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Bug - Lost A Mod During Lag Or Hang


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Version 10 (2013.

Running on Win 7 64-bit

Cable internet (very solid connection)


What happened:  I was in on the mod > Sentinel page, fusing some mods.  I selected the Shade: Revenge to fuse, then a bunch of copies that I have.  I hit fuse and ok.  The used mods didn't disappear and the mod didn't show to be leveled up.  I figured it would catch up, so I clicked on my leveled/in-use Dethcube: Vaporize mod and the Revenge mod went through but used my Vaporize mod with it.  The notice about the mod being equipped popped up with no cancellation option.  Basically, during the hang period after the fuse, clicking on another mod added that to the fusion.

Update:  I went back in to remember which mods I was dealing with (this happened a few hours ago) and it appears as though the mod I thought had been used, was there again, somehow.  Things seemed to work out, but it scared the crap outta me.  Fortunately it wasn't a leveled rare mod, otherwise, I might have posted this a bit more expeditiously. =P



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