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Gradivus Invasion Missions Sometimes Spawn Faction Loot Crates In Opposing Sides


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This happened to me a few times while I was running Gradivus missions earlier today. Refer the images below. What occurred was Grineer loot crates appeared on the Corpus side and Corpus loot crates appeared on the Grineer side of the Invasion mission. This was while I was running Ultor. I do not remember if it occurred also while running Silvanus today.




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Same thing happened with me. And I fought for Corpus (catalyst, duh) and I started on the Grineer ship. I thought it was weird.

Happened to me thrice... and one time I spawned fighting for the grineer when all my squadmates where fighting for the corpus, so it was a 3 against 1, plus the supported faction, and they spawned in the grineer ship with me. Kinda' cool, but I had chosen to fight for the corpus as well. 

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