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Mastery Rank Test 9 To 10 Platform Bug


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While doing the Mastery test from 9 to 10, I missed a Grineer behind me and the last platform blinked and faded away. Except I was still standing there. I waited a few seconds, figuring I was going to have to do it again. Nothing. I turned around and shot him in the face, mission complete.


The last platform was gone but I didn't fall or fail the mission. I was using Mags pull to take out most of the Grineer and had dethcube with his rifle. Can't think of anything else that might be relevant.

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Cool bug. Too bad I don't have enough weapons to level up to 10... I'm tapped on stuff to level with until I can afford some Platinum next week.



what did you spend that much Platinum on o.0

mine will last me.... a very long time.

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