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Can we use railjeck experience on warframes?

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I think people are worried that new frames come out and old ones are left out. And I think there is a problem with the system. The problem is flexibility. At the moment, frames seem to be too limited by their "theme", while people may like some of the mechanics, which creates a paradox when a new frame comes out that partially repeats the mechanics of the old one. I think it's wasteful.

On the other hand, reiljeck has no theme now. You can make a rocket cruiser, a master ram, or just control everything.

==Thoughts start here==

I want to give you a picture of how this can be implemented. Something will be bad, some will be good. 

1) Theme: A frame is an empty core of mechanics. The frame only has a passive ability and ability slots. That is, the frame only contains the main mechanics, how hildryn works on shields, nidus on stacks, valkyr on her anger, titania on archwing, someone is working on their strong ultimates. All this is included in the frame.

2) Lerning. What's the point of having ability slots? This is a modification of the augment system. Instead of releasing a new frame with the same mechanics, we can release a set of abilities and a new skin, which will feel like a new frame. Reiljeck's experience shows that this is possible, but it is more difficult for frames, since we keep in mind that frames = the core of the mechanics. Abilities should be designed to work with certain mechanics, but add different gameplay. The main idea here is that the new pack can also revive old abilities, because you can create combinations where you exclude some new abilities for the sake of old ones and combine their effects.

3) Survival equipment. The reiljeck system provides something new in the outfit. We have a shield, armor, generator, etc. This can be used on frames and improved so that we can make a more armored frame, but reduce the effectiveness of some aspects of the mechanics. I think this will help so that the old frame can feel like a new frame when a new armor or shield comes out. Also, such equipment may differ, as nidus and inaros do not have shields, but have two armor slots.

4) Skins. I have already mentioned this, but I think it is worth explaining my position in detail. The skin gives a lot for the atmosphere. And takes into account different opinions and tastes. I think some people like to be the hideous defeat of death, and some want a female version of Excalibur. As far as I understand, most of the frames use 1 skeleton, this shouldn't be a problem.

I think these four are enough to get started. I understand that this is a lot of work. But I also understand that it can be a lot of profit.

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53 minutes ago, Zexal said:

Mmh... You know that RJ is based on WF, right?

Build slots, mods, skins (deluxes/tennogens) and helminth... Everything's already here.

Because I'm talking about modifying what already exists. The game has many aspects that are very poorly used.

For example, helminth allows you to pick up the ability of another frame, but this has a lot of problems when the frame supports certain mechanics, like gauss for example, which requires crutches. On the other hand, if gauss had 12 different abilities to choose from (3 for each slot), it would present more choices than helminth currently gives.

Skins are not the main topic of discussion. But people love the visual style and sometimes people love the skin of the new frame more than the mechanics of the new frame. Thus, creating 4 abilities on an existing frame + a new skin will give about the same effect as creating a new frame, which will take more time anyway. 

I will say the thing that needs to be said. People want rework anyway. Why not create a system that will monetize reworks in the same way as new frames?

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It wouldn't give more choice, but it would add even more power creep to the game, creating new metas that are useless anyway because there would be nothing to use them on.

As for the skin, I always found completely dumb and nonsensical the fact that people are playing a certain thing because of how it looks. Who cares? As long as it's working, play it, idk. It's Warframe, why would you be a main of something. Diversity exists in this game for a reason. 


I will say the thing that needs to be said. People want rework anyway. Why not create a system that will monetize reworks in the same way as new frames?

"People" : who exactly? 
And monetizing reworks when it's their job to tweak things... Well, no.

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51 minutes ago, Zexal said:

"People" : who exactly? 

Check feedback-> warframe threads. I think most of it will be about reworking the old one. Although this can be said about all feedback. All new content literally takes a lot of effort and gives little, while old content no longer means anything and beginners try to skip it. This provides little replay value. You don't want to play old maps because there are no rewards for you or it's just boring.

But that is not the topic of this discussion. I am looking at equipment in a vacuum. I don't want to tie this to specific modes like necromechs. 

1 hour ago, Zexal said:

more power creep

Or horizontal progression. Meta always exists, but you always have the chance to meet Atlas. Atlas is not effective, but someone likes its theme, skin or just punch enemies in the face I don't think it will break anything if the person is given more ways to punch enemies in the face. 

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