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Railjack giving the wrong rewards

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I was doing Nu Gu Mines void storm on Neptune and for the bonus rewards I got a 500x cryotic followed by nano spores followed by ferrite followed by a control module and then two instances of aucrux capacitors. This is not what the rewards track should look like for completing a RJ void storm node. And according to the official drop tables none of these bonus rewards should even be possible at all other than the two instances of aucrux capacitors. 


This seems like a rare occurrence but here is the proof if you don't believe me:

5517.633 Sys [Info]: Spot-building /Lotus/Types/Items/MiscItems/Cryotic
5517.634 Sys [Error]: Cannot localize message: /Lotus/Language/Railjack/CrewShipFlaresAbilityDesc - Translation missing keywords: |val| 

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I think I figured out the issue, the total drop rate chance for the void storm bonus is 92.5% which probably means this "resource bundle" has a 7.5% chance of being the drop

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