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Bandit/vampire/parasite (Slaughtersite) Maleficent Warframe


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Bandit/Vampire/Parasite (Slaughtersite) Maleficent warframe


Seeing as we have a melee focused Beserker on the way…


I was also wondering  about a way to open up the endgame…

What a about a Bandit/Vampire/Parasite frame?

Bare with me here, I understand that that’s a lot of undertakings, let’s take a look at this…


What would the Bandit/Vampire/Parasite (Slaughtersite) Maleficent frame be like? And how could it play?


[Think of these idea’s as fabric, these idea’s merged with the existing warframe appearance… With an expanded Saryn twist (a touch of corruption.) And a male frame. Why? Why not?]


First (Slaughtersite) Maleficent is a corrupted frame, much like the corrupted mods… and is found in the corrupted vaults, which would be both fitting and add further to the existing narrative.


1. Blink

Can transport to set locations: Loki, Ash, Nova. Doesn’t require prey like Ash, and can’t transport other teammates like Nova.


2. Twofold

(Slaughtersite) Maleficent frame doubles itself, using a phase shift ability; back to back these frames fight doubling your offensive and defensive melee abilities for a period. The double takes up its position back to back, with the actual frame. The double appears as a lightly glowing version of the frame, using the selected frames energy colour.


3. Leech

(Now here’s the new twist…  (Slaughtersite) Maleficent has a chosen weapon similar to fang prime the ancient Leechblades, a weapon hidden away, that must be obtained like prime weapons, only from Orokin Derelicts. There may be more than one, but let’s say that at the moment there’s only the one.)*** If you can Blink, or sneak behind an unsuspecting enemy (Slaughtersite) Maleficent will do a stealth kill with his leechblades dealing extra damage, and healing Maleficent. Giving players a new reason and way to play warframe. ****


4. Maelstrom

(Slaughtersite) Maleficent holds his twin Leechblade’s out in a T and starts spinning until he lifts up into the air and generates a tornado, the Leechblade’s whirlwind drains the blood of all enemies within 30m, and the Leechblade can be seen drawing this vapour into itself. Enemies within the 15m epicentre take the greatest damage, and lose the most blood, all survivors are knocked down, and heavies are stunned for a period after the vortex has ended. *****




 *** The Leechblade. Theis weapons Bp along with all its pieces must be found using the (Slaughtersite) Maleficent frame. Once the weapon Bp and all its pieces are found, and the weapon is forged, only then will gain acess to (Slaughtersite) Maleficent’s aura. ADDITIONALLY This weapon grows with the frame increasing along with the Slaughtersite Maleficent’s abilities its tiers follow a decimal system 10, 100, 1000 here’s the endgame while the weapon wont double in power it will give bonuses and it will change in appearance along with the frame.

****The Leechblade will also benefit from this attack by gaining exp and levelling.

*****While the Leechblade will also benefit from this attack by gaining exp and levelling, it has to exert a great deal of its corrupted power, and thus does not benefit as much from this ‘power’ as it does from Leech. Only when the Leechblade has reached higher levels. At higher levels the Leechblade gains approximately the same exp.



Good idea but bad power concepts? or bad idea in general? 

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