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A Way To Make Every Ult Dynamic-Ability Charging!


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The way ults work now,its pretty much just a click-and-go mechanic,where its not really dynamic and you dont have as much of a "powerfull" feeling to it.So to show you what I mean exactly with this,I´m gonna write a few demonstrations on this.

-Also,this would not be on all Ults,for example not on WoF,Rhino Stomp or Radial Javelin.

-The maximum "casting" time of the ability is 25 seconds.


-This ult gives massive damage and a short CC ,also making Frost immobile.

Changes:When the 4 button is pressed,you will go into "ability casting" mode where you will slightly grow with your energy color,pulsing through your warframe.

Now when you hold LMB,you do not shoot or cancel the ability,you isntead CHARGE it.

By clicking the RMB you would cancel the ability at any time.

The starter damage of Avalanche would be 500,after 2 seconds of holding 750,and after 5 seconds it would be 1K damage!But now,what will happen if you hold it longer?

The enemies will start to take a slow DoT of 10dmg/sec and will still be frozen,allowing your teammies to shoot them without having to worry.

So,do you want to just deal 500 damage and keep on goin,or wait a second and deal 1000 damage,or rather let your teammies damage ´em up a bit so you can finish it off?


-When activated,Saryn will start emiting a poisoun cloud out of her frame,she can move while doing this,the longer you hold LMB,the bigger the cloud gets.If you hold it for more than 15 seconds,you get a 50% damage resistance,while also choking your enemies for 25% more damage!

WAY more dynamic dont you think?


When Nyx goes into the Bubble stage,the longer you hold it,the longer your Bubble will last,loggically.What you dont know is,the Bubble reaches its maximum damage output at 15 seconds,if you decide to hold it longer,nearby enemy bullets will be drawn into the Bubble,each bullets giving 5 energy to anyone in your vicinity.

TL;DR:Most Ults are boring.Making ´em chargeable to be more effective makes it more dynamic.

Sound cool?How about approving of this by clicking "Upvote"?

Thank you for reading,Tenno...NOW GET BACK TO GRINDIN´

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While a neat idea this would just end up with things being slower.

And it makes it so that if you can move while charging your ult in most cases (except for nyx apparently) that all people would do is get 100 energy then hit 4 and just charge it up until they reach the next battle. If they cant move while charging that makes most ults a bit more than useless because of the high chance that you either die, or enemies just wander outside of the area.

Also DESteve has said that he wants to keep the gameplay simple and action filled without bogging it down with context buttons or complex button combos or things like that. And adding this into the mix would kinda go against that vision of his.

So, all in all, while this is a fairly interesting and neat idea I dont see this working out in WF.

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