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Call of the Tempestarii: Hotfix 30.0.4


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Can we get new rewards for the Defense in  Railjack? also tune up the enemy scaling,we do not want  paper enemies *everywhere*.

Void storms are undeniably worse than any other fissure,even a survival or  interception missions are faster to open relics pls Remove objectives and let us  blast trough missions with railjacks its called ,,storms''  not ,,crawls''


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Tank you very much for RJ fixes.

But please take a look into the corrupted spawns in RJ as well as the tactical map.
The UI elements are often blocked by loot pop ups and enemy transmissions.

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7 minutes ago, ---Riven-Boss--- said:



when New War?;
when Duviri Paradox?;
When Baro?

A more pertinent question would be:

When anniversary alerts?

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Thanks for the fixes!


can we get some info on the state of fixing the overdone special effects on RJ when those crystal things spawn? Or the low ground-enemy spawns that make fissures take much longer?


until these are fixed, it’s a bit painful to do void storms

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Had a bug recently where Gauss wasn't able to go past the Redline during a Void Storm extermination mission, the moment it would go past the line it dropped back. (also, the noise it made was absolute ear-cancer!)

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