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This is the Improving Warframe -> Gameplay Feedback section of the forum for non-founders.  With that in mind, I would like to preface the following TL:DR post by saying:  I'm just one of many fans, and I know that the scope of my opinion is limited.  With that in mind, I would like to further preface my arguments by saying that I have a degree in computer science, with a specialty in graphic art and web design (LAMP/GIMP).  That being said, I know something of what it takes to create a program of this calibre.  I further understand that it is very likely that when this game was launched, the design team probably consisted of a mere handful of people, if that, and was probably developed on a near non-existent budget.  I don't know this for sure, but a lot of Indy games are developed under these circumstances.  Regardless, the game is pretty cool.  The models flow well, there is very little texture clipping, there is some physics issues with floating loot/body parts and such, there is the occasional instance of frames snapping to objects in interesting ways, but all-in-all the whole thing is pretty well done.  So good job, staff.  There's a lot you've done right so far, and I know it wasn't easy.


On to the meat and potatoes.


I feel that there's a lot missing from this game.  I've made it very clear in previous threads how I feel about the current state of the mod drop table, and I don't intend to unearth many of those comments here.  Some of those comments were fairly presumptuously stated anyway, and I apologize for expressing those opinions in such non-constructive ways.  I'm human.  It happens.  With that being said, however, and regardless of how people may feel about the drop tables on an individual basis, I honestly don't think this game is going to hold a significant long-term fan base by coming out with new ways to make the Tenno over-powered.  On the rare occasion that a mod that I'm looking for actually does drop, the "So what?" factor immediately comes into play.


While it's nice to have solid rewards for participating in high level content, the lore in this game lacks considerable substance, closure, and emotional attachment to the player base.  There is a short clip which plays shortly after installing the game, which immediately makes me want to take out this "Vor" guy, but since he's the first boss on the first planet system, I really have no emotional incentive to proceed with the game any further than Mercury because there is no hard-coded plot line to follow after this point.  To this part of the discussion, I would humbly add my own suggestion to add more cut scenes to inspire players to unlock more planet systems and mission, because the only reason to do so now is to grind for frame blueprints and increase the potential for access to alert missions.  Again, this begs the "So what?" question.


Despite what people may think about the way the latest event was handled, I do think that it is obviously an attempt to bring the story line back into the forefront of this game's purpose.  It was made clear in one of the recent live streams (perhaps the latest instalment?) that the development staff is considering options to make this game less grindy, and I personally believe that not only is this a good move, but that adding content to the story line is a great way to handle this.  It saddens me to know that the loot system interfered with this attempt, but in spite of this, I do believe that the overall direction of the game seems to be on the right track.  Again, that's just my opinion.


If it is the desire of the development staff to include clan-based interactions into a dynamic plotline, is it out of the question to add a new realm?  My personal vision is as follows:  a node or an access point that can be built in a clan dojo that would allow a player/clan member to enter a new main screen - similar to the image of Sol that we have now, except a different star, systems, and mission points within each system.  I envision a clan-specific decision to seek the help of a faction of their choosing (Grineer/Corpus/one that hasn't been introduced yet) in order to help conquer and defend mission points in the new system.  The reward for capturing mission points in the new system and defending them for periods of time could be clan currency that can be used to:


a.  fortify currently held systems by increasing the overall level of defenders present there (so if the clan decides to align with Grineer, ai Grineer defenders would be present in the mission in order to protect the clan's investment)


b.  unlock faction specific technology.


c.  place traps, spawn points, and design mission layouts in the same way that dojo's are formed now.


Take what you want, and discard the rest - so probably just don't read this.  It's my $0.02, however, and it's out there now.  So I feel pretty good about that, I guess.

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Good thoughts. Interaction with the planets and to do missions that in turn shape the Loottables, rng, ownership of nodes and naturally Tenno owned space.

I think the game would do better if it was turned on its head. To get mods, a frame, unlock a new node, we should play quests like a SP game.

Rather than random, instead known rewards are given. I think this event proved its good to know what you are fighting for.

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