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The Playerbase Made This Event


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Ok so here we are. The new event type is a sucess.

Are some unhappy? Yes. Will DE tweak these battles in the future? Absolutely.

Are some very happy? Yes they are.

It allso worked like they hoped it would. The choice to pick ally split the players and the Clans.

When you think about it, we made the choice to give Mars to Grineer.

By this I mean of course the Majority. I supported Corpus purely for Lore reasons.

The fact I like Corpus tech better and imo suit Tenno more is my loss.

No matter the complaints about unfairness, time, grind, predetermined outcome.

One undeniable fact remain,

For the first time in Warframe history we, the players, had a hand in reshaping the Starmap!

This is really a OMFG thing when you stop and think about it for a while.

We got so many prizes while doing it to!

I just formad 2, and potatoed 2, seriously that would have forever at the mercy of rng!

Actually it was a stroke of genious if intended to give new players a break and catch up!

And that feeling of standing in the middle of 10 units pumping blue shields in me, techs in front, railgun to my rear fusions in front. Come on, I never had so much fun before in wf!

Final notes

Remember this will be gauged, evaluated and integrated for future events and missions.

What we say now, and how we played, will tell DE to act.

Planetary event-ladders of different missiontypes are sure to come now, in the long run probably including Lore and Bosses.

So all who feel cheated, angry and have given up on this event,

listen. Good things will come from this.

Count your loot, smile and watch next livestream. I sure will.

Thank you devs for a great effort :)

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Giving Corpus supporters not a single Corpus weapon as a reward is still stupid.


Upvoted for true statement, but disapprove of butthurt in optimistic thread.


Event was fun, leveled stuff, but the grind... the grind really got to me near the end. 135 runs isn't something to do casually...


On the plus side, I got really, really (really really really) good at speedrunning Exterminates, and killsniping heavies with split-second timing.


I also will never need to farm control modules or gallium until the day I die, They will be part of my inheritance. "And to my strong sons, I bequeath-"  -lawyer double-takes upon reading this part of the will- "one hundred- one hundred and ninety-seven gallium?" sons high-five one another.

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I agree the required 100, runs for the end tewards are to much.

Still, grind is in the blood of Warframe. It won't chang e without a transfusion of new game mechanics.

As I said, i mostly played for Lore, ie Corpus hold on Mars nodes and hope of stort impact after the Event.

I get no gun, but Im just dying for the finale, Alad and Zanuka.

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I entirely agree with the OP. This event was really good, I dont understand why all the whining over a little pistol. I prefer to be rewarded with catalysts, reactors, formas than with one more secondary. I also fight with the Corpus and Im going with them to the end. I left my previous clan because of the war and joined a smaller one (where research is more cheap because of the clan size).


My only complaint is that the invasion mission is too short, more than a normal exterminate mission. In the Void exterminate missions can have 150 enemies, but in the invasion it was around 100, plus the fact that you have allies doing the killing for you. So my suggestion is to double the number of enemies in future invasions.


I congratulate DE for this event and hope the invasion mode becomes permanent.

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I, too, fought for Corpus for my own lore reasons, but I agree with everything the OP said. We've come a helluva long way from popping "weather balloons" and for that, I'm extremely grateful! It felt amazing running alongside Corpus while their shield ospreys jacked my shields up another 200, and watching a Railgun Moa tear into a stinky Grineer over my shoulder was amazing. At one point I went down and had a Corpus crewman standing over me shooting Grineer while my teammate revived me. Now THAT was stellar. Wish I'd had thought to snap a picture.


Sure there were some bumps in the road, but let's face it: you can't make everyone happy all the time. Do I wish it was a bit less grindy? Sure. Do I wish I could get the shiny Corpus weapons I wanted so badly? Absolutely. But you know what? It's a game.


Another thought occurred to me while doing this event as well...  I've seen many people, including myself, who would really enjoy the ability to have more than just four-party missions. Even though DE's gaming engine can't support that, we had that in this event! Sure they weren't actual players or Warframes, but they were more allies on your side. With some tweaks here and there, I could come to adore this as a regular mission type; maybe set somewhere outside of the normal system like the Void or Derelicts, only it's another planetary system where the factions are constantly at war and trying to gain territory. (Haven't thought it out much, so no fire today, please, thank you). Anyway, +1 OP and +100 DE for always trying your best to give us something great.

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