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Cruzion - Three Warframes In One!


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This is a heavy WIP. Nothing here is finalized.


What is Cruzion?

Cruzion is my little creation of a Warframe (piloted by a male). He is designed for the DPS and stealth role through three forms: Gun, Sword, and Stealth. Each form changes the physical appearance of the Warframe and its pilot. He's basically three different Warframes in one!


How does Cruzion work?

Cruzion is going to be a very unique Warframe. He will not have a primary, secondary, and melee weapon slot like all other Warframes have. Instead, his weapons are tied to his abilities.


His forms have different stances. For example, Sword Form has a balance between durability, mobility, and damage. Gun Form sacrifices mobility for intense fire power and durability. Stealth for sacrifices durability for mobility, invisibility, and damage.


Additionally, his entire arsenal is powered by his energy. Changing forms requires energy, firing in Gun Form requires energy, being invisible requires energy, and special sword attacks require energy. Naturally his energy pool is very large and he has ways to always have energy readily available.


Because Cruzion is purely energy based, his Warframe Skill Mods will have 5 levels to them instead of only 3 and they will scale very well per level.


What does Cruzion look like in his three forms?

Coming soon! Generating images using GIMP.


What are Cruzion's abilities?


Sword Form - The Default form. This form only allows for melee combat. Press mouse 1 to deal swift strikes (consumes stamina). Press mouse 2 do deal slow but very damaging heavy attacks (consumes stamina). Press E to use your frontal shield (consumes energy depending on damage absorbed). Press F to deal an attack that can knock down your target. You can mix up your light and heavy attacks for different animations and effects. 


Gun Form - The tall and heavy form for long ranged combat and tanking. This form comes with a very large rifle that changes shape depending on the firing mode. The firing modes are the Vulcan Cannon, Photon Grenade Launcher, and Rail Cannon. Press mouse 1 to use your Vulcan Cannon. Press mouse 2 to zoom in. Press E to fire your Photon Grenade Launcher. Press F to shoot your Rail Cannon. All firing modes require energy for use.


Stealth Form - The lithe and nimble form for sneaking and dealing critical strikes to unsuspecting enemies. This form uses invisibility and wall climbing abilities to deliver a silent death to your foes. Press mouse 1 to latch onto a wall (consumes energy per second). Press mouse 2 to leap onto a target. While latched onto a target, press mouse 1 to deliver strikes to the target's head (consumes stamina per hit and you can keep attacking until the target dies). Press E to activate invisibility (consumes energy per second). 


Regeneration - While in any form, Cruzion can rest and regenerate his energy. Press and hold 4 to start regeneration. While regenerating, you can move but you cannot attack, shield yourself, or go invisible.

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That screws up the whole games mechanics

This sounds like a really cool concept for a different game, but not for Warframe. DE would have to rework so many mechanics to make this work, it'd take far too much time and money for it. It sounds like a great concept though.



I'd prefer to call it "deviation from the norm." Something that should happen from time to time in a game such as Warframe. Besides, only on the surface is this complicated. In practice it's pretty simple. Most of the work is coding and animation which is the same as all other Warframes. Most of the animations for Swords are already in the game, so you can basically only use the vanilla animations if you wanted to for most of this Warframe's combat-related animations.

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