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In game reported ram use far lower then actual



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Warframe uses 3.5gb on my side. Depending on the settings, it was lower, as I was using a smaller sized monitor (in terms of resolution scale). Currently running 4K, all settings maxed at 100FPS.

Ingame counter shows around 1.1gb.


This simply doesn't match up. My guess is, that DE has no clue how to fetch proper memory IO.

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2 hours ago, Blyker said:

Yeah but which one is abnormal ..

Neither. The value used both mean different things.

2 hours ago, Blyker said:

I did click open the warframe tab in the task manager so the epic overlay things that are associated with warframe i did not count.

The slightly longer tl;dr:

When a program starts it needs to ask windows for a block of memory. This pool of memory is the domain of the program that asked for it and it can summarily be used in whatever way the program wants. This block of memory is known to the program, and in Warframes case, this is what they track with the ingame counter. It's their pool, and they know whats inside it.

Windows task manger tracks memory usage of any program that is committing memory to making Warframe run. For example: Your graphics drivers. But this also includes Warframe itself. The difference here is that you have many pools of memory aggregated into one readout under the process you are viewing.

As a hypothetical:

If your task manager reads 15GB for Warframe, but the ingame counter only says ~1GB, then you will probably be told to update your drivers, since what is happening in that inflated address space is completely unknown to DE (it's not from their pool of memory).

If your task manager says 15GB and your ingame counter says 14GB, DE will probably ask for your EE.log since there is some issue within their own pool of memory.

As for what is considered normal, it changes based on the tile. Older tiles use less than newer tiles. You'll just need to keep the counters up and take a mental note of what looks normal as you play the different tiles.

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1 hour ago, Blyker said:

What's going on with there?


Warframe tracks what Warframe uses. Windows tracks Warframe, plus everything else the system allocates to make Warframe run.

If warframe's reading is abnormal, then there is an issue within the game engine. If Windows reads abnormal, then 'something' else is misbehaving.

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