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Speed-Enhancing Mod for Shotguns

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I'd really like an option for increasing sprint speed while equipping shotguns. Once I unlocked Amalgam Serration on my PS4 account, I virtually stopped using shotguns altogether, because it meant giving up the 25% speed boost from this rifle mod. And on my PC account, I'm not planning any big investment of Forma into a shotgun for similar reasons.

It wouldn't have to be a direct equivalent, and probably shouldn't be Amalgam Point Blank, since we already have Primed Point Blank. How about, instead, combining a hefty reload speed buff with increased sprint speed? This would also provide a nice alternative to Chilling Reload, which is a poor fit for the preferred damage type on many builds.

And I don't see that becoming a balance issue, either, since piling on multiple reload speed buffs generally yields diminishing returns, as opposed to instant reloads.

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Excellent idea.  

But if it followed the same pattern as the other amalgam weapon class mods, it would be Amalgam Tactical Pump at 25% reload.  Which is...not that great, especially on builds already benefitting from Chilling Reload.  I'd suggest combining this with a buff to Tactical Pump.  Maybe to 45%, putting the Amalgam version at 40%, and still leaving room for a future Primed Tactical P. 

(As an aside, most non-exilus reload mods could use a look over and  buff.)

Or we just hold out for Amalgam Primed Point Blank sprint bonus. 🙃

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