mod: Hemorrhage
    • Impact Status Effects have a 35% chance to apply a Slash Status Effect (x2 when Fire Rate is below 2.5)
      • Find the Hemorrhage Mod on new Corpus Railjack Derelict Freightlinkers, Ice Mines, and Orokin Shield Derelicts!
  • New Warfan Stance: Votive Onslaught
    • Precise, focused arcs and cuts not hampered by pity.
      • Find the Warfan Stance on new Corpus Railjack Derelict Freightlinkers, Ice Mines, and Orokin Shield Derelicts!
  • New Nautilus Sentinel
    • With ‘Auto Omni’ and ‘Cordon’ as default Precepts, this Sentinel is the ideal companion for long voyages aboard a Railjack.
      • Find the new Nautilus Sentinel Blueprint and Components in new Corpus Railjack Ice Mines! 
  • Nyx Prime, Hikou Prime, and Scindo Prime Relics
  • Valkyr Prime, Venka Prime, and Cernos Prime Relics 
    • We’ve permanently Unvaulted Nyx/Valkyr Prime and their accompanying Prime weapons in Corpus Railjack! Find their Relics in new Corpus Railjack Derelict Freightlinkers, Ice Mines, and Orokin Shield Derelicts! As well as in Grineer Point of Interest rewards!
  • Warframe Arcanes in Rotation C (i.e every 12 Orphix) of Orphix gamemode in Corpus Railjack (max 36 Orphix). 
  • Ash and Oberon have been added to Railjack rewards! Oberon Component Blueprints can be found in Grineer Railjack Point of Interest and Skirmish Bonus reward tables, and Ash Component Blueprints can be found in Corpus Railjack Defense mission rewards.
    • We’ve permanently removed Ash and Oberon Blueprints from Eximus and Manic drop tables respectively. We did this to connect Railjack to some more ‘core Warframe’ style rewards, and make their acquisition more straightforward for matchmaking purposes. 

Corpus Missions & Points of Interest Feedback Megathread: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1253291-update-29100-corpus-missions-points-of-interest-feedback-megathread-read-first-post/



With new Proxima regions unveiled come new Railjack enemies of the Corpus variety! Corpus Proximas are loaded with special units engineered to withstand the outer limits of the Star Chart, and also bring you down. 

Each Corpus Proxima has identifiable units:

Venus Proxima: TARO

Neptune Proxima: AXIO

Pluto Proxima: VORAC

Veil Proxima (Corpus nodes): ORM

Arm your Railjack to fend off HARPI attack fighters armed with rapid-fire plasma cannons, WEAVER fighters who spin and launch target-seeking globes of highly-charged plasma, BASILISK fighters with tracking turrets that deliver focused bursts from its energy beam, and many more!

Storm Capital Stanchion ships to battle ATLOC RAKNOIDS upgraded with a thorax-mounted missile launcher, VAMBAC special units equipped with proximity-grenade launcher, CULVERI MOAS armed with a high-intensity thermal beam, the Corpus Proxima Elite AURAX units, and many more!

Hijack enemy Corpus Crewships to take control of not only flight, but also their Missile Swarm firepower!


Ticor Plate

High-density alloy armor plating used in the construction of offensive spacecraft.

This resource is a catch-all essential Forge Resource for Tenno! Ticor Plate can be fed to Helminth for Bile.


We are removing 6 Railjack Resources from drop tables:

  • Pustrels
  • Copernics
  • Trachons
  • Kesslers
  • Bracoid
  • Fresnels

We wanted to reduce the number of Resources we introduced in our original Railjack launch. They'll remain in your Inventory as we’ll be looking at possibly reintroducing them at a later date. All Blueprints that required these items have been updated to reflect viable Resources, and respective drops have been swapped to Ticor Plate where appropriate. These Resources have also been removed from Helminths Bile Feeding menu. If you spot any mentions of these Resources that we might have missed please let us know!

For Tenno who have partially contributed these Resources to Wreckage, the percentage of your contribution will be honoured for the Resource that replaces it. Ex: If you contributed 60% of the needed Copernics for a Carcinnox, that 60% contribution will be carried over when the Blueprints are updated.

Additionally, we are taking this opportunity to simplify Forge recipes to reduce the variety of resources needed. All forgeable items will require some combination of:

  • Ticor Plate
  • Titanium
  • Cubic Diodes (Corpus Proximas)
  • Carbides (Grineer Proximas)





  • With ‘Auto Omni’ and ‘Cordon’ as default Precepts, this Sentinel is the ideal companion for long voyages aboard a Railjack.

Find Nautilus in the Market for Platinum or its Blueprint/Components in Corpus Railjack Ice Mines! 
Auto Omni Precept Mod

  • Nautilus has 100% chance to repair nearby Railjack Hull damages and extinguishes fires on Railjack. Cooldown: 20s

Cordon Precept Mod

  • Nautilus forces enemies within 30m of the target into clusters for easier targeting. Cooldown: 15s

Both the Auto Omni Precept and Cordon Precept Mod are automatically given when Crafting or purchasing the Nautilus Sentinel! 

THE NEW RAILJACK: Railjack Retrofit!

What’s Changed:

Warframe has several key strengths that have helped it stand the test of time in the world of video games. One of these strengths is a sense of “flow”; blade and gun blend together, and mission objectives are clear, challenging reflexes and awareness. From your first foray into the Star Chart, mission progress flows into Junction progress, leading to Questlines and other systems opening up naturally. 

Enter Railjack. Technology from the Old War that when wielded today, could take all of Warframe’s combat to Orbit. We tried many things that were different from the norm. While some elements did offer a unique spin on the existing formula, it was not for everybody, and many complaints cited the amount of separation from the main game as a negative. And we agree. To quote the venerable Cephalon Cy: We have work to do. 

As we revisit Railjack in 2021, our overall goal is to simplify these points of friction, better integrating Warframe’s signature “flow”. This flow has evolved over the years for core Warframe, thanks in no small part to our continuous overhauls and revisits. From ‘Bullet Jumping’ to ‘The Sword Alone’, our path is rarely straight forward. If any Tenno out there chose to customize their Railjack Ship and name it ‘Theseus’, you may be onto something. 

What is ‘The New Railjack’? The name is deceivingly simple. The depth will be explored in this workshop below, indexed by the way you will interact with it. 

Here is a list of scripts / account changes happening on Login, with further information below:

List of Player Account scripts and revisions:

1) Give player the new Plexus if they own an Archwing, otherwise this is given out on Archwing Quest completion! 

2) Give player an 'Early Adopter' bundle based on one of 3 criteria outlined below! 

3) Give Clan a commemorative Statue if they have a Dry Dock! 

4) Turn all Dirac into Endo

5) Turn all Dirac invested in Avionics Grid into Endo

6) Turn all Avionics into Mods

7) Remove all obsolete Mods and turn into their Replacement new ‘Plexus Aura’ Mods, and other retired mods into Endo

8) Turn all player’s Tier I, II, and III Reactors into Reactors with new attributes as per new designs

Tier 1 - 20-40% manufacturer specialty
Vidar: Range
Lavan: Duration
Zetki: Strength

Tier 2 - 50-80% manufacturer specialty

Vidar: Range
Lavan: Duration
Zetki: Strength

Tier 3 - 40-60% manufacturer specialty and 20-40% secondary property

Vidar: Range, Duration
Lavan: Duration, Strength
Zetki: Strength, Range

9) Turn all mentions of ‘Flux’ related Subroutines into new Subroutines. 

10) Reset all Intrinsics to 0, players must Re-Spec!

1. What will happen on login?

More Accessible
Avionics to Mods

Meet The ‘PLEXUS’
Dirac to Endo
Intrinsics 2.0 - Re-spec your Intrinsics!
Command Intrinsic 

New Railjack Component: Plating

Wreckage Cost Changes

Early Adopters

Streamlined Matchmaking (obey normal rules!) 

2. What’s different in missions?
New Railjack Layout (smaller interior).
Stamina is gone!

Forge and Individual resource pools


Battle Mods
Malfunctions and Hazards 

Unified Damage Types

Node changes

3. What Comes Next?

Corpus Liches a.k.a “Queenpins”

1. What will happen on login?

More Accessible:

First thing’s first: if you have yet to build your Railjack as part of the Rising Tide Quest, the cost of ship components and the time it takes for each one to build has been dramatically reduced (the difference in cost will be part of our early adopter compensation below). Simply put: less Grind. 

If you’d rather just jump straight into the action, a fully built Railjack will also be available through the in-game Market for Platinum in the new Railjack category (must have an Archwing to purchase). The Rising Tide Quest will automatically be completed if a Railjack is purchased from the in-game Market - you can replay the Quest at any time in the Codex! Maybe you’ve noticed a pattern - when we released Necramechs, we didn’t sell them for Platinum at launch either. Their Market appearance came many months later with Orphix Venom. It’s almost paradoxical that as a Free to Play game we don’t put these new items in the Market. There really isn’t a good reason, either, and players really have made it clear they’d like the option to buy new items with Platinum -- whether bought or traded. And now the option is there. 

For those who prefer the free path, they can enjoy a shorter wait and less Resources to build their own Railjack!

Avionics to Mods:

Now let’s talk AVIONICS. Before you even think of departing, you’ll want to revisit your Railjack’s Avionics, which have been redone as... Railjack MODS

That’s right, Avionics are no more. This entire system has been completely overhauled, including Avionics being turned into regular Mods, so everything has been unequipped and reset. Gone are the days of upgradeable Grid slots, and praying that your Host’s Railjack has the Avionics you want to use. In fact, you aren’t even equipping things on the Railjack itself anymore…

Meet the ‘PLEXUS’

Instead, Tenno will have a “PLEXUS” that they bring with them into every Railjack mission, carrying the three types of Avionics you are familiar with. Battle/Tactical Mods remain the same, but are personal to you, being available on any Railjack you board. Integrated Mods will be separated much like Warframe mods: Personal Mod slots that only benefit you, and Aura Mods that benefit the Railjack and your entire squad. Aura Mods for the Plexus will simply go in the designated Aura slot, similar to how Modding your Warframe works! 

The Plexus comes pre-installed, no player Orokin Reactors required!

You will also gain Mastery with your Plexus from Affinity gained in your Railjack missions, which will let you Forma the Plexus to its maximum potential! 

When you complete The Archwing Quest and are awarded your Plexus, you can Mod it and join others on their Railjack missions to help out until you get yourself a Railjack. You’ll be able to Mod it, but won't be able to see Railjack stats unless you actually own one, as the Plexus doesn’t have any Railjack data to pull from yet.

Railjack Integrated Mod Screen:

Railjack Battle Mod Screen:

Railjack Tactical Mod Screen:

Railjack Mod drains have been rebalanced with respect to the new PLEXUS Modding system. 


Old Max Drain: 13
New Max Drain: 15


Old Max Drain: 8
New Max Drain: 11

Section Density

Old Max Drain: 10
New Max Drain: 15

Forward Artillery

Old Max Drain: 9
New Max Drain: 16

We hope that reverting back to the familiar Modding screen will help lessen the learning curve for new players. The shift to personal Mod loadouts should also allow for a more consistent gameplay experience, including public matchmaking.

For added convenience, the Plexus can be Modded in several locations: in your Dry Dock terminal (like before), in the new Dry Docks found in various Relays (accessible via Fast Travel), and even in your own Orbiter!


Dirac to Endo

Since Avionics are now treated like regular Mods, Dirac (the upgrade Resource for Avionics) is being converted into Endo, for a more cohesive upgrading experience. All Dirac spent on your Grid will be reimbursed (i.e up to 39,000 Dirac to Endo if you maxed out your Grid), and all existing Dirac stockpiles will turn into Endo on login of Update 30 at a rate of 1:1.  

Intrinsics 2.0

Now, onto Intrinsics!  Firstly, you’ll need to re-spec ALL your Intrinsics when you login! Because we changed so much, we want to make sure everyone gets a fresh start on where to spend their Intrinsics. This gives us the opportunity to overhaul the various progression trees, rewarding players’ investment in progression. 

It’s worth noting that no Mastery has been lost with this re-spec!

Here is a full table of the current Intrinsic Ranks for each category from Ranks 1 - 10:








Tactical System:

Deploy Tactical Mods and access Crew tracking system via Tactical Menu [L].


Hold to boost Engine Speed. Firing pilot guns interrupts boosting.

Target Sync:

Target lead indicators and ordnance lock-on. 

Applied Omni:

Accelerated hazard suppression and hull repair. 


Ability Kinesis and Overseer:

Warframe abilities can be deployed as tactical support. Enables crew chase camera.

Vector Maneuver:

Tap to burst Directional Thrusters. 

Phantom Eye:

Augmented reprojection and turret suspensors allows full 360 degree combat engagement. 

Rapid Support:

Decrease cooldown for Air Support Charges by 50%. 


Command Link:

Fast Travel within vessel. Coordinate squad members with command interface. 

Vectored Evasion:

Near-by enemy projectiles lose lock-on during Vector Maneuver.

Archwing Slingshot:

High velocity Archwing deployment into the combat zone. Slingshot Archwing damages fighters and penetrates enemy crewship Hulls. 

Ordnance Forge:

Replenish combat Ordnance while deployed. 


Recall Warp:

Omni gear can be used to warp aboard the ship from anywhere.

Drift Maneuver:

During Vector, press & hold to drift. 

Archwing Fury:

Increase Archwing Attraction Range by 25m and Melee Range by 0.75m and Damage by 20%. 

Dome Charge Forge:

Resupply forward Artillery cannon during combat. 


Deploy Necramechs:

Deploy Necramechs in all RAILJACK missions. 

Boosted Scavenger:

Increase loot pickup radius by 3x while boosting, drifting or dodging. Hidden derelicts are marked. 

Necramech Fury:

Increase Necramech Gun damage by 20%. 

Optimized Forge:

Increase Forge yields by 25%. Craft Hull Restores.


Tactical Efficiency:

Reduces Energy Consumption for Battle Mods by 25%.

Ram Jammer:

A 25% chance of jamming an incoming Ramsled’s targeting systems, causing them to overshoot and explode.  

Cold Trigger:

Reduce Turret Heat Accretion by 20%. 

Forge Accelerator:

Increase Forge processing speed by 25%.


Tactical Response:

Reduces Tactical Mod cooldown by 20%.

Necramech Haste:

Necramech Movement Speed increased by 10%. 

Advanced Gunnery:

Reduce overheat recovery time by 50%. Extends Slingshot range by 50%. 

Full Optimization:

Further increase Forge yields by 25%. 


Archwing Tactical Blink and Necramech Cooldown:

Reduces Archwing Blink cooldown by 25%. Reduces Necramech summon cooldown by 25%.


Archwing Speed increased by 20%. 

Vengeful Archwing:

Increases Archwing power: Damage +25%, Ability Strength +20%, Ability Range +20%, and Ability Efficiency +20%. 

Vigilant Archwing:

Increase Archwing defense. Health +30%, Shield +30%, and Armor +30%. 


Swift Tactics:

Further reduces Tactical Mod cooldown by 20%.

Ramming Speed:

Reduce Incoming Damage by 25% while Boosting. Ramming into enemies while Boosting will deal 2000 Impact Damage. 

Flush Heat Sinks: 

Reloading when weapons are overheated will cool weapons to 0 in 0.5 secs.

Vigilant Necramech:

Increase Necramech defense. Health +25%, Shields +25%. 


Join Warp:

Warp from ship to crew member. 

Railjack Blink:

Double tap Jump to instantly translate the Railjack forward (Blink), leaving a trail of turbulence that slows nearby enemies.  

Reflex Aim:

Turret aim will snap to lead indicator for 3s but the Turret overheats 20% faster.  


Remotely repair onboard hazards. 

Railjack Intrinsics 2.0 Feedback Megathread: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1253290-update-29100-railjack-intrinsics-20-feedback-megathread-read-first-post/ 

We removed the Pilot Drift Maneuver Charge/Launch because it could often lead to unintended collisions. Pilots can now impeccably maneuver their craft at high speeds once they learn the new system without risk of accidents!


Command Intrinsic

The newest and long-awaited Command Intrinsic makes its debut! Command brings a whole new gameplay choice to Railjack by giving you the option to Hire your own Crew to operate familiar Railjack tasks: Piloting, Gunnery, Repair, and Combat! For those that want to Solo venture out in space, Hiring a Crew member can help you manage all the aspects of surviving and thriving out in the Proximas. 


With the Intrinsic re-spec in this Update you can now spend your Intrinsics towards Command if it’s up your gameplay alley:  





1st Crew Member:

Unlocks the first Crew member and the ability to hire them from Ticker.


Competency Gain:

Allows you to give 1 Competency point to your Crew members.


2nd Crew Member:

Unlocks the second Crew member.


Competency Gain:

Allows you to give 1 Competency point to your Crew members.


3rd Crew Member:

Unlocks the third Crew member.


Competency Gain:

Allows you to give 1 Competency point to your Crew members.


Competency Retraining:

Allows you to redistribute previously assigned Competency points.


Unusual Crewmates:

Converted Liches become available as Crew members. (Liches can only Defend the Railjack from enemies)


On Call:

One of your Crew members can be designated as being On Call and can be summoned to aid you in non-Railjack missions.

Your ‘Second in Command’ will join you on missions to help for a limited time - they can't be away from their Railjack post for too long!


Coming Soon

Once you’ve unlocked your Command Intrinsic and have Crew Member Slots for Crewmates, it’s time to visit Ticker in Fortuna. She can put you in touch with a wide variety of people from all across the Star Chart for the right Hire price! Their price may be determined by your alignment with certain Syndicates - some Crew will join you at a discount, and others double the price! Your Syndicate alignments determine all. 

Each Crew for Hire will have their own set of competencies: Piloting, Gunnery, Repair, Combat, and Endurance.

Your Crew will help keep your Railjack operational when flying in squads of less than 4 players. Which is to say - your Crew will help you out provided a Tenno cannot! Each Crewmate is available forever once Hired, but if you want to have more than 3 Crew members available to you, you’ll need to purchase more Crew Member Slots via the in-game Market or ‘End Contract’ with a Crewmate to release from service. 

Crew Training & Management 

Once you’ve Hired a Crew member from Ticker, head back to your Dry Dock management screen and visit the new Crew tab to ‘ASSIGN CREW’ for your Railjack.

If you don’t have access to a Clan Dry Dock, fear not! Publicly available Dry Docks can be found in the Second and Third tier Relays (Saturn - Kronia and Pluto - Orcus relays on PC) on each Platform.


Here you can also customize Appearance, Equip a Weapon, Train, and Assign Roles for each Hired Crew member. 


Utilize your collection of Fashion Frame cosmetics and equip your Crew members with Armor and Syandanas. Fully customize the color channels of each Crew member to your liking!

Equip Primaries

Put your firepower in your Crew’s hands by sharing the wealth of your Arsenal with them! You can equip any Rifle, Shotgun, or Pistol Weapon (no Bows, Spears, etc), you own for your Crew member to use, including the Mods and Customization. Any changes you make to your crew’s  weapons will also affect it in the Arsenal for your personal use as well. Weapons can only be equipped to one Crew Member at a time, no same Crew Member can use the same weapon from your Arsenal.


Earn ‘Competency Points’ via Command Intrinsic Ranks to increase aptitude in certain roles: 

  • Piloting: Determines maximum Railjack speed when Crewmate is Piloting.
  • Gunnery: Determines accuracy and heat accretion when Crewmate mans the Railjack Swivel Turrets.
  • Repair: Determines Crewmate’s Railjack repair and self-healing times.
  • Combat: Determines Crewmate’s combat damage. 
  • Endurance: Determines Crewmate’s Health and Shield ratings.

These Competency Points can be applied to any member of the Crew you Hire. For example, if you have unlocked 3 Competency Points, you can spend 3 Competency Points on each Crew member. If you then End Contract with that Crew Member and hire another, you will be able to apply 3 Competency Points to them immediately. Simply put, they are not consumed / exclusive per Crew member! 

Additionally, once you reach Command Rank 8, Converted Kuva Liches are available for Crewing your Railjack as a Defensive powerhouse who are very difficult to take down thanks to their incredibly high Health stat. Their role is strictly to guard your Railjack from intruders while you and your Crew get the rest done! Kuva Lich Crew members come as they are and cannot be Trained or Customized. If you Trade your equipped Converted Kuva Lich Crew member it will be removed from your Crew.


Assign Role

Assign each Crew member to specific roles before taking off, or change their assignments on the fly with the Tactical Menu! You can choose from Pilot, Defender, Gunner, or Engineer.

Crew Pilot

Railjack Crew assigned to the Pilot position will hold the Railjack steady when you or a squadmate is in the Forward Artillery or Archwing Slingshot. 

And there you have it! You and your new Railjack Crew are ready for the Proximas!

Command Intrinsic Feedback Megathread: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1253289-update-29100-command-intrinsic-feedback-megathread-read-first-post/

New Railjack Component: Plating

Even though Mods have been moved to a personal player level, the Components of your Railjack like Shields, Engines and Weapons (Armaments and Components) will still be dependent on the hosting player’s collection. This Update includes a number of new weapons to collect and upgrade (listed below), but also an entirely new component: Plating. Since Health and Armor Mods can no longer be applied to the Railjack itself, this component determines the Health and Armor values of your Railjack.


These new Plating Components can be found as Wreckage throughout Grineer & Corpus Railjack missions and can be Repaired and Valence Fusioned like all other Railjack Components in a Dry Dock.   

Wreckage Cost Changes

Speaking of Shield, Engines, and Weapons (Armaments and Components), we have significantly reduced the Resources required to build options from the Wreckage you acquire. Simply put, yet again, less Grind.
Early Adopters
Now for the “Early Adopters” information. Whether you’re someone that’s already ‘finished’ Railjack or have just a couple of hours under your belt - we have a variety of bundles you may be eligible for!

Clans with a Dry Dock:

In recognition of the construction of a home for the Railjack, and Cephalon Cy.

The Exclusive Clan Railjack Monument is available to any Clan that has either built a Dry Dock, or has started research on any of the Railjack Clan Tech to catch Clans who might have removed their Dry Dock at some point. 

Tier 1:

-4 Avionic Grid Slots Maxed 

+ 1 Wreckage Built

1x Rush Repair Drone

2x Armament Slots

10 x Riven Slivers

Bonus Railjack Mods

  • Munitions Vortex
  • Battle Forge
  • Particle Ram
  • Void Hole
  • Railjack Resource Bundle

Bundle of Common + Uncommon  RJ Resources

  • 1000 Ticor Plate
  • 2500 Cubic Diodes
  • 3500 Carbides
  • 3500 Titanium
  • 75 Isos
  • 75 Gallos Rods
  • 75 Asterite

Tier 2:

-7 Avionic Grid Slots Maxed 

+ 3 Wreckage Built

Everything in Tier 1

2x Rush Repair Drones

15 Riven Slivers

10,000 Endo

7 Day Resource and Affinity Booster

Railjack Resource Bundle #2

Bundle of Uncommon + Rare RJ resources

  • 125 Isos
  • 125 Gallos Rods
  • 125 Asterite
  • 10 Aucrux Capacitors
  • 10 Komms
  • 10 Nullstones

 Tier 3:

-Full Avionic Grid Maxed 

+ 6 Wreckage Built (i.e all Slots have something you’ve made). 

Everything in Tier 1 AND Tier 2

3x Rush Repair Drones

Legendary Core

Umbra Forma

Railjack Resource Bundle #3

  • 15 Aucrux Capacitors
  • 15 Komms
  • 15 Nullstones

IN ADDITION: Any Repair Drones you have used will be given back, even if you don’t meet any of these Tiers.

Matchmaking Changes 

Once your Railjack and Plexus are all set up, it’s time to find a mission. We’ve taken this opportunity to streamline Railjack Matchmaking, better following the rules set out in the main game. Playing as a Host used to require starting the mission from your own Railjack (Liset or Dry Dock). Now, clicking a node with no open squads in the regular Star Chart will start your own hosted mission, instead of giving you an error about no open squads and asking you to go to the Dry Dock (or the back of your Ship).

2. What’s different in missions?

New Railjack Layout

When you first step onto your Railjack, you may notice a few key differences…

The left and right turrets behind the cockpit are no more; instead you’ll find entrances to a “dorsal” turret on top of the ship, and a “ventral” turret on the bottom. This makes 360 degree turning much more sensible, and will improve the sensation of aiming while in motion, as you now look in the direction of ship flight by default.

Going further back in your Railjack, there used to be a large open area with several floors, connecting to the Archwing Slingshot at the top, and the cargo hold at the back. This area is essentially no more - all of the ship’s vital functions have been compressed into a single smaller space, to reduce traversal time between stations. The Arsenal has also been removed from this space as a result. When fast traveling to the ‘Arsenal’ from the pause menu while your Railjack is docked in the Dojo, you will now simply be teleported to your Dojo’s Arsenal. 


Stamina is Gone!
Back in the cockpit, you choose a mission node and launch from the Dry Dock. Upon warping into the sector, your Railjack feels lighter and more mobile than ever before… Not only has the base speed of the Railjack been increased, but also the Railjack sprint bar is no more! Making it much easier to reach mission objectives quickly. 

Pilots CAN fire their gun while Boosting at the cost of the Railjack slowing down, as opposed to a hard stop previously mentioned in our Dev Workshop, at which Boosting will resume once firing is over. We’ve added a small cooldown to the Dodge maneuver to compensate for the sprint bar removal, but it can still be used much more frequently than before! 

Opening the Tactical menu, you’ll see that the map perspective is now static, a common player request. Crewmates will also appear at the bottom, allowing you to observe their position or issue new orders.


Forge and Individual Resource Pools

So now bullets, missiles and fighters are flying fast and hectic in the heat of battle. You aim at a swarm of Corpus fighters, deploy your personal avionic ability and... oh no! Someone already used all the Flux Energy!

If this has ever happened to you before, worry not. As of this update, all Railjack ammo stockpiles are tracked separately per player, but ammo crafted in the Forge replenishes the stockpiles for all Tenno. From Revolite to Dome Charges, you’ll only have to keep track of your own ammo consumption, but dedicated Engineers can still make a huge impact on gameplay if you call out what you need. These consumables will also replenish slowly on their own over time, so Railjacks will always be fully stocked before leaving the Dry Dock and there’s no need to ‘Refine’ the Forge at the end of your mission.  

As part of the transition from Railjack-based Avionics to player-based PLEXUS, Battle/Tactical abilities will now be fueled by Warframe energy, and Flux Energy will be completely removed from the game (any Avionics that relate to it will be converted to Endo). This allows players with existing tools for Energy generation to better integrate those tools into regular Railjack gameplay, further intertwining the two sides of the game. For non-Energy consuming Warframes like Lavos and Hildryn, cool downs and Shield-as-energy on Railjack will apply, respectively. 

Additionally, the Battle Forge can make Warframe Energy! This means that in addition to existing player strategies, the Forge itself will be regularly outputting large pools of Warframe Energy with Player use. As with Ammo, any Energy made in the Forge will be shared across the Squad, so remember to thank your Engineers!

Finally, we are adding a new craftable: Hull Restore! Forging these instantly restores Health to your Hull in real-time. In this new item and all other Forge craftables, the new resource Ticor Plate (that drops in all Railjack missions) will be essential in keeping your Railjack running smoothly!

Battle Mods

When it comes to casting the Battle Mods you have on your Plexus, be tactical. We’ve added a mechanic to balance against potential Battle Mod overuse - Battle Mods have a gauge that increases the Energy cost if you use duplicate Abilities in quick succession! Simply balance your casting against the meter on each Battle Mod, and you’ll get the most efficient and deadly use out of your strategies!

We have also done a balance pass on various Railjack Mods, some Battle Mods included. Please refer to the specific “RAILJACK BATTLE MOD CHANGES” section of the notes for more details!


Now - let’s talk about Reactors. They existed to give you Avionics Capacity, and Flux Energy. Both of those things are now removed, so the new role of Reactors is to provide Power Strength, Range, or Duration buffs to Railjack Battle Avionics being used aboard the ship! 

If you had Reactors prior to this update, you can see how yours changed to fit this new role in the “List of Player Account scripts and revisions” section near the top of these notes!

Malfunctions and Hazards

Railjack Malfunctions/Hazards have also received a refresher to no longer directly affect the Railjacks Health or Shields!

  • Electrical Hazards now scramble your Mini Map and disable use of the Tactical Menu.
  • Catastrophic Hull Breaches now deals damage to all players on board until it has been sealed.
  • Ice Hazards can now freeze interactive elements of the Railjack: Pilot seat, Forges, Archwing Slingshot, Doors, and Turrets.
  • Fire Hazards now cause weapons to overheat quicker and cool down more slowly.
  • Hull Ruptures have been removed all together. 

Unified Damage Types 

Railjack combat inherited a lot of the familiar Warframe damage types, but with a twist. Impact became Ballistic, Cold became Frost, and so on. We are removing the second layer of ‘Railjack’ Damage types to unify and have the system be based on what Players already spend time learning: core Warframe elements. This means that:

Ballistic = Impact
Plasma = Puncture
Particle = Slash
Frost = Cold
Ionic = Electricity
Incendiary = Heat
Chem = Toxin 

Node Changes

The Nodes in the Railjack you know are split across Earth, Saturn, and the Veil Proxima. There’s choice, sure, but there’s no real meaningful choice with the only option being ‘Skirmish’ - or at least it seems that way until you memorize what Points of Interest live on what nodes. Then what? 

It comes down to too much repetition of a small set of nodes, and a lot of Railjack just being ignored. For what we believe to be the healthier new direction for Railjack, we are making some changes by removing some existing Grineer nodes. 

This includes the removal of the Gian Point node. A decision that was not made lightly, but in the interest of improving the variety of missions played we felt it was a necessary step. We’ve essentially taken what was good about Gian Point (a quick turnaround mission with a high Affinity reward) and put it into the objectives of Railjack itself, so that the diversity of content gets played in more than just one node over and over (and over) again. 

The addition of Corpus Proxima regions will introduce many new missions to play (and it’ll say more than ‘Skirmish’!). We’ve also added Corpus missions to the deep reaches of space in the Veil Proxima. 

List of all Railjack Nodes being removed:

  • Posit Cluster
  • Minhast Station
  • Phanghoul Satellite
  • Jex Lanes
  • Rian Belt
  • Vila Gap
  • Spiro Gap
  • Rya
  • Gian Point
  • Ruse War Field
  • Ganalen’s Grave

3. What Comes Next? 

The release of Corpus Liches a.k.a “Queenpins” is still planned for the future in its own update. Think more ‘Update 30.5’ territory. Don’t quote us on that Update number though, it could shift a bit. 

New Railjack Armaments

The Corpus Proxima brings a whole new threat that requires all new firepower! These 4 new Railjack Armaments can be found as Wreckage from Corpus Railjack enemies.

    • Rapid-fire laser cannon: burns targets with instantaneous beams. Fire rate builds with continuous use. 
  • VORT
    • Electrical pulse projector: emits a volley of wide charged arcs that can knock out enemy systems. 
    • Ship-mounted ice driver: delivers heavy icicle bombardment, causing severe damage to enemy weak points
    • Repeat shrapnel blaster: launches high-velocity abrasive fragments, ripping enemy hulls and armor apart.

Railjack Armament Changes:

We have received a lot of feedback on Railjack weapons since it’s release, and as a result, we have made some changes based both on effectiveness and feel. Overall, Railjack Armaments have received a buff to their Damage to better represent cutting through swathes of fighters, much like you would enemies on the ground. Some Armaments have had their accuracy or recoil altered (such as the Apoc Autocannon and Carcinnox) to make them have a more visually ‘cinematic’ effect of spaceship cannons, while maintaining their deadliness.

The Railjack is the pinnacle of Old War space combat technology, and we wanted these changes to better reflect that power.


  • Damage increased from 53 to 126
    • MKI Sigma/Vidar - damage from 96 to 227
    • MKII Sigma/Vidar - damage from 164 to 386
    • MKIII Sigma/Vidar - damage from 263 to 618
    • Lavan MKI - damage from 96 to 243
    • Lavan MKII - damage from 164 to 414
    • Lavan MKIII - damage from 263 to 662
    • Zetki MKI - damage from 144 to 275
    • Zetki MKII - damage from 246 to 468
    • Zetki MKIII - damage from 395 to 748
  • Increased the speed of the Apoc Autocannon projectiles.
  • Increased the recoil of the Railjack Apoc Autocannons.
  • Increased the size of the Apoc Autocannon projectile.
  • Decreased the Zetki Apoc Autocannon Heat Accretion from 20 to 18.
  • Decreased Apoc Autocannon accuracy.
    • With the projectile size increase and the combat engagement range the accuracy decrease should not effect gameplay at all, basically a cosmetic change of giving the projectiles a bit of natural looking variance 


  • Carcinnox projectile size increased.
  • Carcinnox accuracy decreased.
    • Accuracy decrease is cosmetic, increase in projectile size counters any gameplay impact the decrease in accuracy brings
  • Damage increased from 30 to 80
    • MKI Sigma/Vidar - damage from 54 to 144
    • MKII Sigma/Vidar - damage from 92 to 245
    • MKIII Sigma/Vidar - damage from 148 to 392
    • Lavan MKI - damage from 54 to 155
    • Lavan MKII - damage from 92 to 263
    • Lavan MKIII - damage from 148 to 420
    • Zetki MKI - damage from 81 to 187
    • Zetki MKII - damage from 138 to 319
    • Zetki MKIII - damage from 222 to 510
  • Carcinoxx Status Chance increased:
    • Sigma and Vidar:
      • MKI 8 to 12%
      • MKII 12 to 17%
      • MKIII 17% to 24%
    • Lavan:
      • MKI 12 to 17%
      • MKII 17 to 24%
      • MKIII 24 to 34%
    • Zetki:
      • MKI 12 to 18%
      • MKII 18 to 26%
      • MKIII 26 to 36%


  • Damage increased from 400 to 972
    • MKI Sigma/Vidar - damage from 720 to 1750
    • MKII Sigma/Vidar - damage from 1224 to 2975
    • MKIII Sigma/Vidar - damage from 1959 to 4760
    • Lavan MKI - damage from 720 to 1873
    • Lavan MKII - damage from 1224 to 3184
    • Lavan MKIII - damage from 1959 to 5094
    • Zetki MKI - damage from 1080 to 2275
    • Zetki MKII - damage from 1836 to 3868
    • Zetki MKIII - damage from 2939 to 6188
  • Reduced heat accretion of Cryophon for Tenno, Vidar and Lavan from 250 to 150. Zetki from 350 to 250.


  • Damage increased from 15 to 27
    • MKI Sigma/Vidar - damage from 27 to 49
    • MKII Sigma/Vidar - damage from 46 to 84
    • MKIII Sigma/Vidar - damage from 74 to 135
    • Lavan MKI - damage from 27 to 53
    • Lavan MKII - damage from 46 to 90
    • Lavan MKIII - damage from 74 to 145
    • Zetki MKI - damage from 41 to 59
    • Zetki MKII - damage from 69 to 101
    • Zetki MKIII - damage from 111 to 162
  • Increased Photor Sigma/Lavan/Vidar Heat Accretion increased to 10, and Zetki Heat Accretion increased to 18.


  • Damage increased from 52 to 120
    • MKI Sigma/Vidar - damage from 94 to 216
    • MKII  Sigma/Vidar - damage from 160 to 368
    • MKIII Sigma/Vidar - damage from 256 to 589
    • Lavan MKI - damage from 94 to 232
    • Lavan MKII - damage from 160 to 394
    • Lavan MKIII - damage from 256 to 631
    • Zetki MKI - damage from 141 to 281
    • Zetki MKII - damage from 240 to 478
    • Zetki MKIII - damage from 384 to 766


We have made numerous changes to Battle Mods (formerly Avionics) given that Reactors now enhance their Strength, Range, and Duration. Their initial stats needed to be slightly lowered since they can now be buffed, and we didn’t want their buffed values to exceed intended properties. Having a top tier Reactor in almost all cases will bring your Battle Avionics to surpass their previous stats! 

Battle Mod:






Blackout Pulse















Manual Range









10                                            18





Munitions Vortex
















Particle Ram
















Shatter Burst













































Explosion Range















Phoenix Blaze








Explosion Range







Weapon Buff








Seeker Volley









Void Hole





















  • Tether Battle Mod (previously Avionic) has been balanced for new gameplay:

    • No longer shoot to destroy.

    • Tethered enemies that die will explode, dealing damage to those around them. 

    • Tethered enemies take additional damage from Railjack weapons.

    • Dev Comment:
      Tether trivialized a lot of the Railjack gameplay flow with how lethal it was toward Fighter units in one-size-fits-all bursts. We want to justify the changes to Tether in the scope of adding new content. Tether would continue to trivialize all phases of Railjack fighter content, so we have made changes to make it more phase-based while still rewarding tactical placement. 

  • Blackout Pulse: Additional pulses occur based on how many enemies are hit by the first pulse. Blackout Pulse will also now detonate on impact.

  • Phoenix Blaze (previously Fiery Phoenix): Railjack weapons gain additional Heat Damage when this ability is active.

  • Made Seeker Volley better at picking targets for all missiles. Additionally, missiles start slow and speed up when they have a target.



As mentioned in the ‘LIST OF SCRIPTS’ section above, all Avionics have been converted into Railjack Mods. Retired Railjack Mods have been converted to their new replacements, with Endo given for the ones removed outright. The Endo return totals the amount of Endo spent on these (now) Mods and the dissolve amount based on their rarity.


Retired Railjack Mod



Anode Cell


Hull Weave



Ironclad Matrix

Last Stand


Onslaught Matrix

Hardened Casing

Breach Adrenaline


Indomitable Matrix

Winged Steel

Winged Force

Winged Storm

Winged Cyclone


Raider Matrix

Deep Hold

Heat Sync

Phasic Weave

Ablative Shell


Polar Coil


Orgone Tuning Matrix



Removed Outright (Endo refund)

Sentient Fortitude


Removed Outright (Endo refund)

New Railjack Integrated Mods:
Find these new Railjack Integrated Mods as drops from various Corpus and Grineer Railjack enemies.

Defensive Fire

  • +9% Maximum Shields per enemy killed for 10s (Maximum 10 stacks)

Fortifying Fire

  • ON CRITICAL HIT: Replenish 3% of Shields

Worm’s Torment

  • +27% Gunnery Damage vs Grineer

Granum’s Nemesis

  • +27% Gunnery Damage vs Corpus 

Crimson Fugue

  • +27.5% Weapon Damage per enemy destroyed, for 8s (Maximum 5 stacks)

Waveband Disruptor

  • ON CRITICAL HIT: +51% chance to ignore enemy Shields

Scourging Warheads

  • +51% chance to ignore enemy Shields

Protective Shots

  • +30% Turret Damage when Shields are above 75% 

New Railjack Integrated Aura Mods:

  • Find these new Railjack Integrated Aura Mods as drops from various Corpus and Grineer Railjack enemies.

Ironclad Matrix

  • +22.5% Hull and Armor, +22.5% Max Shields and Shield Regen

Onslaught Matrix

  • +15% Turret Damage while 100% Hull, 20% chance to Reflect 25% Damage while over 80% Shields, +6% Avionic Efficiency 

Orgone Tuning Matrix

  • +22.5% Forge Capacity, -15% Forge Cooldown, +15% Elemental Resistance, +18% Turret Heat Capacity

Indomitable Matrix

  • - 12% Breach Chance, +15% Shield Regen during Breach, +30% Armor when below 36% Hull 

Raider Matrix

  • +15% Archwing Speed and Damage, +24% Archwing Shield and Armor, +45% Captured Crewship Speed and Damage

New Railjack Equipment Feedback Megathread: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1253288-update-29100-new-railjack-equipment-feedback-megathread-read-first-post/

General Railjack Changes & Fixes:

  • Added new objective marker icon for Optional Railjack objectives to help differentiate them from core mission objectives. 
  • Railjack Ability UI (Battle Mods, etc) is usable when in the Artillery!
  • The Railjack Tactical Menu teleport markers now display their respective location names (Bridge, Forge, etc).
  • Added a new Profile > Railjack option that now holds Board Railjack, Intrinsics, and Plexus menus. 
  • Added tutorial pop-ups when using the Plexus, Intrinsics, Railjack Star Chart, and Dry Dock for the first time.
  • Ignis Wraith Blueprint has been added to Grineer Railjack missions as Point of Interest rewards!
  • Railjack Earth Proximas Iota Temple, Ogal Cluster, Korm's Belt, and Bendar Cluster now have a guaranteed Point of Interest.
    • Point of Interests are needed for Void Storm gameplay to ensure Void Fissures spawn to collect Reactant.
  • Selecting the Dry Dock node in the Railjack Navigation menu while in your Orbiter will now take the player directly to their Dry Dock, instead of the default spawn point in your Dojo. 
  • Railjack fighter spawning mechanics have been adjusted so enemies will now spawn in smaller, spread out groups to allow for a more engaging Railjack experience.
    • Oftentimes the Railjack fighter spawning logic would result in a large, tight cluster of enemies spawning at the same time that were easy to take out with a single hit (Tether, etc).  
  • New Railjack boost and boost stop sounds have been added!
  • Removed the Dirac Bundles from the in-game Market. 
    • Since Avionics are now Railjack Mods you can simply purchase Endo bundles in its place if desired.
  • Added a ‘RAILJACK’ tab to the Mod station.
  • Added ‘Next Power’ and ‘Use Selected Power’ in the Railjack Key Binding options (found under Options > Controls > Railjack > Customize Key Bindings). 
    • The HUD will also now display the selected power if you have a binding for ‘Use Selected Power’ (previously this was locked to using a controller). 
  • Updated Railjack weapon projectiles, trails, hit effects and muzzle FX for improved visibility/impact.
  • As per player feedback, equipped Railjack weapons and equipment will now appear with an ‘equipped’ banner in the Scrapping Wreckage window and will not allow you to Scrap said item.
    • This has also been applied to all other regular equipment, meaning anything that is currently equipped will appear as such and will not allow you to sell it. 
  • Updated Impact hit FX for Archwing weapons. 
  • Removed unused ‘preview’ option from the Railjack Scrap Wreckage screens. 
  • Updated the Railjack icons in the Railjack Configuration for Components, Armaments, and Upgrade to better resemble what they are. 
  • The Scrap Component/Scrap Wreckage screen will now display unique detailed stats for the item in question upon hover. 
  • Increased the radius on the Railjack weapon muzzle FX light. 
  • Fixed a crash as Client during Railjack missions. 
  • Fixed Intrinsic gained not updating locally for Clients when returning to the Dry Dock from a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed Railjack not appearing in the Dry Dock if you’re a Client in another Dojo and accept an invitation to a squad where the Host is in their Dojo. This also fixes being unable to board the Railjack since well… you couldn’t see it anyways. 
  • Fixed an issue with the Apoc where the attachments inside the ship no longer animated correctly. 
  • Fixed Railjack skins appearing too green/blue in the in-game Market. 
  • Fixed Credit rewards from Railjack missions not appearing at the end of mission screen.  
  • Fixed the Galvarc Ordnance weapon only doing a single low damage pulse instead of sustained beam or pulses.
  • Fixed Grineer Super Weapon at POI continuing to aim and shoot at player even after the POI has been completed.
  • Fixes towards infinite load tunnel after Host Migration while streaming into mission as Client. 
  • Fixed the ‘Catastrophic Failure Imminent’ message lingering in the middle of the screen after exiting pilot seat. 




Instantly take command of the Railjack with this bundle that includes a Railjack, 4 Crew Member Slots and the Nautilus Sentinel.

*This is a non-discounted convenience bundle for one-stop shoppers. Every item within can be purchased separately. Must have an Archwing to purchase.

Equip yourself with the efficient, deadly Nautilus Sentinel, the ideal Companion for Railjack voyages. The Nautilus can repair shipboard hazards independently and haul enemies together for ease of targeting. Includes Wings, Mask and Tail cosmetic accessories. 


Customize your Sentinels to give them the deep-sea look of the Nautilus with this cosmetics bundle. Includes Wings, Mask and Tail. Does not include Nautilus Sentinel. 

*All Nautilus Sentinel cosmetic attachments can be purchased separately on their own.


Adds a new Crew Member Slot



Zephyr Harrier Skin
Ride the skies in breathtaking, windswept style.

Zephyr Arclite Landing Craft Skin
Impress fellow Tenno by pulling up to the mission in this striking, streamlined landing craft.

Operator Harrier Collection
A bold, radical look that tells everyone you rule the skies. Includes Harrier Suit, Harrier Sleeves, Harrier Leggings and Harrier Hood.

Zephyr Harrier Theme
Empower your UI with these scorching custom visuals.

Zephyr Harrier Collection
Soar to new heights as Zephyr with this turbocharged deluxe collection. Includes Zephyr Harrier Skin, Arclite Landing Craft Skin and Zephyr Harrier Theme.

In addition, there are two new Zephyr Harrier Agile & Noble Animations! These follow suit with other Deluxe Animations (Khora Urushu, etc) where they are available for Zephyr & Zephyr Prime, but Zephyr Harrier must be purchased to equip the Animations on other Warframes. 
These are included with just the base Zephyr Harrier Skin purchase or with purchase of the Zephyr Harrier Bundle.

Zephyr often finds herself among the lower-end of usage within the Warframe community. While many Tenno have truly mastered Zephyr’s Abilities, there are always notes on ways to improve her. When building out one of our deepest Deluxe bundles to date with Zephyr, we had to make time to review her abilities as well. 

Tail Wind
Removed the hold-to-charge mechanic from the beginning, and instead made it so you can hold the ability at any time while in the air and it will toggle into hovering mode that holds you in flight while draining Energy every second. Hovering will now also allow you to move around instead of being fixed in place. Jump while Hovering to cancel. Hover now prevents gaining Energy from Energy Siphon, Energizing Dash, Trinity Energy Vampire, etc. 

  • We think the hold mechanic doesn’t work because standing still in Warframe is so dangerous in higher level content and the time spent holding is time lost shooting.
  • Increased the damage of the Dive Bomb from 500 to 4500 base damage at Max rank, to better reward the time and skill it takes to effectively use it. Tail Wind's Dive Bomb will now face the player in the direction they're moving.

Changed from a radial explosion that knocks enemies outward into a short duration vortex (like we did for Gauss’s Mach Crash Augment) so the pull is more reliable.

  • We’re leaning on the pull mechanic as it synergizes great with Tornadoes since you can pull enemies into them.

No changes!


  • Holding will now cast stationary Tornadoes, as where tapping will cast regular roaming Tornadoes. Reduced the number of Tornadoes to 3 to prevent enemies from getting too scattered, and increased the pull of Tornado so enemies stay inside them more. 
  • The radius that Tornadoes will grab enemies was increased to include by default the synergy with Airburst; you no longer need to use Airburst on your Tornado to increase its pull radius. 
  • If an enemy dies while being held by Tornado they will now be expelled to alleviate wasting bullets on flailing ragdolls. 
  • Finally, when you make stationary Tornadoes, they will appear where you are aiming instead of on top of random nearby enemies.  “Roaming” tornadoes still spawn on top of enemies.
  • Zephyr's Tornado will also no longer propagate incoming projectile Damage to the player, or friendly allies/agents standing in the vortex.

Tornado feedback was composed of 2 main points:

  • Tornadoes tend to overly spread enemies around. 
  • The pull of the Tornadoes is pretty tame, so sometimes it pulls enemies in and just tosses them out the other end. If you shoot an enemy in the Tornado it will often just kick them out of the Tornado.

Zephyr Rework: Passive ability added 150% stacking bonus Critical Chance while airborne to Primary/Secondary/Melee weapons.

General Zephyr Changes:

  • Updated Zephyr’s ability FX and sound for all 4 abilities, and added FX burst to the end of Turbulence (does not affect functionally). 


  • Ophidian Bite: 
    • Increased the base Range from 8m to 10m. 
      • What more is there to say? More whipping range! Beware the snake bites. 
  • Increased Ophidian Bite’s downward vertical range. 
    • Meaning there is now more distance between Lavos and the target underneath him where the cast will affect them, as per player feedback! 
  • Vial Rush: Vial Rush is now steerable! 
    • Similarly to Gauss’ Mach Rush, once cast you can use the directional keys or your reticle to move Lavos around during his Vial Rush dash. 
  • Transmutation Probe: 
    • Increased the cooldown reduction from 1s to 1.5s. 
    • Made improvements to Transmutation Probe’s travel pathing.
      • There were issues with the probe getting stuck on environment obstacles, we have made changes to reduce the chances of that happening!
  • Catalyze: Increased the travel speed of Catalyst Probes. 
    • Catalyst Probes will now reach their max range positions quicker after cast. 
  • Added a half second delay to Vial Rush and Transmutation Probe before you can cancel the ability so that you don’t accidentally cancel them early. 
  • Fixed Lodestar Chest Plate, Heartwood Shoulder Plates, and the Arca Knee Guards clipping/tilting on Lavos. 
  • Fixed in-game Market UI showing that Lavos has 175 Energy, when in fact, he does not (since he does not use Energy). It will now show ‘0’ as intended.
  • Fixed Lavos’ custom HUD overlapping the Melee Combo Counter when dual wielding.


For those Tenno who don’t tune into Devstreams, we are actively reviewing the divide between Melee and Primary weapons in terms of power and lethality. A lot of Tenno have made cases that ‘Primary weapons just can’t compete with Melee’, and we agree. We are planning on doing a full detailed review of this and giving players a detailed workshop on what’s on our minds. That will come in the next few weeks. 

However, we have one single change in this Update to Melee. The majority of all guaranteed enemy staggers on Melee hits have been removed. A few remain in neutral, forward block and neutral block combos. What this change does in practice is effectively removes the infinite Crowd Control melee attacking provided. The Crowd Control potential stacked with the scaling Damage potential was an area we could immediately change to give players a chance to try out this single tweak in the context of the current game. 

This change is rather small in a practical sense, and after you’ve played missions with the change, please let us know what you think.  

Other Melee Changes:

  • Reduced the forward movement of the Warfan Heavy Attack.
  • Reflection Mod changed from “Damage reflected during Channeled blocking” to:
    • +40% Chance to Stagger on Block
    • +10% Chance to Stun on Block
    • Increased from common to uncommon


  • Brand new Open Space Dojo room, Starlight Market! A large Corpus market hall with a view of the stars!
  • 161 brand new Corpus themed Dojo Decorations! From Holo screens, to an Auctioneer’s platform, the Dojo is your Corpus oyster!
  • Clan Hall Ranking Order has been Removed. Build the Greater Hall, Grand Hall, and Grandest Hall in any order your Clan desires.
  • You can now preview Decorations. Room consoles give Architects the option to preview unfinished Decorations for 60 seconds.
  • We have reduced the red zone areas in the Dojo! Build near doors - or even right through them!
  • Research 6 backdrops in the Tenno Lab at the new Chromatic Research Console. Once Research is complete, you can change the Open Space backdrop from the room console!
    • Ceres Backdrop
    • Deimos Backdrop
    • Earth Backdrop
    • Saturn Backdrop
    • Venus Backdrop
    • Void Backdrop
  • Removed the Construct Solar Rail and Research Solar Rail consoles from the Orokin Lab. This also removes the Solar Rail pop-ups! Dragon Key research remains.
    • Years ago Solar Rails were retired in Update 16, but these consoles remained in the Orokin Lab. They are now also being officially retired as requested!
  • Completed Researched Dojo items will also be indicated as such with the ‘Researched’ icon in the backdrop. 
  • Completed Research tracking for the Orokin Lab and Chem Lab now aligns with available recipes.
    • For example: The Ignis Wraith will now be hidden from Clan stats if the research is not complete, as per player feedback.
  • When viewing the Dojo Transporter menu, the room you’re currently in will appear faded out with an arrow next to it to indicate that ‘YOU ARE HERE!’. 
    • d00418007c50b51c7b7b15eb9be968dc.png  
  • Dojo Research UI Pass:
    • Item prerequisites now appear in the hover popup. 
      • The UI will also display if the prerequisite item has been researched yet or not. 
    • Research now shows Research Requirements in the first on hover tab instead of Crafting Requirements until research has been completed.
      • Crafting Requirements appear in the second tab on unresearched items. 
    • “Awaiting Funds” state now has its own icon so you can tell at a glance the difference between something being researched and something still requiring contributions.
    • “In Progress” state now shows updating time in hover popup.
    • Newly researched items show as “New” for 2 weeks in the hover popup. 
  • Fixed seeing Note Beacon and Tributa Statue "text" through walls when placed in the Dojo.
  • Fixed Natural Vallis Land Mushroom Wide and Tall Dojo Decoration not having any collision.
  • Fixed inability to shrink the Infested Structural Arm Dojo Decoration after resizing it too large. 


  • Spice up your HUD with your very own HUD Customization options! Choose numerous HUD elements to recolor from your Color Palettes. You can also choose from a collection of presets that range from Color Blind friendly choices to Warframe-themed presets.
  • The World State Window has received a visual and functionality refresh! 
    • Events Tab: Featured Events, such as Star Days, GOTL, Plague Star etc, are more informative at a glance and their respective imagery is
  • Hover Functionality: 
    • Invasions and Sorties now have hover states to reduce UI noise.
  • Steel Path Incursions will now appear in their own tab in the World State Window when swapping to Steel Path missions in Navigation. 
  • Nightmare Alerts will now appear in the ‘Alerts’ tab in the World State Window. 


  • When animals ambiently spawn nearby (outside of active Trail encounters) you'll now hear an audio call cue coming from where they spawn, similar to the call you hear when using a Lure. This will help you to roughly know the "when, what, and which direction" when they appear as you wander around the Cambion Drift or Plains of Eidolon.  
  • Reduced the minimum range ambient encounters can occur to 25-35 meters from 50 meters to allow animals to spawn closer to your location. 
  • Added new ambient Mergoo encounters to the Plains of Eidolon! You can now find them out in the wild flying around or perched on the ground.
  • Added two idle animations for the Mergoo when Captured.
  • Fixed Companions targeting Condrocs, Kuakas & Mergoo in the Plains of Eidolon, thus eliminating any chances for Conservation.

New Codex Fan Art

In anticipation of the Call of the Tempestarii Update, we commissioned 5 of our official Warframe Creator Fan Artists to create pieces that are now live in the Fan Art section of the Codex! Use any Display in your Orbiter to decorate with this stunning artwork. 

General Additions:

  • Added Somachord Fragments for a special tune (avoiding spoilers here) from Call of the Tempestarii. 
    • Find these Fragments in the Call of the Tempestarii Quest! If you miss them during your first run you can replay the Quest from the Codex!
  • Added 14 new chat emotes!
  • 2 new Kuva Lich personalities have snuck their way into the game ahead of schedule! Enjoy these new taunts, introductions, and general Lich insults from your next 2 besties! 
  • Added missing Orphix Venom Leaderboards to the Archived section.
  • Added a ‘Self Shawzin Volume’ slider in the Audio options. 
  • Added a grid backdrop to offerings at the vendors in Cetus, Fortuna, and Necralisk to differentiate if their requirements are met. 
  • Added a slider for Horizon Depth of Field in Captura.
  • Added ‘Autofocus Textfields’ in Options > Interface. You can now choose ‘All’, ‘Exclude End of Match’, and ‘None’. 
  • Added a Razorwing Stance to the Diwata/Diwata Prime. The Melee Combo ‘Faerie's Waltz’ is then displayed in the Melee Combo screen while in Razorwing. 
  • This also fixes missing FX trails for Diwata/Diwata Prime. 
  • Added drop location descriptions to Ash and Oberon Blueprints in the in-game Market. 

General Changes:

  • You can now buy Market Bundles containing single-purchase items so long as you don't already own every single-purchase item within the Bundle.
    • This fixes inability to purchase a Bundle if you own at least one single-purchase item from it.
  • Tweaked "An updated version of Warframe is now available! Please return to your Dry Dock or a Relay, then exit and run the launcher." to indicate you can dock at most Relays now.
  • Deimos Captura scenes unearthed from the Isolation Vaults are now sellable from Inventory and tradeable. 
  • Made enemy flow improvements to the Corpus Ship Remastered Defense mission. Enemies will spawn and navigate closer to the Defense Objective for less waiting! 
  • Made the following changes to decrease the difficulty of the final fight in the Deadlock Protocol Quest:
    • Max number of 2 Errant Specters alive at a time. 
    • Increased the amount of time before Errant Specters find an Errant enemy to buff.
    • Errant enemies can only be buffed to a max level 20. 
    • Added more helpful tips to the Xoris hint: “Hold then release [Button] to throw the Xoris and capture Specter Particles”.
    • Lowered the Protea Specter’s Blaze Artillery turret damage. 
    • Increased the Protea Specter’s Shield recharge delay. 
    • Reduced the Protea Specter’s Health and Shields. 
    • Added hint when Protea Specter is vulnerable to the charge Xoris: “Detonate the Xoris while Protea rewinds!” 
    • Changed the Protea Specter’s Temporal Anchor to trigger at a consistent time to make her easier to hit within the window. 
  • Changed the Asterite feeding bundle for Helminth from 1500 to 300.
    • Player feedback and comparing the amount to other Asterite uses we concluded the original amount of 1500 was far too high!
  • Plexus is now rewarded when completing The Archwing Quest.
  • Khora's Whipclaw line of sight checks are now a little more generous.
    • To quote [DE]Ruu’s post: No longer will small rocks or detailed floor geometry block Whipclaw’s explosion! Enemies that hide behind cover will not be hit by Whipclaw if you hit the front of the object that enemies are hunkering down behind. However, if you strategically hit beside them, you will vanquish your foes.
  • Brood Mothers maggots now spawn less and less frequently the longer they're alive to mitigate exploitive gameplay.
  • Acolytes will no longer spawn underwater in Submersible Steel Path missions due to the water killing them instantly. They haven’t learned to swim yet.
  • As mentioned above in the Corpus Railjack section, with the permanent addition of Valkyr Prime + her accompanying Prime weapon Relics, and Nyx Prime + her accompanying Prime weapon Relics to Corpus Railjack missions, we must adjust some of the Ducat selling prices as their Rarities have changed:
    • Valkyr Prime Chassis: from 100 to 65 Ducats
    • Valkyr Prime Systems: from 100 to 65 Ducats
    • Scindo Prime Handle: from 45 to 25 Ducats
    • Cernos Prime String: from 45 to 25 Ducats
  • Critical Delay and Creeping Bullseye have been given a buff to their Critical Chance from +48% to +187%.
    • These new Mods have a greater effect if Fire Rate is below 2.5, and this buff brings a synergy between these Mods. As a result, Critical Delay and Creeping Bullseye can no longer be equipped with Point Strike and Pistol Gambit respectively.
  • Increased the max set bonus (all 3 Mods) for Umbral Intensify from 50% to 75% to match the other Umbra Mods. 
  • You can now properly waypoint floating Scintillant in Isolation Vault missions. When you waypoint a Scintillant it will mark it as such instead of creating a default waypoint on the wall through/beyond it. 
  • Lures and Pheromones now have consistent placement in the Conservation Gear wheel and are both ordered according to the related Conservation animal. Additionally, if you do not own a Pheromone, it will still appear in the wheel but will simply not be usable.
  • Reduced Odonata (Archwing Quest) Component Crafting times. The time barrier to craft the Odonata for new players felt excessive, as the Archwing Quest is an early step in overall progression and of course crucial for Railjack.
    • Odonata Components: Reduced to 1 minute each from 30 minutes each.
    • Odonata Archwing: Reduced from 1 hour to 10 minutes.
  • Xaku Specters can now cast all four of their Abilities! 
  • Numerous AI navigation and spawn points improvements have been made in the Corpus Ship, Grineer Forest, Plains of Eidolon, and Orokin Derelict tilesets.
  • Updated Initiation and Rank 1 Principled Resource requirements for Arbiters of Hexis Syndicate to use more new-player friendly Resources. Alloy Plate and Gallium are now required instead of Nano Spores and Neural Sensors.
  • Updated various weapon and Noggle bundle in-game Market icons to fit updated UI dimensions. 
  • Removed the ability to sell the Mutalist Alad V Assassinate Blueprint from the Patient Zero Quest.
    • This prevents players from potentially locking themselves out from getting Mesa components. 
  • Typing ‘None’ in the search bar in the Arsenal for weapons will now return the ‘None’ selection to be able to unequip an item. 
  • Turned down overly loud wind loops in the Plains of Eidolon caves.
  • Improved objective markers in the Cambion Drift caves. 
  • Improved AI navigation/pathing within the Plains of Eidolon caves and tunnels. 
  • Removed Kuva Tonkor’s arming distance from projectiles. 
  • The News console will now be hidden until the player has completed the Vor’s Prize quest. 
  • Updated the look of the left panel in the Syndicate offerings window.
  • Made objective marker functionality improvements and fixes in the Orb Vallis. 
  • Polished and updated Nora Night, Natah, Darvo, and Alad V’s lip syncing animation.
  • Improved enemy minimap markers in larger tilesets (Grineer Sea Lab for example). They should now be more accurate when tracking down enemies as they move across the tile. 
  • Son will now properly chastise you for killing Velocipods like he already does with all the other animals.
  • Discounted items in the in-game Market (either from sale or coupon) now have a strike-through on the regular price with the newly reduced price next to it. 
  • Added detailed Melee stats to your Necramech Upgrade screen. Now you can see the full scope of your Necramech’s Melee prowess when Modding it! 
  • Hildryn will no longer gain Shield strength from features that give Energy-per-second regeneration. She will still convert Energy pickups into extra Shield strength. This fixes an unintended mechanic where things like Energy Siphon would make her completely invulnerable during combat.
  • Added a confirmation prompt when selecting to ‘REMOVE ALL’ Mods in the Upgrade screen to alleviate accidental removals. 
    • Accidental removal happened quite frequently when using a controller due to the button to remove a single Mod and all Mods are the same, and is dependent on whether your controller cursor is over a Mod at the time.
  • Tweaked Kuva Lich login Transmission probably so they don’t play at each login.
  • Minor improvements for the Cedo firing animations.
  • Deimos Isolation Vault Bounty Waypoints on the Bait that need to be collected for the first objective now only appear if you're nearby (used to display at any range which was messy).
  • The "Kill More Infested Than The Grineer" Cambion Drift Bounty objective will now count exactly double (50% vs 100%) as a success for the bonus objective "Double the Grineer's kill-count".
    • This also fixes losing the Bounty bonus if the Grineer gets kills after you complete the objective during objective end VO. As reported here.
  • Improved the Vasca Kavat Starter Kit Market icon to better display what it contains. 
  • Updated "Death March" Nightwave Act title to "Cold Steel".
  • Removed ability to initiate the Nihil fight from the Oubliette on another player’s Orbiter.
    • This resulted in a crash.
  • Updated the Nihil Bosskey description to include details on its limited use and reward table.
  • Mod Linking a loadout that has no Mods equipped will now display an error message. 
  • Adjustments towards blocking volumes and navigation pathing to prevent enemies and players from being able to walk under and inside the Ropalolyst when in the center of the level.


  • Improved load-times in Railjack missions and optimized memory usage. 
  • Eliminated hitch when loading the World State Window.
  • Made a micro-optimization to the World State Window and the Navigation screen. 
  • Made a micro-optimization to the rendering system.
  • Made a micro-optimization to abilities that move enemies (Vauban's Vortex etc).
  • Optimized memory footprint of large levels.
  • Made a micro-optimization to Affinity notifications.
  • Made micro-optimizations to Dojo loading.
  • Made a micro-optimization to the World State Window.
  • Made micro-optimizations to opening the Navigation screen.
  • Made a micro-optimization to the code that handles Zephyr's Tornados absorbing damage.


  • Fixed cases of Duplicate Protection logic not working for some Nightwave Rank up rewards. 
    • We’ve also made the tooltip on reward hover more clear that you’ll receive Nightwave Cred as compensation. 
    • A script will be run TOMORROW,  April 14th to give you the intended 50 Nightwave Cred per item affected.   SCRIPT HAS BEEN RUN AND COMPLETED! 
  • Fixed text in the Leverian dioramas being hard to read when using a light UI theme. 
  • Fixed getting stuck in Divebomb position when using the ability to jump into Sanctuary Onslaught portals as Zephyr. 
  • Fixed specters getting stuck in an animation loop when attempting to quickly swap between melee and ranged weapons. 
  • Fixed breed type missing in the on hover pop-up when trading a Vasca Kavat Imprint. 
  • Fixed a lock that could occur when visiting an extremely complex and highly decorated Dojo. 
  • Fixed Xaku’s HUD overlapping with Melee Combo counter when dual wielding. 
  • Fixed a bug that would break Exploiter Orb hunts and missing objective text.
  • Fixed a livelock that could occur when visiting extremely complex and highly decorated Dojos.
  • Fixed End of Mission screen becoming stuck on screen when attempting to reconnect with the squad before loading back to the Orbiter.
  • Fixed failing the Assassination Bounty Bonus on Plains of Eidolon if you drew the target out in less than a minute but didn't kill him until after a minute.
  • Fixed Modular items rankup not being tracked in the Profile properly.
  • Fixed World State Window (above Navigation) showing events that had recently completed (within 2 hours).
  • Fixed Mitosids Enthralled by Revenant permanently remaining friendly after splitting. 
  • Fixed failing the Assassination Bounty bonus on the Plains of Eidolon if you drew the target out in less than a minute but didn’t kill him until after a minute. 
  • Fixed issues that would break the Exploiter Orb fight and cause no objective text to appear.
  • Fixed World State Preview window (above Navigation in Orbiter) showing Events that had recently completed with negative countdown timers.
  • Fixed issues of some large caves in Deimos missing fish, despite bait/hotspots, etc. 
  • Fixed Voidrig’s Guard Mode only firing 5-6 shots if you hold down the fire button right after activating. 
  • Fixed new dancing emotes released with Octavia Prime not appearing in the in-game Market when searching ‘emotes’. 
  • Fixed AFK timers automatically pausing when simply holding a fishing spear. 
  • Fixed a rare livelock that could occur when loading into a new level.
  • Fixed becoming stuck outside your body while in the Orbiter if you visit certain menus in a specific order.
  • Fixed Vauban’s Vortex no longer sucking enemies in. 
    • Fixed Interception, Kuva Siphons, and Void Fissure objective UI indication missing from the HUD.
    • Fixed ability to obtain the Verglas Sentinel Riven from a Rifle Riven Mod as opposed to the intended Companion Weapon Riven Mod.
    • Fixed Excalibur being on display instead of Xaku when viewing the Xaku Collection in the Market. 
    • Fixed Defense alarm repeating playback on each Defense wave. Defense alarm sound will now only play when the Defense objective is activated the first time. 
    • Fixed becoming stuck on the End of Mission screen after a mission due to Host/Client attempting disconnects at the same time.
    • Fixed Necramech Exalted weapon (Arquebex, Iron Bride) not accumulating Affinity.
    • Fixed Codex scans not registering if you had a Vulpaphyla/Predasite equipped. 
    • Fixed the Bubonico having extra large projectiles if they hit scaled up enemies (Exploiter Orb).
    • Fixed inability to Trade the Athodai Blueprint and its components. 
    • Fixed the chosen Energy color not applying properly to double jump/bullet jump/etc FX.
    • Fixed greeting dialog for Hai-Luk, Suumbaat, Nakak and Teasonai following the player when leaving the merchant instead of playing positionally.
    • Fixed some sounds continuing to play when closing Nightwave dioramas quickly after opening.
    • Fixed volume levels being held down too long after leaving the Arsenal menu.
    • Fixed that the Gladiator Set Mod bonus had inadvertently returned to the old additive method. Changed back to the intended stacking multiplier.
    • Fixed incorrect ingame Market icon for the "Glaives Upper Back Holster".
    • Fixed missing combat music during the Lephantis boss fight.
      • Also fixes missing attack vocals + several improvements to the audio during this fight. 
    • Fixed Dojo decorations spawning in a pile instead of at their intended location.
    • Fixed a bug that would cause a mission vote to immediately start counting down as if someone had forced it to start
    • Fixed inability to sort modular weapon names that start with ‘P’ via Chat Linking.
    • Fixed a log issue that would occur in select stages of the War Within Quest if you quit the game or failed the mission at the wrong time.
    • Fixed Jordas Golem finding some super tricky paths around the wreckage that lay between waypoints.
    • Fixed gaining Health each time you Transferred in and out of your Necramech instead of maintaining the Health/Shield values at the time of Transference.
    • Fixed Zephyr gaining the Target Fixation Augment Mod Damage buff when hitting allies.
    • Fixed Sentinel and Moa weapons stats not showing the side by side comparison in the Arsenal. 
    • Fixed Umbra Excalibur no longer using guns when you Transference to Operator mode and he is fighting autonomously.
    • Fixed broken Nihil fight if the Client player visiting an Orbiter has a Key and initiates the fight. This also fixes being able to bring a squad to the fight.
    • Fixed receiving an error when purchasing a Focus Lens Blueprint from the Arsenal after Upgrading an item.
    • Fixed having to double relog for the Twitch Drop Inbox to appear.
    • Fixed Helminth UI sorting preferences in the Infuse Ability menu and item Feeding menu not saving if you swap between the two menus. 
    • Fixed Lynx playing a broken animation sometimes when Meleeing.
    • Fixed Avichea appearing in Simulacrum spawning list.
    • Fixed the Mission Progress screen and End of Mission screen not showing Affinity gained for Sentinel weapons.
    • Fixed sorting gear by Usage reverting to Alphabetical if you do more than one round of an endless Void Fissure mission.
    • Fixed text focus discrepancies when opening Chat simultaneously with the Market.
    • Fixed Amp's parts UI overlapping with the Amp’s Stats UI in the Amp selection menu.
    • Fixed icon for equipped Kavat displaying as generic rather than using breed specific.
    • Fixed missing FX on the True Master emote. 
    • Fixed the Kuva Stragh Right Leg Plate attaching backwards. 
    • Fixed all Orbiter Quest prompts disappearing after completing the Mastery Rank 1 test while Vor's Prize Quest is active.
    • Fixed selecting Operator Sigil causing a 5 second hitch.
    • Fixed the following Nightwave acts appearing for those who do not have The War Within completed: 
      • Reanimator: Find and pilot a fallen Necramechs on Deimos
      • Ancient Obelisk: Activate a Requiem Obelisk on Deimos
      • Cold Steel: Kill 1000 Enemies on The Steel Path
      • The Path Less Traveled: Complete 5 Steel Path Missions
      • Necralizer: Kill 100 enemies with a Necramech
    • Fixed the Reanimator Nightwave Act not unlocking. 
    • Fixed the Kill It With Fire and Bug Out Ride Nightwave Acts not tracking for Host or Clients.
    • Fixed the Ancient Obelisk Nightwave Act not completing for Clients. 
    • Fixed earned Focus Affinity appearing twice in the End of Mission UI screen on Archguns/Heavy Weapons.This was a UI only issue, Focus Affinity was not rewarded twice. 
    • Fixed Excalibur Umbra holding his sheath during the whole final cinematic in The Sacrifice Quest. 
    • Fixed the camera whipping through the Orbiter walls when backing out of the Focus Tree screen. 
    • Fixed offset Emblems when equipped with the Right Daedalus Shoulder Plate. 
    • Fixed multiple clipping issues with the Winter Solstice Centuria Syandana on multiple Warframes and skins.  
    • Fixed loot markers lingering long after it has been looted in a certain secret area in the Gas City tileset. 
    • Fixed Warframes blocking the view when speaking to vendors in Cetus or Fortuna. 
    • Fixed Zenith’s Alt Fire mode swapping not working if you roll at the same time. 
    • Fixed a bug that prevented level music from starting when spawned directly into Open Zone missions. 
    • Fixed owned Forma count while polarizing Nechramechs also counting Aura and Umbra Formas, which are not usable on Necramechs. The count will now only show regular Forma.
    • Fixed flickering doorways in certain missions on the Grineer Galleon tileset. 
    • Fixed Paris Prime’s emissive colors not applying to the bow. As reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/kvnu75/paris_prime_holes_dont_light_up_properly_instead/
    • Fixed Client invited to Host Orbiter Captura being unable to see the Host’s Decorations or their ship’s custom colors.  
    • Fixed Clients not being able to reliably hit weak-points on enemies (such as the Orphix) with weapons that have sweeping projectiles such as the Fluctus.
    • Fixed Transferring to Operator as Client while in the Orbiter Captura Scene forcing the Host into Operator instead. 
    • Fixed a couple of context actions appearing inside of environment objects, notably Fisher Hai-Luk in Cetus. 
    • Fixed Necramech’s Efficiency stat text appearing red instead of green when increasing it in the upgrade screen. 
    • Fixed Burston Prime’s magazine getting stuck to your left hand if the Solstice Skin is equipped. 
    • Fixed getting stuck in a black screen when surfacing from Isolation Vaults if you get knocked out of Operator mode while using the Esophage. 
    • Fixed ornate Necramech (with a spoiler name that pays homage to a certain game series) missing its Helmet in the alcove in the Necraloid Syndicate room after the “One Last Ride” stage of the Heart of Deimos Quest. 
    • Fixed pixelation issues with the Vazarin Void Aegis’ cloaking FX.  
    • Fixed the Larkspur beam (when used as a Heavy Weapon) occasionally not dealing damage to Nullifier bubbles. 
    • Fixed being unable to start Arcana Isolation Vault if a Client matchmakes into a squad and starts an Isolation Bounty. This also fixes players not getting credit for completing Deimos Bounties.
    • Fixed level objects clipping through the Grineer Fortress tileset. 
    • Fixed a large square appearing around the Episode selection button in the ‘TUNE IN’ Nightwave screen.
    • Fixed the Trade window missing a background when accepting a Trade while in your Inventory. 
    • Fixed camera breaking after exiting a Trade if you accepted the Trade from the Mod window. 
    • Fixed the Bane Mods applying the increased Damage twice. 
    • Fixed some UI themes having some colors appear as black instead of white. 
    • Fixed camera becoming frozen in place rather than attached to the player when joining Ash’s Bladestorm clones. 
    • Fixed the Kuria in the Gas City Tileset being poorly lit and hard to see. 
    • Fixed a large rock formation missing collision under Tower C in the Interception mission on Gaia, Earth. 
    • Fixed Ayatan Sculptures not animating when using Ayatan Star auto-install. 
    • Fixed inability to open the Upgrades window for Companions/Sentinels and getting a “Select item has not yet been loaded. Please wait a moment and try again” error. 
    • Fixed using enemy control abilities on enemies that spawn units preventing the next wave in Defense missions from starting. 
    • Fixed Gara’s Mass Vitrify ability description incorrectly showing the Heat damage icon for its Explosion Damage. It will now correctly show the Puncture, Slash, and Impact icons as intended. 
    • Fixed Warframe attachments appearing in the Operator > Appearance > Features options. 
    • Fixed any ice tilesets appearing monochrome in Sanctuary Onslaught as a Client after passing through the Conduit. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1245122-sanctuary-onslaught-colors-desaturated/
    • Fixed the Deconstructor’s description not indicating that it deals Puncture or Slash damage. 
    • Fixed inability to hear voice chat of opposing players in Conclave.
    • Fixed an unintended leaking FX on Wisp for the duration of Wil-O-Wisp. 
    • Fixed spam toggling Voidrig’s Guard Mode causing multiple issues. Toggling while the ability is activated is now prevented. 
    • Fixed black squares floating below the surface of the Cambion Drift. 
    • Fixed the spawn location of the Corpus Ship Orbital Cannon Captura Scene. 
    • Fixed a large cliff section becoming invisible at certain distances in the Cambion Drift. 
    • Fixed cinematics not auto-playing when viewing the Nightwave Series 2: The Emissary recap. 
    • Fixed the description for the Vault Looter Nightwave Act saying to unlock Vaults on ‘Derelict’ instead of the intended ‘Deimos’. 
    • Fixed low spawn points in certain areas of the Cambion Drift.
    • Fixed Combat Discipline Mod healing applying to deployed Necramechs. 
    • Fixed music and sounds cutting out randomly until game relaunch when switching from regular to Railjack Navigation, and leading into a Railjack mission. 
    • Fixed some enemy spawn points being off-map and other navigation related issues in the Grineer Shipyard tileset and the Cambion Drift.
    • Fixed Profit Taker losing all its color and appearing solid white for the remainder of the fight after using Voidrig’s Guard Mode ability. 
    • Fixed a 12ms hitch when loading the World State Window. 
    • Fixed the Cremata Syandana not using the secondary Energy color in its VFX. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1246690-cremata-syandana-dosent-combine-energy-colours/
    • Fixed noticeable lines in the floor panel in the Grineer Galleon tileset. 
    • Fixed a very noticeable seam on the Liset Extraction door. 
    • Fixed black tutorial box explaining how to use Codex scanner overlapping on top of the glass shard that needs to be scanned in the 2nd stage of Saya’s Vigil quest. 
    • Fixed cases where Growing Power could scale indefinitely for Clients when switching to Archwing. 
    • Fixed spooky Operator that shall not be named having clipping issues in the Liset when they appear.
    • Fixed Companions not respawning when Titania runs out of Energy in Razorwing form while Transferring to Operator.
    • Fixed enemy spawn points being embedded in the ground in the Corpus Ice Planet and Grineer Fortress tilesets. 
    • Fixed orientation issues with the storage containers in the Grineer SeaLab tileset.
    • Fixed Lynx & Terra Jailer turrets shooting from base of turret instead of the gun.
    • Fixed Disruption Syndicate missions being available with enemy levels below 15. This fixes cases where no enemies spawn after the initial few.
    • Fixed Warframes spawning after Host migration with the Health values from whatever form they were in at the time of migration (Necramech, Operator, etc.). 
    • Fixed Excalibur Umbra equipped with Melee-only not moving or attacking enemies unless they are close, while the player is using the Operator. 
    • Fixed Akarius’ projectiles detonating on Volt’s Electric Shield instead of passing through it. 
    • Fixed ability timers not being erased when deactivated early while in Operator.
    • Fixed Sly Devolution buff showing same evasion values as Survival Instinct when activated. Numbers now match Mod description.
    • Fixed rock placement issue in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.
    • Fixed waypoint markers not always updating correctly when the player marks a new location. 
    • Fixed the ‘Raise/Lower Cover’ context action not being localized. 
    • Fixed certain abilities (Ivara’s Sleep Arrow for example) opening up finishers on Demolisher units in Disruption missions. 
    • Fixed ‘select’ sound FX playing when opening up windows with search bars. 
    • Fixed off-map spawn points in Grineer Shipyard tileset. 
    • Fixed Syndicate Mods missing the related Syndicate icon watermark. 
    • Fixed switching Focus schools within a specific loadout in the Arsenal not maintaining the change. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1235653-switching-focus-school-in-simulacrum-does-not-work-correctly/
    • Fixed Nidus’ mutation stack sound FX spamming after loading into a Captura scene until you switch to Operator. 
    • Fixed squad disbanding in the Necralisk instead of Host migrating if the Host leaves the squad . 
    • Fixed Frost’s leg stretching and cape (with all Skins, including Frost Prime) clipping through him in the login screen. 
    • Fixed Necramechs showing incorrect rank and Mastery in your profile. 
    • Fixed inability to stop Necramech from sliding after hitting environment obstacles at a sharp angle. 
    • Fixed Aero Vantage not negating gravity if you don’t glide before you roll and then glide again. 
    • Fixed Steel Path missions not tracking for the Steel Path Nightwave Acts if the Steel Path is not toggled on in your Star Chart
    • Fixed issues with Xaku’s hand positions and left arm in their Agile and Noble animation sets. 
    • Fixed motion blur issues on the Laddak Cloak and Kuva Braid Syandanas when equipped on Wukong Prime. 
    • Fixed inability to Trade Vulpaphyla or Predasite Imprints.
    • Fixed Vulpaphyla or Predasite Imprints missing icons. 
    • Fixed the sash on the back of the Commodore Prime Operator Suit sticking straight up in the air when viewing it in the Profile diorama. 
    • Fixed the exposure slider not working in Captura. 
    • Fixed a nonfunctional Kuva Siphon spawning in the Corpus Ship tileset. 
    • Fixed Kuva Siphon spawning in the floor in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
    • Fixed the Syndicate button on the donation screens for Quills and Vox Solaris sending you to the Cetus Standing or Fortuna Standing screen instead of the Quills or Vox Solaris. 
    • Fixed Host seeing an animation pop on Scintillant that is moving through the Isolation Vault room.
    • Fixed Landing Craft missing its warp boom sound FX in the extraction cinematic at the end of Corpus Outpost tilset missions. 
    • Fixed the Bubonico vibrating rapidly when displayed via Loadout in the Orbiter’s Personal Quarters display. 
    • Fixed missing blue musical notes at the dancing location in the Mercury Larunda Relay. 
    • Fixed automatic burst weapons not resuming firing if the fire button is held down after interrupting it with something like a dodge.
    • Fixed burst weapons with a queued shot no longer firing the first shot of the burst in the middle of a dodge. 
    • Fixed completing the Feed the Beast Nightwave Act not increasing Nightwave Standing until the player reloads to the ship or relogs. 
    • Fixed the Fass distortion VFX lingering on screen if you Transfer to Operator or Necramech after walking over the goo in the Cambion Drift. 
    • Fixed inability to rank up in Syndicates if you do not claim the previous Syndicate rank reward. 
    • Fixed getting “cannot sync to Warframe database due to no internet connection” error when attempting to add a friend you already have in your list. 
    • Fixed not receiving Son Tokens right after releasing a Predasite or Vulpaphyla companion if you have 0 Tokens at the time. This also fixes inability to spend or exchange the rewarded Tokens until you exit and re-enter the Necralisk. 
    • Fixed Wolf Sledge’s follow through stat dropping by half when a Stance Mod is equipped. 
    • Fixed the Money Can’t Buy Happiness Challenge not unlocking after it’s been completed. 
    • Fixed getting stuck floating in the air after being affected by push volumes in the environment (Cambion Drift jump pads, etc.). 
    • Fixed missing green healing VFX when reviving teammate. 
    • Fixed the Mire appearing in the Foundry hologram while Nezha Prime is being built.
    • Fixed Deimos Captura Scenes not showing the correct preview icon for the coordinated scene.
    • Fixed an issue where HUD scale could be set lower than the minimum when saving changes with an out of range value entered into the field. 
    • Fixed Nightwave challenges that require you to go back to Cetus, Fortuna, or Necralisk missing UI popups and transmissions while transitioning between open zone and hub.
    • Fixed cases where Necramechs could not pick up Health Orbs.
    • Fixed delay in first note of the melody instrument of the Bombast Mandachord pack. 
    • Fixed Necramech reverting to default skin when destroyed. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1248927-necramech-skin-changes-upon-death/
    • Fixed custom walk and roll animations for Wisp and Titania not working while walking around the Orbiter, Dojo, and Railjack. 
    • Fixed Octavia Prime’s Blueprint description in the in-game Market matching the default. It will now be unique to Octavia Prime.
    • Fixed Primed Chilling Grasp not appearing in the Codex, unable to be chat linked, and not being tradeable as announced here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1252753-primed-chilling-grasp-tradable-by-next-pc-hotfix/
    • Fixed ingame Market Bundles containing single-purchase items not being flagged as owned/unpurchasable if you already own one of the single-purchase components.
    • Fixed Mire hologram appearing when crafting Octavia Prime in the Foundry.
    • Fixed losing Affinity for Necramech weapons if a Host migration occurred while piloting a Necramech with their ultimate Ability active. This also fixes a script error occurring when Reviving after the Host migration. 
    • Fixed Pheromone Synthesizers being subtracted from your Inventory each time you equipped a Cutter/Drill or Fishing Spear.
    • Fixed being able to continue firing your weapon while casting Lavos’ Transmutation Probe.
    • Fixed equipping Unreal Skins to Kuva weapons overriding their stats to perform like their base version.
    • Fixed deselecting a Necramech Ability with ‘Next/Previous’ bindings interrupting/ turning off the Ability.
    • Fixed Grandma’s head floating at all Cambion Drift K-Drive locations during the Heart of Deimos Quest.
    • Fixed the Day of The Dead Voidrig Helmet Skin and Snake Voidrig Helmet Skin not being compatible with Bonewidow.
    • Fixed Necramech Arsenal ordering Arch-Guns into 2 groups: weapons with Gravimag adapters, and those without. There's no need to move no-Gravimag weapons into their own subgroup here, because Gravimag Adapters are no longer required to equip a weapon to the Necramech.
    • Fixed Emblems being offset when equipped on the Bruntspar Necramech Skin. 
    • Fixed inconsistent extend/collapse Speargun states when equipped with the Carcinus Speargun Skin.
    • Fixed Wisp twitching when sprinting while holding Dual Pistols.
    • Fixed another case of Teralyst spawn sound being audible in Cetus.
    • Fixed charging sounds not working when using Pax Charge with certain Kitgun Skins.
    • Fixed the description of the Prisma Dual Decurions being the same as the regular one.
    • Fixed Necramechs not advancing the "Kill enemies with X Element" Nightwave Act.
    • Fixed inability to use Railjack navigation if the mission failed.
    • Fixed Fishing breaking when putting away the Fishing Spear in certain conditions.
    • Fixed Transferring to Operator being temporarily blocked by Warframe landing a Bullet Jump.
    • Fixed zero Damage numbers appearing for unranked Stahlta primary fire.
    • Fixed Stahlta Alt Fire bolts not exploding from Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones when the Unreal Shock Rifle Skin is equipped.
    • Fixed visual bug where the player firing the Stahltas Alt Fire appears to fire indefinitely if the Unreal Shock Rifle Skin is equipped.
    • Fixed ability to fire equipped weapons during Wisp’s Sol Gate when the Helminth ability Empower is cast prior. 
    • Fixed ‘Rank Up’ HUD not displaying specific item or level while piloting a Necramech.
    • Fixed Deimos Isolation Vault Bounties displaying with "no expiry", when in reality, the rewards do rotate (like the normal Bounties do).
    • Fixed Necramech waypoint not being the standard numbered waypoint.
    • Fixed Bonewidow's shield appearing on other Necramechs in the Arsenal if you were just looking at Bonewidow and it had a Skin equipped.
    • Fixed Eudico’s “reveal” not appearing for her Transmissions despite Old Mate Syndicate Ranking. 
    • Fixed missing Hecaton Shotgun Skin reload animation when equipped on the Cedo.
    • Fixed Pending Friends list not initially showing Mastery Ranks. 
    • Fixed Star Chart music playing underneath End of Mission rewards screen.
    • Fixed enemy ship sounds playing over Quest cinematics.
    • Fixed Codex mission icons having icon transparency where unexpected.
    • Fixed the Chat window rendering behind The Index Mission Progress screen.
    • Fixed autocomplete showing the hint and text you typed, instead of just showing one. 
    • Fixed another case of Terlyast spawn sound persisting when returning to Plains of eidolon from Cetus after spawn has started.
    • Fixed typo in the Mastery Rank Inbox message.
    • Fixed an issue with some geysers in the Grineer Ocean tileset pushing you out of world instead of teleporting you back to land. 
    • Fixed a progression stopper in the Heart of Deimos quest due to the Through and Beyond phase infinitely looping. 
    • Fixed no Sentients spawning in Lua Survival missions.
    • Fixed Cambion Drift despawning prematurely before the Necralisk gate closes, causing the game to place you in front of Loid.
    • Fixed killing a Vasca Kavat on the Plains of Eidolon not counting for the Pest Control Achievement.
    • Fixed missing firing sound for the Khom’s first shot if the Hecaton Skin is equipped. 
    • Fixed Railjack Navigation map not releasing drag functionality when a dialog appears resulting in odd camera movements.
    • Fixed hearing multiple equip sounds with increasing volume when equipping a Warframe with an Exalted weapon.
    • Fixed Baruuk’s Desolate Hands dagger projectile sounds becoming repetitious over time.
    • Fixed Teralyst spawn sound being overly loud. 
    • Fixed all mentions of "joystick" for Fr/Es/Tr localization.
    • Fixed an edge case in The Limbo Theorem Quest that can leave you unable to progress, putting you into an inescapable state of limbo (ar ar ar). 
    • Fixed becoming trapped on the Ayatan screen when attempting to ‘Visit Maroo’ via the Ayatan screen.
    • Fixed cases of constantly failing ‘Area Control’ Bounties in the Plains of Eidolon due to required enemies being spawned on the other side of the Plains.
    • Fixed new Emotes not displaying in the ingame Market when searching for ‘Emote’. 
    • Fixed the skybox for Europa being full of visible square holes.
    • Fixed certain cases where Unairu's Void Shadow can become permanent.
    • Fixed the Martyr Symbiosis Vulpaphyla Mod Health restore never being removed and thus stacking perpetually, rendering you immortal. 
    • The logic behind Martyr Symbiosis is for the Vulpaphyla to sacrifice itself to heal you after falling below X% Health.
    • Fixed the Martyr Symbiosis Mod description claiming incorrect Warframe Health %. It now indicates 10% per rank instead of 5% per rank it initially claimed. 
    • Fixed Martyr Symbiosis Mod Health link FX showing when stored Health of the Vulpaphyla is at its max of 40%.
    • Fixed Bonewidow's Meathook working against Coildrives and Dropships. As reported here.
    • Fixed Grineer Manic never succeeding at tackling a player if its target had a Melee weapon equipped for the mission. Previously the Manic would just get stunned 100% of the time.
    • Fixed Moa Blitz Eximus playing humanoid animations when performing their blast ability, which looked pretty gross. They now will use a stomp!
    • Fixed getting stuck as the Operator with no Abilities or movement after dying in a Necramech as a Client.
    • Fixed Kubrodon Echo Lures and Pheromone Synthesizer not appearing in Conservation wheel on Orb Vallis.
    • Fixed Necramech Summon not refreshing it’s cooldown after summoning a Necramech that has died as a Client.
    • Fixed Lavos and Xaku custom ability HUD overlapping Melee Combo Counter when dual wielding.
    • Fixed Fire Rate curse from a Heavy Weapon Riven affecting your equipped Primary Bow.
    • Fixed the Frostfall Ephemera FX persisting while on the Orbiter, even after being unequipped or having switched Warframes.
    • Fixed regular Shield Lancers' bodies looking like their Tusk variants.
    • Fixed dirt disappearing on Gral's Kubrodon Floof when viewed at specific angles in the diorama.
    • Fixed Nightwave diorama music not stopping when exiting a Glassmaker diorama before it completes. 
    • Fixed for wrong Nightwave voiceover playing when viewing Episode 4 & 5 Glassmaker dioramas.
    • Fixed missing scroll bar in the Nightwave ‘Tune In’ screen to view all the Acts.
    • Fixed cases where Clients UI would display the Hosts localized language.
    • Fixed some Quest icons in Codex not displaying 'locked' visual distortion.
    • Fixed Deth Machine Rifle missing tracer FX.
    • More fixes towards the Teralyst spawn sound being too loud.
    • Fixed Gral’s Thumper Floof having a [PH] name and description in the Nightwave Cred Offerings.
    • Fixed Excalibur Umbra falling through the map if Transference is used in certain places within the Cambion Drift. As reported here.
    • Fixed rare case of Ayatan Sculpture spawning inside geometry in the Grineer Fortress tileset. 
    • Fixed Eros Wings Ephemera not hiding for Clients. 
    • Fixed Kitgun sorting in the Arsenal when selecting by usage time.
    • Fixed Tenno Specters equipped with certain weapons not needing to reload while told to "hold position", resulting in a higher rate of fire.
    • Fixed Coolant Raknoids teleporting to unrelated Defense objectives in Orb Vallis (ex: Vox Solaris final mission, Base captures, etc).
    • Fixed multiple holes in Europa’s skybox.
    • Fixed Chat linked Infested K Drive appearing as its normal variant.
    • Fixed Ivara’s Artemis Prime Bow Energy color remaining default blue even after changing Ivara's Energy color.
    • Fixed odd camera placements for Ticker’s Star Days Affections dioramas. 
    • Fixed a crash when detonating the bomb in the Vox Solaris quest if the player dies just before it is detonated.
    • Fixed Gauss’ Mach Crash Augment Mod not vacuuming in ragdolled enemies. 
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when transitioning from Cetus to the Plains.
    • Fixed crash when switching to Archwing while imbuing an Element on Lavos.
    • Fixed crash when returning to the Dry Dock after several back to back Railjack missions.
    • Fixed crash while loading into Railjack missions. 
    • Fixed crash when sitting in the Helminth chair. 
    • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when a player spawns with a movement/sprint bonus.
    • Fixed a crash while extracting from Cambion Drift to the Necralisk as Client. 
    • Fixed a rare crash when attempting to load into the Orb Vallis or Plains of Eidolon.
    • Fixed crash when selecting the Gold False Profit Trophy in the Dojo Decoration menu. 
    • Fixed server crash on Client disconnect.
    • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when exiting the game.
    • Fixed a crash after using Arsenal and then Helminth. 
    • Fixed a crash after accepting an invite to Dojo. 
    • Fixed the False Profit Gold trophy being missing/causing the game to crash if you tried to place it in your Clan Dojo.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when Imbuing Lavos with Magnetic when he was already Imbued with Magnetic.
    • Fixed Pandero Prime's model reverting to the regular version while Dual Wielding.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur after completing a Bounty. 
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when leaving an Exiums' Aura.
    • Fixed a crash related to Host migrations. 
    • Fixed a script error when deactivating Nezha’s Divine Spears.
    • Fixed script errors when Venari attacks.
    • Fixed a script error when viewing a Fish description.
    • Fixed a harmless script error when Venari respawns in the Simulacrum.
    • Fixed a script error when casting Excalibur’s Slash Dash.
    • Fixed a script error when spawning a Specter.
    • Fixed script error that could occur if you died while Fishing.
    • Fixing potential script error when killing a Jugulus enemy while it's using one of its abilities.
    • Fixed a script error when casting Nova’s Antimatter Drop ability. 
    • Fixed a script error that could occur when joining the Cambion Drift mid-mission. 
    • Fixed a script error that could occur in the Cambion Drift when a Requiem Obelisk takes damage.
    • Fixed script error when logging out while the Rising Tide Quest is active. 
    • Fixed script error when opening ability description page. 
    • Fixed a script error when using the “Join Any Crew” feature in Railjack navigation. 
    • Fixed script error caused by using the Simulacrum as Operator. 
    • Fixed script error related to Khora’s Venari. 
    • Fixed a script error when using Protea’s Temporal Anchor in Railjack. 
    • Fixed a script error that would occur in the Sacrifice if you used Protea's Temporal Anchor right before Transferring into Umbra.
    • Fixed script error that would occur in Resource Capture Bounty stages on the Orb Vallis.
    • Fixed script error that would occur if you accepted an invitation to visit a Dojo while you were on the Railjack Navigation screen.
    • Fixed script error that could occur if you killed a Corpus Amalgam immediately as it was playing spawn animation.
    • Fixed script error when returning to the Orbiter while someone in the squad has an Atterax.
    • Fixed a script error in the Orb Vallis that could occur if a Radiation Status Affected player stood next to a container to Capture it.
    • Fixed a script error when starting up a Kuva Lich controlled mission with a squad.
    • Fixed a harmless script error if the gates to Cetus closed at exactly the same time as a Teralyst did a smash attack
    • Fixed a harmless script error that could occur in the Heart of Deimos Quest.
    • Fixed a script error occurring when the Helminth talks to you. 
    • Fixed a script error when casting Zephyr’s Tornadoes. 
    • Fixed a script error when casting Equinox’s Mend & Maim.
    • Fixed a script error that could occur when joining a someone doing the Mask of the Revenant Quest.
    • Fixed a likely harmless script error that could occur after defeating the Exploiter Orb.
    • Fixed script error related to Xaku’s passive. 
    • Fixed script error related to Atlas’ Tectonics. 
    • Fixed script error related to Mirage’s Sleight of Hand. 
    • Fixed a script error when browsing through your Color Palettes when customizing the HUD Colors.
    • Fixed crashes that could occur in script code involving a certain pattern.
    • Fixed a script error when Xaku’s Passive triggers. 
    • Fixed a script error when casting Atlas’ Tectonic.
    • Fixed a script error that could occur if someone shot into Zephyr's Tornado right as the Zephyr respawned.
    Edited by [DE]Danielle
    Nightwave duplication script has been completed!
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    10 minutes ago, (PSN)dj-crazyeddy said:

    Anyone else on Playstation who did not receive the Early Adopter Tier 3 items?

    9 minutes ago, (PSN)Domz_AG said:

    I'm not recieving any tier 3 rewards, I maxed my full avionics grid. Any thoughts?

    These were the qualifiers for Tier 3, you met the requirements? 

    -Full Avionic Grid Maxed 

    + 6 Wreckage Built (i.e all Slots have something you’ve made). 

    Did you also not get an inbox message? 


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    5 minutes ago, [DE]Danielle said:

    These were the qualifiers for Tier 3, you met the requirements? 

    -Full Avionic Grid Maxed 

    + 6 Wreckage Built (i.e all Slots have something you’ve made). 

    Did you also not get an inbox message? 


    I have everything max and didn't get it either 

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    4 minutes ago, [DE]Danielle said:

    These were the qualifiers for Tier 3, you met the requirements? 

    -Full Avionic Grid Maxed 

    + 6 Wreckage Built (i.e all Slots have something you’ve made). 

    Did you also not get an inbox message? 


    I think I meet all the requirements and only got the message with the Railjack statue. When I checked my Railjack because of the reward I had my grid fully maxed, and all 6 slot filled with gear I've built ( Lavan Carcinnox MK III, Zetki Pulsar MK III, Tycho Seeker MK III, Lavan Shield Array MK III, Vidar Engines MK III, Lavan Reactor MK III).

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    13 minutes ago, [DE]Danielle said:

    These were the qualifiers for Tier 3, you met the requirements? 

    -Full Avionic Grid Maxed 

    + 6 Wreckage Built (i.e all Slots have something you’ve made). 

    Did you also not get an inbox message? 


    Can confirm. I have recieved no Inbox messages.

    Entire grid was maxed. Have repaired:

    Zekti Shield Array, Vidar Shield Array, Vidar Engines, Zekti Engines, 2 Vidar Reactors, 2 Zekti Reactors

    Vidar: Cryophon, Photor, Pulsar, Carcinnox

    Zekti: Cryophon and Photor

    Ordiance: Tycho Seeker & Milati

    All are MK3 rank.

    I have recieved no early adopter packs.


    Edited by (PSN)Zero_029
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    1 minute ago, (PSN)Bugsyboy369 said:

    for those on playstation wondering where the early adopter bundle went. it seems to have just been dumped to your inventory without an inbox message. I didnt get one either.

    Not for me. For example, I still have only 1 Legendary Core and 9 Riven Slivers that I already had before the update...

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    Anyone else on Playstation who did not receive the Early Adopter Tier 3 items? I did meet the minimum built wreckages and a fully maxed out avionics grid.


    I did not received anything and I had a fully maxed railjack, grids, mods and all equipment mk3.


    56 minutes ago, (PSN)Zero_029 said:

    Can confirm. I have recieved no Inbox messages.

    Entire grid was maxed. Have repaired:

    Zekti Shield Array, Vidar Shield Array, Vidar Engines, Zekti Engines, 2 Vidar Reactors, 2 Zekti Reactors

    Vidar: Cryophon, Photor, Pulsar, Carcinnox

    Zekti: Cryophon and Photor

    All are MK3.

    I have recieved no early adopter packs.


    Same everything maxed and got nothing 

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    15 minutes ago, [DE]Danielle said:

    These were the qualifiers for Tier 3, you met the requirements? 

    -Full Avionic Grid Maxed 

    + 6 Wreckage Built (i.e all Slots have something you’ve made). 

    Did you also not get an inbox message? 


    I had 27 built wreckages and in fact, when I go to my armaments section in my dry dock, it shows 27/29 capacity for armaments. I also had a fully maxed avionics grid. The only inbox message I received as for the statue.

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