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Xbox PSA: Post Update 30 Login Crash Fix


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Someone dropped the ball on prime gaming drops. Says on the main site may 26th yet i check prime and there's not 1 thing listed. Relinked my account to be absolutely sure and still nada. Awesome job as usual. You'd think if you're gonna advertise it you confirm its presence and accuracy smdh.https://www.warframe.com/news/prime-gaming-verv-collection

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I can't play with my buddy, it's the same problem as it was before 2 months ago or so...
after the big update I could play with him without any problems, after the small update late in the evening, I can no longer invite him, he is no longer displayed in the clan either.
he just disappeared everywhere and can't play with anyone anymore.
I play on Series X and he plays on One S.

you are really serious??...how can this bug occur again??

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