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Affinity Gain - Weird Sharing behavior with Sevagoth and 4th Ability


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To put it simple...

When playing as Sevagoth:
Sevagoth gets 100% affinity and Shadow gets 100% affinity (or 50:50, whatever is true).

When playing as Shadow:

Sevagoth seems to get no affinity at all, and Shadow gets the full affinity range.

I was once 1:1 ranked with both instances till Rank 22, where I started to use Shadow.


This makes no sense for one simple purpose when playing as Shadow: It is a linked instance to the main model, yet it can't rank up that said model. This cannot be intentional.

And I was like "oh, neat. seva and shadow both rank 6 with the same affinity bar filling amount. this will be superb!", joinked.

This is the actual affinity gain, when using Sevagoth exclusively:


And this is actually switching into Shadow and spamming few abilities:


Getting the different results, which proves my point.

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Can confirm this bug, I was wondering why I was leveling so slowly as I was enjoying using the Shadow. I had already leveled the Epitaph by this time, so I was unable to check if the affinity gain was completely stopped, but it would be easy to check by forma-ing something as well as Sevagoth himself, then switching to the shadow once it becomes available and seeing if affinity stops because the shadow is max level.

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Affinity gain on Sevagoth and his Shadow is unlike any other Exalted in the game, and is very counter-intuitive, possibly very much broken. 

The way it works with regular Exalted weapons and abilities is like this:

  • The Exalted weapon counts as an ability kill, thus 100% of affinity goes to the Warframe.
  • The weapon is unable to earn affinity via other means, as all is siphoned by the Warframe.
  • The weapon instead gains levels by essentially duplicating the XP gained by the Warframe, on a 1:1 scale.
    • This is why you cannot put lenses on Exalted equipment, as it would give you double the focus.
    • This is also why when you unlock the weapon's skill for the very first time, it will be already somewhat ranked up.

Now comes Sevagoth:

  • The Shadow correctly replicates all of the affinity gained by Sevagoth.
  • The Claws correctly replicate the affinity gained by Sevagoth.
  • Here's the weird part: Affinity gained when the Shadow is out stays with the Shadow.
    • This should not happen. The Shadow is an ability, and thus should be unable to gain its own affinity. All of it should go Sevagoth only.
  • Even weirder: You can only use the Claws when the Shadow is active, and the Shadow siphons affinity from Sevagoth, and the Claws can only gain levels from Sevagoth himself. This means that it's impossible to level up the Claws when using their own ability. This is all very backwards.

An image example:


I used only Sevagoth for a while, then activated the Shadow and got a few kills with it. Now look at the affinity gain. Sevagoth himself and the Claws have the exact same amount of affinity gained. According to how Exalted weapons are supposed to behave, this is 100% correct. The Shadow though is selfish and keeps its affinity! This should not happen. 

The Shadow has gained 18 965 extra experience. It should all go to Sevagoth first, then be duplicated by the Shadow and the Claws. But it doesn't happen for whatever reason, and makes Forma'ing the Forma hungry Warframe extremely tedious as a result.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I am copy-pasting my bug notes for this issue below from the megathread since it was never added to the Trello Bug report.

Original comment located here:





  • TYPE: In-Game - Affinity Gain / Focus Gain / Standing Gain
  • DESCRIPTION: Sevagoth Affinity Gain Bugged - 0 Affinity Gain while in Shadow Form = 0 Focus Gained in ESO
  • REPRODUCTION: Play Sevagoth in Solo ESO to test. Solo mode will prevent gaining affinity by proxy from other player kills, making it very easy to demonstrate the issue.
    • Entering conduit in either Shadow form or Sevagoth form should provide focus gain buff
    • Shadow Form + Claws contributes 100% of affinity gain to Sevagoth
    • Entering the Conduit with Sevagoth results in the expected outcome: you get the focus gain buff
    • Entering the conduit with Shadow results in never receiving the focus gain buff
    • Sevagoth gains 0 affinity from kills while in shadow form


My lens equipped onto Sevagoth. For my test run, I used a weapon that was max rank with no lens installed.


The test was performed with these buffs:

Note how this should have resulted in a HUGE affinity gain because of the blessing + event booster.


I did not grab a screenshot of the Zone 2, only Zone 3.

  • When I entered zone 2, I did so using Shadow.
    • I received 0 focus gain bonus, since the buff never applied. I even swapped between Shadow and Sevagoth during the start of the round to check. no buff received.
  • I entered Zone 3 using Sevagoth.
    • The 19 gain here was likely from my pet prior to switching into shadow form at very start of the round.
    • I spent the entire duration of the buff + a few extra seconds in Shadow Form.
    • This resulted in a whopping 19 focus gained.



End of Mission Results.





For reference, I ran a second mission using my Nekros Prime, which also has a basic lense equipped. I swapped my no-lens bubonico for my no-lens dual ichors. The rest of the build remained the same. AND, to make it even worse, this comparison was done AFTER my blessing expired, so I the affinity gain was at a lower rate than the mission than I played Sevagoth with.


Here are the results:

More than double the affinity gain while doing 1 less round of ESO.


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Funny, how DE is not addressing this issue for months.

So much for "we listen to the community", right. The 1%, which are doing free-commercial on youtube, are founders or however related to Digital Extremes, those are the ones being listened to.

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All tests in this followup post were with the following setup:

  • PC Patch 30.3.4
  • Game Mode: SO / ESO - SOLO/INVITE ONLY MODE (no guests)
  • Max Rank Kuva Nukor (Rank 40)
  • Max Rank Keratinos
  • Warframe:
    • Sevagoth: Started around rank 12 for this SO run (Fresh Forma)
      • Obviously this will be rank 30 when it comes to doing the focus farming test in SO and ESO
      • For this test, My sevagoth has a basic lens installed (1.25% conversion).
    • Shadow: Rank 30
    • Claws: Rank 30

Test 1: Ranking Sevagoth 0-30 while using Shadow



Test Method: Enter a conduit while in Shadow Form and measure how much affinity sevagoth gained in the time it takes for shadow form to expire.
Results: Rank 30 Claws + Rank 30 Shadow form provided around 13k affinity to Sevagoth during this test.

Before Entering Conduit for Zone 2:CdgMrlY.jpg


Screenshot immediately after Shadow form expired in Zone 2.O2WoXpY.jpg




Test 1 Conclusion: While Claws and Shadow are both rank 30, Sevagoth gains affinity properly when leveling from 0-30.
Test Notes: I'm not going to test with Shadow / Sevagoth not full ranked, as I don't want to expend the extra forma (both already have 5). If someone wants to test, they can.


Test 2: Sevagoth Focus Farming

Test Method: Play SO / ESO in solo mode

Test 2A: Enter Conduit as Sevagoth, Switch to Shadow, run out the focus buff timer while in Shadow Form
Test 2A Expectation: Able to focus farm with Shadow since affinity gain for leveling sevagoth works just fine for 0-30
Test 2A Results:

  • Sevagoth received focus buff.
  • Switching to Shadow  showed buff not applied in upper right corner.
  • Switching back to Sevagoth after buff expired showed 0  affinity gained.

End of Zone 1, just before jumping into Conduit as Sevagoth


Several seconds after buff expired I switched back to Sevagoth






Test 2A Conclusion: Sevagoth unable to gain focus while in Shadow form.


Test 2B: Enter conduit as shadow.
Test 2B Expectation: Shadow form gains the focus buff.




Screenshot proving I entered as Shadow


Screenshot showing that shadow form did not receive buff at start  of zone 3fI7OiK9.jpg


Screenshot of Sevagoth that should have buff if it had been applied4uZg2eP.jpg


Test 2B Conclusion: 

  • Shadow Form is unable to gain the focus buff.
  • Sevagoth also does not gain the focus buff (Sevagoth never entered the conduit himself)


Test 2C: Enter conduit as operator
Test 2C Expectation: Same as 2B
Test 2C Results: Same as 2B


Conclusions: BUGGED AF

  • Sevagoth's shadow is still bugged and you cannot gain focus while in this form.
    • Focus Orbs also do not spawn while in Shadow form
  • Likely due to all sevagoth buffs being disabled on switching over to shadow.


I think that Shadow is programmed the same 'class' as venari / exalted weapons (Can't equip a lens). And since Sevagoth buffs don't affect Shadow, Shadow has focus farming just turned off. Special code needs to be added / tweaked to allow shadow to focus farm. This, in theory, should be pretty easy ESPECIALLY SINCE LEVELING 0-30 WORKS FINE.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Update 30.3.5 Testing

On 2021-06-10 at 3:47 PM, [DE]Megan said:
  • Fixed some Affinity double dipping with Sevagoth & his Shadow/Shadow Claws.

  • Fixed Sevagoth Shadow/Shadow Claws kills not granting Focus if Sevagtoh has a Focus Lens.

Cool, Sev "fixes". Except I think the first one made focus earning broken. The second one referenced here: does seem to be (partially) fixed, but some issues are outstanding.

Test Results

Using the same kit i used in the link above (only Sevagoth has basic focus lens, no lens on other equipment) here are my ESO testing results:

  • Entering Conduit with Sevagoth's Shadow: Still no focus buff applied.
  • Entering Conduit with Sevagoth:
    • Focus Buff is applied.
    • Shadow DOES appear to contribute to focus gain, but it is at a heavily nerfed amount. Test results below (No screenshots because I'm sick of documenting this issue, but enjoy playing Sevagoth enough to type it out.)
  • Focus Gain Results for ESO Zones 2 & 3 on 6/12/21
    • Entering a conduit with Sevagoth's Shadow: 0 gain (focus buff never applied, still bugged)
    • Entering with Sevagoth then entering and exiting shadow 3 times (due to shadow death)
      • Sevagoth's meter remained full the entire time, so I was able to instantly recast shadow. Bug?
      • 118 focus gain by the time the buff expired. The efficiency remained at 99% for Zone 2, so I expected much more than this.
        • This seems quite low for solely killing with an ability.
      • Tested it a second time: started at 583 focus when I went into shadow mode w/ 30s on the clock. Ended at 680, with the total focus gain for zone 2 reporting 184. This is a total gain of 97 while in shadow mode, and killing substantially more enemies.
      • For reference, in zone 2 with a horrible unoptimized Atlas with the same focus lens, I earned 67 focus without really killing any enemies.
    • Entering with sevagoth and using abilities 1& 2 + secondary weapon / melee weapons (no lenses)
      • Zone 3 Test 1: 400 focus gain.
      • Zone 4 focus gain killing almost exclusively with a kuva nukor: 2300 focus. (Note my kavat may have buffed me, probably, not sure)
      • Zone 3 focus gain within 10 seconds of my bad atlast build had 167 focus gain within around 10s (then atlas died) Either way, this was still greater than anything I got with Shadow killing hordes of enemies.
      • Finally, an Excal Umbra (same lens as Sevagoth) using only his Exalted weapon +  other abilities during the conduit timer: 2200 focus on zone 3


  • Technically Sevagoth can now gain focus while in shadow form, albeit at a extremely reduced rate compared to other frames with exalted abilities.
  • Also, since Shadow can't attain the focus buff from conduits, I'm also assuming that focus orbs still dont spawn while in Shadow mode. So thats still bugged most likely.


Sevagoth still bugged.

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  • 1 month later...

Update 30.5.3 (3 months after release): Bug still exists.

  • I have confirmed that picking up a focus orb using Shadow that spawned while in Sevagoth DOES allow (extremely small, basically nonexistent) focus gain if using Shadow for entire duration of the orb.
  • I have also confirmed that in SO / ESO, Shadow still does not trigger the focus buff when entering a conduit.
  • Furthermore, the focus gained while in shadow is still basically worthless. With an affinity booster granted from a login bonus, Here was my results in a 4 man squad on an ESO run I just ran:
    • Sevagoth: Zenurik 1.25% lens, Xoris Vazarin 1.25%, 2 weapons I was ranking up (no lens)
    • Zone 2: 0 focus gained during buff period (I entered with Shadow, so no buff was ever received)
    • Zone 3 floating at 99-100% the entire duration: a whopping 850 focus gained by Sevagoth (0 gained from my Xoris) after entering with Sevagoth, immediately switching to shadow and remaining in shadow for the duration.
    • Zone 4: somewhere between 4500 and 5000 focus gained by Sevagoth, and another approx 5k gained by my Xoris while staying in Sevagoth form for duration of the buff.

TLDR: Shadow form still has some sort of affinity bug, and has several focus-gain related bugs.

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  • 4 months later...

Update: 30.9.4

All bugs noted above still exist.

  • Shadow form does not gain the focus buff when entering a conduit in SO / ESO
  • Sevagoth appears to be gaining <25% of the expected focus gain when Sevagoth, Shadow, Claws are all at max level and performing kills in shadow form.
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