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Affinity Gain for Archwings/Nechramechs/Weapons and Companions broken in Railjack since Railjack update

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As the title says, all affinity gain for archwings, nechramechs, weapons, nechramech weapons and companions has been broken in railjack missions since the railjack update. All end of mission bonus affinity is lost when returning to dojo/relay. Sometimes even any base affinity gained is lost too, like the mission never happened. Please fix, nechramechs are hard enough to level as it is without their affinity gain constantly breaking in all warframe game modes.

To test this, go into any railjack mission with an unranked archwing/nechramech. Use the archwing/nechramech and gain affinity. Complete the mission and return to dojo/relay - affinity gained is lost. 100% replication rate as both client and host.

Edit: This Bug was present before call of the tempestarii, so it is not exclusive to the newest update.

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