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NSW Call of the Tempestarii: Hotfix #3

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  • Replace accidental Vaulted Relics dropping in Void Storm rewards with intended Nyx Prime and Valkyr Prime Relics.


  • Fixed multiple crashes that could occur in the Grineer Shipyards Hijack tileset.
  • Fixed an issue with accounts that created a Kuva Lich using Sevagoth’s Shadow and vanquished a Lich with such a progenitor. All players in this case will have their affected weapon with 55% Impact Damage.  
  • Fixed an issue that would occur when a player tries to select a new mission after a Host migration occurs. 
  • Another fix towards extra Void Traces being awarded when a player joins a Void Storm mission in progress.
  • Fixed missing Raiji Syandana, Zaikhya Syandana, and Arcturus Syandana.
  • Fixed [PH] text strings in Razorback and Fomorian World State Window descriptions.
  • Fixed cases where Corpus Crewship engines/doors were not illuminated. 
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Focus earned during rj missions is not being awarded fully. With an affinity booster, affinity blessing, the stealth kill bonus and affinity bonus bubbles found in mission, the game shows me earning 25-40k per bubble with a lua lens, but at the end of the mission I walk with 50-70k total. 

5 hours ago, (NSW)SLPspace said:

Not sure if it's already on your radar, but I can't activate the particle ram, or any other battle mod that goes in it's category.

I second this. 


There are abilities that are not working properly in voidstorms. Ivara sleep arrow does nothing to certain corrupted corpus units

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