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Update 30: Sevagoth + Epitaph Feedback Megathread (Closed)


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17 hours ago, NecroDancer said:

I'm not very fond of the way Sevagoth's dodge is just another bulletjump. It feels lazy.

My suggestion? To just keep this to an animation change and not another ability, either keep the regular dodgeroll or something more like a dive-roll. Something ethereal.

I was hoping his would be like Xakus, but he turns into a mist/smoke

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Actually, I take it back, there is one change that I think is very important which I've mentioned before:

Please do something about Embrace getting enemies stuck on walls, fences, behind doors, et cetera. This is a problem endemic to pretty much all enemy gathers in the game, and it kind of defeats the purpose since the point of an enemy gather is to bring all enemies into one spot so they can be quickly disposed of, but then I end up spending as much time hunting for stragglers caught in map geometry as I would have just killing everything normally. You can release enemies from Embrace by using it on them again, but a) I'm not sure if this is even intentional and b) spending additional energy to stop an ability misbehaving is ridiculous.

Also I would like Death's Harvest to be improved somehow, since at the moment it appears to just be a strictly inferior version of Reap (costs more energy, not as persistent, no damage) which feels dumb.

Lovely frame, got another forma in him.

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Epitaph does not work properly with Zephyr's Tornado ability.

Epitaph does not crit on tornadoes, dealing base damage to all enemies trapped within.  This has been tested using Primed Pistol Gambit to achieve 137.8% critical chance; the damage does not show up as yellow/orange crits and managing to read the numbers themselves shows they are in-fact dealing non-crit damage.

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Just a quick thing I noticed with Epitaph, but I assume this would also go for other wrist mounted secondaries, the placement and orientation of the arm when combined with Vengeful Shockwave Ephemera causes one of the ephemera's floating fragments to place itself directly in front of the crosshair when aiming/firing while moving, making it significantly harder to accurately hit enemies as they are obscured by the ephemera.

Maybe some implementation similar to the eros wings where the ephemera visually disappears when aiming down sights to prevent vision blocks could work, or potentially adding a mechanic similar to how Mirage's Hall of Mirrors works where certain cosmetics have a vision cone subtracted from them depending on where you're aiming.

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I have found a rather strange bug, some might hate me for mentioning it but as someone who wants to try and make a somewhat immortal god it’s VERY annoying and it is that the shadows 2nd ability consume has literal max range, I ran tests and found that if you slammed a full range setup into him( using all +range mods) he would have no more range (35.7M+) than if you lowered his range via narrow minded to 34% (4.76m), now I might have missed some details in how his ability works but while the range is awesome it makes it rather difficult  when you are downed to get the required kills, it will hinder some people’s fun but I haven’t seen anyone else comment on this bug so wasn’t sure if it was a bug or intentional and the range stands for something different all together 

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On 2021-05-01 at 5:06 AM, Robbery525 said:

Thanks, I put some thought into some of those lol.

The several changes they made to Sev made him much more fun and playable IMO. Those items I wrote down were Day 1 first thoughts.
After installing 2 forma into Sev, 4 into Shadow, and 4 into claws, I think he is in a pretty good state, with the exception of Consume, which I think still should be a leap or buff as you suggest, instead of an uncontrolled slingshot at all times. Of the two, I would prefer a targeted leap, similar to garuda. But the rest of the kit feels pretty balanced.

The claws with 4 forma in them and Sev @ anything above 150% strength can one-shot level 180 enemies. So I'm thinking that Shadow's 3 should be a toggle instead of a cast. Enemies can simply die way too quick for 3 to be even worth casting multiple times. Why would I waste the energy if 1 additional melee attack will kill them, rendering the 3 useless since you have to re-cast it and waste the energy for every small group of enemies.

The 1 & 4 synergy would be a great addition and I hope they do it, but doubt they will.

After playing him a bit, I think SOW needs the scaling clarified / reviewed, but think its mostly fine since it is for trash enemies. 1-2-1 does huge burst, so I'm ok with it. After a few forma, I believe sev will be my go-to frame for SP, which is what I believe he was designed for.


Consume needs to be fixed, and so does the affinity bug. As of 5/1/21, any kills that occur in the game while in shadow form contribute 0 affinity to Sevagoth, which means 0 ability to focus farm. Not even worth putting a lens onto Sevagoth until this is fixed.


It's monday. I hope we hear something more about Sev later today or tomorrow. While I'd love several changes. In the very least fix consume and visual clutter from gloom. The rest I can cope with. 

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Il y a 20 heures, maddragonmaster a dit :

ok. question i forma'ed sevagoth and sevagoths's shadow, do i need to forma the shadow's claws as well to allow for the shadow to have sevagoth's secondary energy color? 



also am i doing this right?

Sadly, as it is right now, Sevagoth's Shadow don't have a secondary energy color. I also reported this issue few days ago, but no news since then :x

Le 24/04/2021 à 15:24, Yulfan a dit :

Sevagoth's Shadow has no energy color of its own but uses those of Sevagoth. The problem is that the energy for his cloak, as well as that for Embrace and Consume only uses the first color alone and the second is totally ignored. Likewise, the energy color of Shadow's ephemera only use the first energy color of Sevagoth. Only Death's Harvest correctly uses both colors.

But overall, the fact that Sevagoth's Shadow didn't have his own energy colors is a bit of a letdown.


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14 forma investment is heavy.


  • Love his aesthetic, the Shadow in particular is great fun to play
  • Exalted weapon stance is far more usable than some others I'd care to mention (looking at you, Valkyr).
  • Gloom is great
  • Claw damage scales well in to higher content


  • Umbral mods are practically a necessity
  • Base energy seems quite measly, as does sprint speed
  • The scaling AoE from Sow + Reap sounds nice on paper, but blast damage is awful vs most things and loses effectiveness very fast
  • Consume... it's awkward to use, easy to miss, and frequently brings up "target obstructed" error when there's apparent line of sight. It needs a "wave" type treatment like Revenant's Reave
  • Keeping the Death Well filled in Shadow Form should be way more of a thing
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I agree with all your 'Pros'.  I have 4 forma into Shadow and 4 forma into Claws, debating putting a fifth, though it REALLY doesn't need it. Two of the forma I put into Claws were Umbral Forma for that guaranteed crit. In the simulacrum, it can oneshot level 180 heavy gunners. Haven't tried on anythign else in simulacrum, but just played a 30 minute disruption corpus arbitration, and I was 2-shotting nearly everything (one for shields, one for health). And that was without optimizing for corpus, just using the corrosive I had on from simulacrum.

As for the scaling AOE from Reap + Sow:  These things packed a PUNCH in the arbitration. It was decimating most groups of enemies easily with the combo. I was pretty surprised. I haven't tried this in steel path yet though.

I do definitely think that Shadow should be able to replenish the death well. As it stands right now, 3 Is mostly useless (IMO not worth the casting time, nevermind the energy cost) if claws can one-shot enemies up to level 180. maybe have death well refilling integrated into it?

I HATE consume.

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@DE please let us see a few more refinements for Sevagoth this Tuesday. Visual clutter caused by gloom on sentinels. Poor functionality of Consume. And Allow us to recast sow like we can with other similar abilities. Thank you.

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We have officially started winding down the Update 30: Bug + Feedback Tracking board and are now closing the dedicated Update 30 subforum and megathreads. We are shifting resources and focus onto the next upcoming release for Warframe: The Sisters of Parvos!

We have done a final sweep of the top recent Sevagoth and Epitaph feedback in this thread prior to locking and any workable feedback will be reviewed. As we conclude our first trial run of a public tracking board, we want to thank everyone who shared bug reports and feedback in the dedicated megathreads. Your participation was invaluable and we look forward to our next board when The Sisters of Parvos releases, which will continue this experiment to share known issues and feedback in an organized fashion.


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