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Call of the Tempestarii: Hotfix 30.0.4


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1 hour ago, pantophage said:

pls reduce void storm UI effect spam and excessive effects from void explosions

Void Sinks/Storms on Neptune can kick arse, check this out, I got owned while ranking up. :( 

15:25:14 - <Slayer-.> downed at 644 health by an unknown source
15:25:20 - <Slayer-.> killed by 800 damage at 664 health from a VoidSink using a VoidSink
15:29:11 - <Slayer-.> downed at 786 health by a VoidSink using a VoidSink
15:29:32 - <TennoAvatar944> killed by 966 damage at 787 health from an unknown source
15:29:52 - <Slayer-.> downed at 950 health by a VoidSink using a VoidSink
15:30:13 - <TennoAvatar1010> killed by 966 damage at 951 health from an unknown source
LOG ENDS - 4/17/2021, 3:32:32 PM

I was ranking up a frame sevagoth while doing the void storms on Neptune solo and the Storms just kept spawning on me and exploding straight away most of the time I couldn't avoid the explosion radius even making a bolt for it and shooting them, lost a bit of rank up XP while trying to finish the mission and getting to extraction.

I was jumping around bullet jumping like a crazy man possessed and using spoiler mode to move around and get to extraction, shield gating didn't help as soon as they appeared they exploded killing me, like big flak bombs all round me it was intense to say the least.

I'm a stubborn old bugga so off I go again for some more punishment hoping it was just a random bug.  


Edit Update: 
I went back into the same mission after awhile to see if it settled down, and I only got nuked once, that was because 4 storms (or more to busy trying to avoid them than count them) spawned on me all at once in a small corridor, I had nowhere to go so the explosion just nuked the area as I shot at them, felt like I was on the receiving end of a carpet bombing run. lol 

16:37:28 - <Slayer-.> downed at 798 health by a VoidSink using a VoidSink
LOG ENDS - 4/17/2021, 4:42:51 PM

So from now on I'll rank up frames in normal Warframe and go back to my other frames for Railjack that can actually take a hit, gotta say solo it's intense and annoying all at the same time while trying to level a frame having fun.

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I do enjoy the updates, thanks for your hard work!

But could you please, for god's sake, finally do something about this? It's bad enough that people can stand around AFK for the whole mission, but they keep doing stuff like this, blocking my sight, sabotaging the game for everyone, and there is no way to get rid of this.


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Idk if i can report a bug here but, there is one, if you complete a mission while dying (solo mission btw) with an electric hazard on, the electric hazard will remain until you logout from the game. That is so to say, if you enter another mission with it being active, you can't repair the hazard, making the entire railjack board unaccessible for forever.


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Void Storms are not worth playing after you got all the drops you needed.

Maybe make the reactants drop from fighters, without the need to board anything and do a regular fissure.

Just make the reactants drop from fighters and crewships, so the mission is worth doing to open relics and people will play them more.

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1. The boss reworks. I bet the studio forgot about that. AGAIN. Even when the Devstream spotlighted it multiple times. 

2. Companions 2.0 is also lost and not found. Please. Give me something! 

3. Additional lich personalities. That devstream even showed the new recordings and animations! Where is it now?

4. This one is my personal thought. See I keep telling everyone Grineers are just guinea pigs for future polished Corpus updates. This can be easily proven by how the Grineer tilesets and missions remain at the sate of their initial release while Corpus gets the refined versions with constant updates. Not to mention deeper and stronger lore and the nonexistence of any sort of song. 

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On 2021-04-16 at 11:30 AM, FSK41 said:

Can we get new rewards for the Defense in  Railjack? also tune up the enemy scaling,we do not want  paper enemies *everywhere*.

Void storms are undeniably worse than any other fissure,even a survival or  interception missions are faster to open relics pls Remove objectives and let us  blast trough missions with railjacks its called ,,storms''  not ,,crawls''


If it takes you longer than an intercept then that's on you. I have no trouble grabbing traces and bonus objectives. What takes up all the time in missions are randoms blowing up crewships instead of boarding and grabbing reactant. If you're in that much of a hurry for the new frame, then just run solo. Other people on public want traces plus the bonus traces. Then there's also the mess of bugs from the Void Storm missions.

I think if they fixed up all the bugs from the railjack missions and people could do multiple runs instead of having to go to dojo after every mission because they can't hit escape, then it'll feel much better to do the missions.

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21 hours ago, Kitsushadow said:

Here's a thought DE. What about a void storm activity that doesn't involve fissures? I mean, it's still a void storm. But it's not the "critical mass" needed to cause fissures. So it becomes a regular environment modifier for normal Railjack. It won't always happen, but it might. That degree of randomness will make void storms a genuine threat, and less of a relic sink. Sure, you can do relics in void fissure storms, but you could also just do regular Railjack, with the chance that any random RJ mission might have a storm move in, further complicating your mission.

That would be cool....as long as the fissure menu was still there as a reliable method of doing storms, since having only RNG to get a mission and then RNG to get the thing you want(sevagoth for example) from said missions would not be great.
But if it was still an option to choose void storms directly as well as a random chance one could happen in missions, it would be pretty neat.

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The UI involvement with Voidsinks is too aggressive. AND, I like the concept of them spawning and producing a increasing effect on the players UI. I do not want the effect and it's scaling to go away. But having 1 Voidsink spawn 30 meters away should not necessarily have an 80% impact on UI. It's too overwhelming, too easily. Please don't get rid of this feature but tone the scaling rate back a few notches.

My first void storm was AWESOME!  By the end of it, I came to the conclusion that, "This is how relics should be opened." Then, I was wishing the regular fissures would go away. I understand how upsetting it would be to the community to rid them of the capability to farm capture missions for all the loot. And, still I think, "let them whine for it was too easy then!" Getting the best loot in the game should be involved and epic. Related, I would sure like to stop receiving Ayatan sculptures, Endo, and Kuva for sorties. Three high level (nightmarish) missions that may include an assassination should be more lucrative than Arbitrations. 

My friends and I adore those missions that seem to spawn countless fighters. An intense mission is the best mission for us! We love the updates, so thank you, DE, for giving us new experiences that try to overwhelm our crew!

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Was wondering if we could change the silver variant of relic rewards for forma. Bronze forma should give 1 forma bp where silver gives 2 cause otherwise its just a ripoff.

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So DE, let's talk.  I'm going to outline my half of this story, and why this "mainline" release is so frustrating.  I will highlight some other things along the way... so it isn't unreasonable to be on a momentary tangent.


Let's begin with Trello...  It's a good fundamental tool.  Realistically speaking, it's a pseudo SCRUM tool for development.  If used properly, it would be a great tool to communicate what is being worked on, what stage it is in, and most importantly what the next update was going to focus on.  So, why am I frustrated with this?  Two simple points.  SCRUM is best practiced with finite problems, defined goals, and defined timelines.  While that looks like three points, finite problems and defined goals are where the failures overlap into effectively being a single situation.  As such, instead of an update board this is a compendium feedback tool, and seems to bear only a passing resemblance to the output updates.  Funny that, if you use a tool incorrectly then the output is distorted.


Let's now discuss rewards.  I'm going to say this as a first step, hopefully I'm actually drawing from the right pool.  I played a Pluto Exterminate Void Storm....and managed to get both plastids and rubedo as my "bonus" rewards at the end....so there's the general failure to be considered.  Beyond that though, void storms are not worth the annoyance.  There are a grand total of two new rewards that are exclusive to the void storms, and that's Sevagoth and Epitaph.  They share 3 drops each, running such that it's basically a 10% drop for each part (barring the goofiness on Saturn).  Great...  The things drop at a low rate, as it's the same we have for the rare drops from a RADIANT relic.  Once you've got these rewards, the rest of the pool is a bunch of novel relics (that hopefully change with the prime access).  The only "good" part of this is that the dropped relic is radiant, assuming it even drops, and that it's not limited to only the previous prime access and earlier (looking at you open world drops).

The rewards are mediocre....but that doesn't mean they aren't viable.  Heck, the Lua disruption requires 4 nodes before a single item drops.  So, let's look at the time investment.  A standard void mission can be completed in under five minutes solo.  Less if optimized, but let's disregard that.  The railjack and mission components of void storms actually double dip on rewards though, so that 15 minute relic crack isn't bad if you're getting two reward rolls per relic, right?  Well, no.  The second roll has void trace drops in it, so you'll have instances where your secondary reward for three times the mission length is to get about the same amount of void traces, on average, as a standard relic run.  Goody.  

So rewards are earned slower, less of them are earned, but there's something to bring us back....right?  I cannot speak to Sevagoth yet, but the three components scream a huge forma investment to min-max.  I can speak to the Epitaph, and it's the standard meh.  How so?  Well, it's got a charged and uncharged state, the states balance crit and status, and it's backwards of what you would want ideally.  If that sounds familiar to anyone, then they've been playing long enough to either have seen Banshee Prime or the unvaulting.  Yes, it's the thing that the Euphona Prime did.  The only difference is now you can use 15 mod capacity to have impact status effects have a basically 1 in 3 (35%) chance of also getting a slash effect...or if it's slow you get 70%.  Oh look, the Epitaph is just slow enough.  Great, I have a shiny new weapon and it already feels like you've carved bits out of it so that the new mods could be justified as anything more than an admission that you don't know how to balance out slash status effects (and thus will balance by giving it to everything).


Finally, we should discuss implementation.  It's poor.  I could stop here, but I think you need more to focus on specifically.  Let's give this three categories.  Visual poison, a lack of challenge, and finally simply wonky implementation choices that make playing the mode not fun.

Kicking this off, who in Hades play tested this?  It must be Mr. Magoo.  People hate the magnetic effect, because the entire hud gets to immediately become a head ache inducing mess.  To top that, the void sinks extend from the edges of the hud nearly to the center.  This is like a somehow more annoying combination of the flash blind from a bursa had hate *** with a magnetic status effect, producing an even more hateful baby.  It's not challenging, it's not interesting, it's not even something that can be avoided with skill.  I'll get into this during implementation, but this visual poison is simply a middle finger to anyone that chooses to engage with this new mode.

Moving on, void storms are not a challenge.  They're a gear and healing item check.  The void sinks in the railjack portions often make flying into points of interest a crap shoot.  Unless you've got Amesha you can die by damage before you even get in range to board.  You get onto ships, and the enemies are literally nothing new.  They got a fresh coat of paint, and one new spider unit that in practice does nothing different from anything else.  The one improvement is that you've stacked them with more shields and HP...which just means I have to hit them 3 times instead of 2.  One for shields, one for most of the health, and a final to clean up the sloppy seconds where they've simply had enough bulk added to be annoying.  Top this off with void sinks that can spawn on you, or even better have multiple spawns on you, and you've taken deaths because....reasons.  No skill checks or difficulty, RNGesus simply decided to smite you today.  Challenge is enemies being less than braindead idiots, somehow requiring techniques, or being able to respond somehow to the player.  This is none of that.

Your implementation after 15 updates is absolutely baffling.  Lining up the problems, let's just list the crap out.  In railjack you can get spawns that prevent usage of equipment.  Void storms effectively act only as a gear check, to determine if you can tank wild damage spikes.  On the core mission side, spawning void sinks can result in deaths that are unavoidable, assuming that you aren't in the middle of an aneurism because the screen is impossible to look at.  Rewards have effectively not matched the associated extra required time, assuming that they even drop properly.  All of this is in service to consoles basically getting the 11 updates from 29.10.0 to 29.10.10....which was not a mainline.  Culling everything else from the list, you're left with us getting another pirate themed warframe...in a game about space ninjas...sold by a shanty themed tune...that's reusing a fan concept (including tombstone) from years ago.  What even is this garbage?





Let me offer some really quick fixes.  These aren't well though out, but they'd take very little time to implement and make things slightly less frustrating.  

  1. Drop the screen shake void sink effect.  It's idiotic.  Go grayscale.  If the distance from a void sink correlated with how much of the screen lost color (starting from the inside and going outward) it'd be impossible to miss, but not visually toxic.  This would be useless for color blind users, but if you also paired it with a very high contrast the lack of discernable details would be enough of a visual indicator as well.
  2. Choose two relics to crack.  Require 20 void traces.  Have all missions require a POI and have the Freightlinker/ice ship/extra drop ship.  Do not spawn Crew ships.  Justify all of this as the Grineer/Corpus not being as stupid as the Tenno.  This will make the missions less RNG diverse, but it'll also mean less failures because of broken mechanics.  You've already got diversity in the mission types, and if you combine this with the doubling of relic cracks, the rewards and diversity are reasonable.
  3. Set a minimum spawn distance of the void sinks from the Tenno, and a minimum spawn from each POI.  This should have been a "no duh" decision, but seems to have been missed along with any play testing.  It's reasonable to have to fly around a void sink or soot it, but the lack of blink and forced damage from these things to get to POIs is just stupid.
  4. Go void rewards with the relics here.  That is to say each planet will always have a pool of relics to roll from, on top of the other rewards.  In this way, no matter what you do you'll always have at least a relic, even if the roll for Sevagoth/Epitaph parts is bad or you've gotten them already.
  5. Justify all of this as a 1:1 rewards match with the normal void missions.  You have more cost (2 relics), and more time invested (15 minutes:5 minutes); that said, you get more rewards (2 cracks), an assured relic, and a roll from a pool of extra resources to cover what could potentially be frustrating otherwise.  This puts the void storms on par with standard void fissure missions, without making either obsolete.


People are complaining about efficiency, and will drop this if the rewards don't get better.  As someone sitting on 1024 intrinsics, because rank 10 with turret auto aim but overheat is an idiotic proposition, I don't want to do any more railjack.  It's as buggy as 2.0, It's simply switched things from power focused to turret focused.  It even seems like the team designing rewards has chosen the worst possible options to try and kill this game mode in the crib.  Whatever though, this feedback will be added to the pile of "negative" responses.  It's just depressing at this point.

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On 2021-04-16 at 3:15 PM, DrinkingRock said:

Unpopular opinion, but I’ve been loving the new void storms. If you’re skillful, you can complete then faster than the Survival benchmark (much faster with Grineer Skirmish) and all the extra goodies/ return Radiants really help make it worthwhile.

To the naysayers, keep in mind you’re getting:

Large amounts of endo from ship parts, substantial credits, more relics back than you put in (usually), substantial XP from objectives to passively level items, 25% chance to get your Radiants back in most cases, and a never ending supply of Void Traces.

My longest mission times usually run about 8-9 minutes, but the variable objectives for me have masked well the otherwise repetitive nature of cracking relics, and overall these Void Storms are a passive, evergreen Ducat grind that still give several other goodies.

Do I even need credits, endo, or XP? No, I have a maxed mod collection and a maxed copy of every arsenal item in the game. Is it fun to watch numbers go up while casually grinding Ducats? Yes. Yes indeed.

Sure. Its appealing for new players with a need to get a bit of everything in a single mission. The problem is the majority of people doing this doesn't need it and cares more about opening relics for missing prime parts or trading. Personally I don't need anything this mission type offers and feel better with a 1-2 minute capture with little effort. I just want my relic opened.

I would say most veterans value focused grinding for something specific over a smorgasbord of things we don't want/ need at the moment. The people who are content with the reward structure here are in the minority right now.

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When will controller issues be fixed? They are the same issues as on the XBOX and PS.

1. Cannot use second battle mod in Railjack. (right shoulder button + square).

2. Intrinsics gunnery level 9 cannot be used.

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On 2021-04-16 at 10:29 AM, Kamachi said:


Void Storms as they currently stand are simply not worth the player time investment outside of getting Sevagoth parts, please review.

Even with Sevagoth parts... it’s faster to farm plat and buy from the market. 

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Please make void storms in veil be possible with murex on the same node. Either make us choose what mission on the node we would like to undertake such as nightmare/invasions missions etc or make it possible to play with both type because right now murex always overwrite void storm.

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Started "Seven Sirens" missions. After detroying 1 crewship and other nodes 2nd crewship was in my void hole and then disappeared. Unable to complete mission.













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