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PSN Call of the Tempestarii: Update 30

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Haven't played railjack for ages, just to find out that i could not find my side guns controls, for some reason lots of my resources are gone, all my intrinsics are reset and suddenly i need to mod my ship all over, and i found it out after the mission, that's why my ship was constantly going catastrophic, Working from home and still not able to create a decent tutorial for new content. 

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"Heart of Deimos Trophies: These still are requiring more time to submit and will be released in a future update."


You said the exact same in January.

The Deimos Trophies should have been released in August 2020 and we still have to wait for yet another update.

Quite shameful for a dev like DE to let this drag on like this.

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Critical Delay and Creeping Bullseye have been given a buff to their Critical Chance from +48% to +187%.

  • These new Mods have a greater effect if Fire Rate is below 2.5, and this buff brings a synergy between these Mods. As a result, Critical Delay and Creeping Bullseye can no longer be equipped with Point Strike and Pistol Gambit respectively.

Isn't the point of high critical build rifles to have as much crit as possible? Why take that away from us. If it was for specific weapons maybe I could understand but this nerf hits every primary, even ones that aren't crit focused. Weapons that used to be hybrid builds aren't going to be as good now with this change.

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You gave us a new tactical map but it still is NOT centered =(.   All I want is the damn warp points in the center of the screen so its easy to get around =/.   Thats 95% the only reason im opening my tactical map.   

Cant use tactical warp to get to people inside corpus ship when they are waiting at friendship door..


I forgot about the new Dojo room and sky boxes.   Also havent tried the new conservation stuff...(wonder if thats what crashing xboxers in open worlds?)


Wanted to double check where new weapons and pets were..

Athodai = venus

Carmine Penta = pluto/veil = should be done building today...

Nauti Sentinel = Neptune = 2/4 bp's and main goal right now... 

Epitaph = void storms = Havent done Sevagoth quest or gone after his weapon yet.  Was to busy pimping out my ride.  Got alot of Mk3 maxed out turrets, Got maxed out Mk 3 Lavan plate which gives my ship 11k HP/ 5k armor.  A newb called my ship invincible the other day lol  Said he never saw it take damage.    But anyways I totally need to do Sevagoth quest and build a second wisp so I can feed Helminth...

Meanwhile I dumped my 1000 nw credits directly into Kuva.  

Pretty much crushed the hell out of Days Gone and can focus more on Warframe now lol.  

Although we are going into the 3rd week since Tempest and still no fix to plexus affinity =(


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