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Ash 'Fisheye' bug when using Bladestorm [Screenies Inc.]


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Hey guys,

So I was doing a solo extermination and got to a big juicy set of Infected to use bladestorm on. When I was using it, the power suddenly stopped, but the Fisheye effect lens was still going. After running about, I discovered I could return the camera to normal when zooming, but when zoomed out, it would return to fisheye lens again.

During this bug, I was unable to use either my Melee or Powers, but could still fire weapons just fine. Managed to complete the mission with some navigational difficulty (try spriting with that lens on!) and it's stopped. Here are some screenshots for you guys!

Note: on the first one, you will see the error 'Power in Use' at the top.





Note: Images are not in a public folder. Only people on the forums should be able to see these through the link.

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