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Aerial Ace mod is bugged: when it procs, any active jump is immediately cancelled

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I've recently been encountering a bug quite frequently, where my single jumps, double jumps, or bullet jumps would get cancelled, seemingly at random. Instead of reaching the full height of my jump, I would suddenly drop like a rock half way through, or even immediately after beginning the jump. I believe I've narrowed down the cause as being the Aerial Ace mod.

When an airborne player kills an enemy, Aerial Ace refreshes that player's double jump ability. That part works fine. However, it seems to also cancel any active jump at the same time. I've tested this with an Ignis Wraith, in missions as well as the Simulacrum, and as both host and client.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Equip the Aerial Ace mod on a rifle.
  2. Jump into the air. It is easiest to test this by bullet jumping directly upwards.
  3. Before reaching the full height of the jump, kill an enemy with the rifle.

Expected result:

  • The player will continue moving upwards until reaching the full height of the jump.

Actual result:

  • The player immediately drops like a rock, losing height despite not reaching the full height of the jump.
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