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Void Storms are horribly unrewarding, slow and irritating beyond words.


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Lets get one thing clear: Cracking open a relic was never an issue in obtaining a prime part.
We have capture fissures and exterminate fissures that complete in under 2 minutes and reward the contents of the relic very quickly and painlessly.

The true grind for primes is and has been obtaining said relics ever since void keys were removed.
Allowing for more relics to be opened would have only allowed people with an excess of them such as myself to finally be able to use them all up at a reasonable pace.
As it stands now, I often end up with more relics than I use when doing certain missions.
There is no reason for anyone to do void storms as they are now beyond obtaining the new things.
These missions can't even be done for the fun of it, the random explosions have seen to that.
Soloing is not an option either, even with the ideal crewmates, they all just get downed by explosions.
Suddenly the time to complete these missions feels like an eternity and a half because there's more things to deal with.

Why would anyone play these?

Worth noting: the kind of people going back to a node to do a void storm is likely not there to just do a mission and also open a relic by tolerating random explosions and epileptic seizure inducing visuals; they're likely on that node to crack a relic.
If anything the MK I and MK II tier wreckage rewards are actually a down side because they take up precious space that could instead be used by a MK III.

Time to relic ratio from void storms should fall in line with the rest of the relic opening missions otherwise all the effort put into this mode will simply go to waste and this game will have yet another mode people want to avoid.

Edit: Some irritations have been fixed such as:
Void storm explosions no longer damage crewmates.
The once horrid visuals have been toned down.
Excess wreckage is no longer an issue.

That being said the time to relic opening ratio is still terrible for missions like volatile.

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10 minutes ago, Rage_Inducer said:

Soloing is not an option either, even with the ideal crewmates, they all just get downed by explosions.

Void storms are most certainly soloable. The player time to reward ratio is complete trash though. 

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True, I managed to farm all the secagoth and Epitaph parts last night, running extermination corpus storms.

Solo I managed these in minimum of 3m48s but on average about 4m30s.  In a team this went to 5m30s-8+minutes. And with a good team and pilot that knew what they were doing back down to 4m30s. 


As much as I enjoyed the change, I can see the storms being an island only visited when people need these items or more are added.

Even doing my normal speedruns in the veil still took 6m-8minutes. And I'm running a maxed RJ

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I got curious if other people found the Void Storms annoying, and I found that I wasn't alone

I hope DE gets rid of the Void Storm explosions and effects ASAP,

not only is it annoying and un-fun, but it's also an seizure hazard.

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