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Update 30: Sevagoth + Epitaph Feedback Megathread (Closed)


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33 minutes ago, (PSN)Tazzilla88 said:

I was looking at subsuming the shadow for mag’s pull. Pull had a higher base range and pull angle. It feels like it might be a good way to deal with those enemies out of range but still in the room. It also feels like that’s all the shadow really adds to the kit is a pull into slowed melee. When I hop back on I’ll give it a go and report back if it shores up the hole in his defense. 

I really don't want to lose that extra ability strength from Helminth Empower. I can just be more mobile instead. And I'll spend most of my time in shadow form anyways.

The only change I might make to his subsumed ability is reducing Fleeting Expertise down a single rank and take Dispensary. It would make my energy drain 4 per second instead of 2.5, but the additional energy drops, health drops, and universal ammo may be worth it. I'd still be able to easily hit 70% slow.

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24 minutes ago, (PSN)Tazzilla88 said:

I was looking at subsuming the shadow for mag’s pull. Pull had a higher base range and pull angle. It feels like it might be a good way to deal with those enemies out of range but still in the room. It also feels like that’s all the shadow really adds to the kit is a pull into slowed melee. When I hop back on I’ll give it a go and report back if it shores up the hole in his defense. 

Mag pull is decent, but it has some glaring holes that make it less useful. for instance, Embrace will always pull enemies to just in front of the cast point and hold them there. Pull just knocks them towards you, which makes it less viable, especially at higher levels where TTK scales beyond 1 to 2 hits.

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On 2021-04-14 at 5:31 AM, xZeromusx said:

Straight up invulnerability periods (Nyx, Atlas, Excalibur, Wukong).

Dude while you playing in with shadow he does become invulnerable. And the shadow has average survivability on the stats. 
Reap Sow and Gloom are just there to keep his exalted up.

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I don't know if this has been addressed but every time I exit sevagoth's shadow form by having the timer run out, I'm unable to use my weapons. Once back in sevagoth's main form and not his shadow, I can't do anything except activate his 4th ability again which brings up a message saying I'm unable to use this ability. It does let me use weapons and the rest of his abilities again though upon getting that "error".

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So, Just something I noticed, not sure if it is a bug or not but going to post it in bug posting as well. Sevagoth's passive where he becomes an obelisk and gather's souls for revive is cool and I like it, the one problem I have with it is upon becoming shadow from your obelisk, if shadow dies, it instantly slays you, ignoring any remaining bleedout, you can have a minute of bleedout with mods and upon spawning, you have no "i frames" to protect shadow while you first spawn and can quickly get killed in higher level content. If Shadow dies that's fine I guess, can't revive yourself, however, you should just go back to your obelisk and wait the rest of the bleedout time instead of instantly dying.

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On 2021-04-14 at 3:59 PM, (PSN)Tazzilla88 said:

Ok, so I have installed a number of forms onto sevagoth, I believe 6 into his main form and 5 into his shadow, with 4 or 5 in his claws. I’ve tried a number of builds, most of which having strength between 155-260. Maintaining between 135-170 efficiency 

At low levels, he plays exactly the way you want and expect him to feel. However, his ability to scale is abysmal. If he were simply meant to be played in low levels only he should be the best option for low level content. He is not. 

Reap, feels great at low levels. In order to get the best of the ability one has to use sow. That is perfectly fine and slows down what would be an inactive spam. However, as enemies begin to scale upwards spamming his one becomes completely necessary as it does not possess the destructive power to reasonably kill level 100 non steel path enemies. This is a major flaw. Yes, it should absolutely still one shot. If for no other reason than his kit lacks any hard cc and he does not durability to stand in the open taking fire. In fact, his one seems to be designed to be his nuking ability, so to have to spam 7 to 10 time to kill a sortie level enemy makes for horrible energy efficiency, it also makes the ability feel completely useless outside of low level play. Why in the name of Bob would I sit there an open duck trying to use this ability when I’d accomplish more with the bramma, or the proboscis cernos, or the nukor, or a melee weapon. Given Sevagoth’s energy demands it would always be superior to use a weapon aoe or otherwise  even with ammo than to use Reap. Also as reap is the only direct damage ability in his kit, the ability should really focus on doing damage. While dragging reap across the screen can be fun it shouldn’t be necessary. It should seek out enemies and be able to directed to  specific enemy. An added touch of Cc in the form of enemies in reap’s radius panicking should greatly help go survival. So that some enemies aren’t actively shooting you. 

Getting into Sow, this ability also feels really weak once we get past level 50. True damage I get it. However, of what use is true damage when it doesn’t even scratch 10% of their health? The true dmg is not enough to maintain a meaningful heal with gloom, nor is strong enough to actually help fill the death well. In fact, at higher levels there really is no point at all in sow. What are going to do tickle the enemies to death and have to spam to try it? Also if this is the aoe debuff it would make a lot more sense to tie damage vulnerability to the attack that isn’t meant to kill the targets it hits instead of reap. If reap works properly there should be very few enemies left to debuff. However is sow offered the debuff for damage vulnerability, the ability could serve some use at higher levels and also allow a more meaningful debuff. It really feels like this ability should scale off of enemy health, much like energy vampire. Ok so level with me, warframe is fast paced game, so most enemies that make it into range of sow would be dead with the vast majority of frames within  the next 10 seconds. Since sow doesn’t actually help fill the death well in gameplay that requires warframe abilities ( read as high level content but this is true for mid level as well) I think the true damage proc should remove between 10-20% of an enemies current hp. This way ability won’t nuke a room because it will constantly be doing less damage but will be priming everyone in the area for use of reap, while providing a decent heal under gloom. This change would preserve reap as Sevagoth’s nuke ability whilst allowing sow to viable throughout all gameplay and in a way helps counter act Sevagoth’s lack of protection. 

As for Gloom, this is easily my favorite ability. It unfortunate however that this ability is wholly necessary for any chance at survival. I don’t think the heal percentage is too low so much as it feels that Sevagoth’s kit doesn’t actually have the firepower to make good use of gloom.  If he had strong enough crowd control that he could CC the room and then heal back up with gloom active even that would be viable but this is not the case. It makes it feel like this is a halfway completed ability in a kit that doesn’t support it. I say halfway completed because this is ability is the sole source of survivability for the frame and does not provide enough to guarantee this “undying” frame doesn’t die. To begin, the slow is way too low. WAAAAY too lowly base.  Listen at max power strength for that slow to actually be the only source of survivability it needs to go up to 97.5% at like 230 power strength.  It’s a radius ability which means those outside the radius will still move at full speed whilst dramatically reducing the damage from the closest and most dangerous/accurate enemies. “But you can stack slow” yeah no. How? Are you going to waste time trying to spraying a room with cold to get decent crowd control instead of just killing the enemies that you could have sprayed with a better weapon? If you build for gloom to be its best it’s slow should be as good as Rhino’s especially given its reduced range and the high energy cost. I understand that at max power strength it provide a 95% slow with maxed power strength but considering the need for duration, efficiency, and range one will never be able to see these values. As this ability needs to be active at all times I really don’t understand the grow to full size function. So I’m supposed to be naked and afraid and jump head first into a group of enemies so I can get them to not kill me. I would have it start at full range. 

Finally, the brings us to Sevagoth’s shadow. The very first thought is that there isn’t any reason why you should have to completely fill the meter before you can use his ability. Running  around with three abilities hoping you stay alive long enough to see your fourth is a horrible feeling. Furthermore, in the case in which you switch back and forth between your forms particularly to take advantage of the shadow’s third ability, your energy should not be constantly reset back to 60. Excuse me, so the ability is impossible to maintain permanently, which is a bizarre choice because it’s no remarkably powerful, but it doesn’t even allow you to switch between forms without spamming energy pads. Either Sevagoth and his shadow need to share an energy bar ( so that you can maintain gloom and stay in the shadow for as long as you’d like) or his shadow needs to have an energy pool that doesn’t reset when not in use and if we can’t maintain his shadow form it must be much easier to get. If you are meant to use his shadow as a survival tool, it would be difficult to do consistently if you must keep the well at max and then supply yourself with energy after hitting the panic button and still being surrounded by enemies.

The shadow’s first ability, Embrace,  is my second favorite in Sevagoth’s kit. It generally work really well and my one suggestion is the pull angle should be larger given it is the only form of cc the shadow has. It should probably scale with power range with like a base angle of 120 that can go up to 240. 

Consume is my third favorite ability in the kit. Not because it’s a reliable heal or anything of the sort but because it is the best movement ability Sevagoth has. Otherwise he doesn’t feel very much like wraithe at all. He’s slow and ground locked.  I would add invulnerability to the dash, in addition to heal. Make it easier to navigate.

Death’s Harvest needs to do just a bit more, mostly because you have 3 abilities instead of 4. In addition to the damage vulnerability a healthy speed buff on the Tenno would make the whole kit feel more complete. It would also solve the problem that Sevagoth feel really slow for an ethereal frame. One should be able to cast Sevagoth’s Shadow, cast Death’s Harvest, Cast Reunite and be able to wipe out all the enemies before the duration for Death’s Harvest is up and then should be able to rinse and repeat. 

As far as Sevagoth’s shadows claws go I’d hate to beat a dead horse so I’ll try to make this succinct. The range is far too low. Base range on an exalted weapon should be 5m. Period. The damage needs to scale better or doing something amazingly helpful as it is the only way to meaningfully kill with the shadow. While blood rush and weeping wounds are option ( they should be anyway) I’d prefer an effect for his claws like a tethered terrify. When you claw an enemy they tether out to other enemies pulling them closer for a chance to inflict panic. The claws would get a status chance and critical chance boost based on how many panic enemies it kills, with a cap. That way the mods that the player base desperately want on the weapon comes baked in, and provides a unique effect. It would also allow far greater build diversity for the claws.

Lastly, the passive. Allow to passive to work exactly the same way the ability itself works. You’re on both on a countdown and can be manually killed. Don’t make it more difficult to save yourself. Don’t trap me with one mobility skill to run away from death until my timer runs out. 

The idea of Sevagoth is fresh and welcomed and I think with some Qol changes and some tweaks to abilities he can be a really good frame. Right now though, there really is nothing worth doing with him and it’s a shame because he’s such a beautiful frame with an interesting kit. 

This is exactly what I'd love to see. He has so much potential. It just feels a little lacking

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reap and sow are too weak when used separately by themselves, gloom shouldn't need an energy drain that increases over time, and sevagoth practically has no passive if he doesn't enter bleed out mode.

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(my opinion) 


Ghost (Reap) should be able to go through walls.. Most of the time it's stuck in walls so the feature of guiding it might as well not exist, considering it only means I have to recast.. 


Sow should be recastable.. I use rather low range now and still hit enemies in another room/dimension that prevent me from casting it again.. I used to use more range but it basically locked me out of the ability for its entire duration.. Since it's mostly one enemy doing that, I'd be fine if the addition meant the effect of sow will be removed from remaining enemies when recast. 

(3rd/Sevagoth) (keep in mind I'm purely talking about gloom used with and for Sev here) 

Gloom needs work. Currently there is barely any reason to use it. Long casting time, locked in place.. Before its ready, I'm dead. Uptime? There is barely any. My energy pool is empty before there is even any uptime. I've read about duration based instead of channel, I join that faction. Even if it would be on the shorter side, it'd be better.

While I like the animation, in heated situations I'm barely able to pull it off without abusing invulnerability mechanics. So maybe speed animations up, make it castable while walking, but short duration and yes, I'd even be fine with less efficiency of health per kill if that means it gets changed into something fitting for his active play style. 



Ghost's second ability should work like Gauss' first. Tap for short burst, hold for long travel. (which can be flipped with the tap/hold settings, of course) [passive as well of course]

Reason: I am not happy with 75% of ability usage time being locked into walls. It's just not fun. When I first tried it out, I kissed every single wall possible while being confused about it. 



His passive/meter should get  some other effect than only the ability to cast his ultimate. If I take a peek at Baruuk, who has a well working passive from the meter AND an exalted.. It feels like something is missing.

Idea: while DR would be basically stolen from Baruuk, how about a passive health boost which increases or decreases depending on how much the meter is filled/emptied? Just an idea. I'd love the meter to have another effect than just 'ultimate ability ready/not ready'. 

Yes, currently, the deathwell is super easy to fill. (just a few seconds) and it's fine that way considering how it now works, but it would also be fine in my book if it took longer, but had more reasons to be another resource in addition to energy with a helpful and decent passive buff depending on management. 



*Sometimes Ghosts second ability loses all sounds.. It's kinda weird. 

*Switching from Ghost to Sevagoth 'marks' the controller as if the RB button is held, so every action I do after switching back is either casting abilities or entering operator on accident. To fix it, everytime I switch I have to hold RB to 'unmark' that. iirc this was a bug with operators as well a while ago. Curious why it came back. Anyway, it's rather annoying.. Hope it can get fixed. 

*Reunite is marked as Rank 0 in the arsenal, I know, it's such a minor thing but I just wanted to mention it :3

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A few notes on Sevegoth

Great frame concept. The synergy between abilities works well.  I have about 5 hours of play time with him.

 I do wish gloom had a lower energy drain.  As mentioned several times already, gloom aids in his survivability due to really low armor value but the drain to use it is pretty insane.  I would suggest either higher armor value or reduced drain on gloom  

Shadow has slow clunky movement.  Jumping seems short and more difficult to use.  Shadow seems to get stuck on environment in corpus ship tile sets. 

Please allow blood rush on the claws so they work with higher level content.  This change was made to Garuda’s claws and i rarely use an alternative melee weapon now. 

On PS4 when switching to shadow I’ve experienced inability to melee (claws).  It’s happened on multiple tile sets.  I can “fix” it by using his #1.  When switching back to Sevegoth at times I’ll get stuck in operator mode or stuck using his #2 repeatedly until I run out of energy.  

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1. Gloom - slows Operators as well.


2. Unable to move but I could attack. I've been testing Exalted Shadow ability and when I come back to Sevagoth I couldn't:

- move (roll, bullet jump, jump)

- do an action (press X in the Simulacrum console)

- die (frame & operator were immortal, even I unchecked Simulacrum's options).

I could:

- look around (frame were frozen, with hands raised up; frame will just rotate left or right)

- shoot, change weapons, attack with melee (enemies are damaged but there is no frame's animation), throw glaive

- change to operator (operator are not affected by this bug; when I change position using Operator and go back to frame, the frame will change position as well)

I've tried "resetting suit" in the Simulacrum but the frame was still bugged.

Here is the SS:



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It is quite difficult, actually impossible to figure out which enemy is still under the effect of Sow when trying to move on and try to mow the next group with reap and sow, yo.

Waiting for the timer to run out is just unnecessary and adds even more to the clunky mobility of Sevagoth and Shadow.

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Sevagoth's kit has excellent damage and feels really fun to play, the shadow too. That said, Sevagoth feels a little squishy which is understandable given how easy it is for him to revive himself but at the same time it makes it a little tricky to use him in high end stuff since I've got no Alive Time to build up my meter. He's got a slow in his 3rd for crowd control but the range is super limited even at full tilt, and the Life Steal is nice but he doesn't have anything to mitigate the damage to make use of that life steal.

So I've been trying to think of a Solution: Arcane Guardian doesn't quite have the strength for it, I really don't want to Helminth an Ability given how synergistic his kit feels (and the fact his abilities are just plain fun), and he doesn't have damage reduction that I can see in his kit. I might still try Adaptation with Arcane Barrier & Shield Gating? It feels like the idea is to use Shield Gating to keep him alive given how small his shields are but I've yet to find a good way to work that in. Arcane Barrier I guess?

An armour buff might do the trick, but I think some status chance on his 1 (Reap) so that it spreads some rad procs (it does radiation damage anyway) to take a lil pressure off him and be super useful against Infested, would feel and play much better encouraging aggressive play


The Epitaph might be my new favourite secondary, bringing status utility & crit oomphyness in one package. It seems as though the status chance changes a little between the initial projectile and its explosion, a little clarification in the stats would be useful - similar situation to the Sonicor. Other than that, rock solid.

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3 hours ago, LivanB said:

If sevagoth is that weak with 22 forma I might just skip it for now.

sadly it is weak, low survival and funny dmg vs higher lvls. Not worth using all those formas on him atm. Maybe in next few months dev will listen to testers and tweak him a bit :)

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On exalted weapons:

It is frustrating that exalted weapons don't have access to certain mods. I think this is compensated to a degree in *most* exalted weapons because they have some powerful effect.

Baruuk has the best exalted weapon I think. It has infinite punch through at a 20 yard range and large aoe radius. Not having those mods might suck but I feel like he compensates by having the longest range of any melee weapon and the only melee weapon I know of with infinite punchthrough. 

Titania has 2 sets of exalted weapons. However even the melee one lacking access to those mods isn't as bad because she can fly has the added bonus of her little baby faeries and high evasion for survival. Plus it attacks incredibly fast AND charges at enemies in a way no other weapon does.

Valkyr has a major benefit given to her when she uses her exalted weapons. She becomes completely immortal. Course even with high dur and eff it's impossible to keep it up 100% of the time but you can get pretty close or you can have a real melee weapon and then switch to immortality when things get tough.

Hildryn's exalted weapon is a gun and synergizes with her unique energy/shield system. afaik gun exalted weapons aren't excluded from any mods.

Wukong exalted weapon is probably the worst one currently available. It's fun and the combos are cool it has slightly longer range than most but not being able to have those mods cause late game players to often subsume it. It doesn't really provide anything super special. Yeah your copy will use it when you use it instead of using a gun but even this can be bad because a lot of folks gives wukong a gun with limited ammo, or self damage so the clone can use it more effectively than you could.

Garuda has very interesting exalted weapons because they aren't summoned by an ability but rather but instead are essentially "Equipable" despite this I am pretty sure it doesn't have access to those mods making it not particularly useful. Especially as it has no special benefit that normal weapons don't besides the fact that only garuda can use them. Edit: Turns out she can use them. I'm glad one exalted weapon is capable of that. 

Eccalibur has very long range with his exalted weapons because it shoots projectiles which kind of makes it like a gun. Idk how useful it is in endgame at high levels because I don't play Excalibur much but it does do something that no other weapon in the game does.

Sevagoth his is certainly the most unique exalted weapon but I don't know if it's the most effective. The fact that his exalted weapon is basically attached to a completely separate warframe with it's own abilities is great in theory. The cool thing about exalted shadow is if you die as it you simply become Sevagoth again. However this makes it a poor man's hysteria. Hysteria which gives true immortality is super useful when the going gets tough. Rather shadow gives one instance of second chance (surviving a killing blow). But then you turn back to Sevagoth and can die instantly. Afaik he doesn't have any iframes in the return which can mess him up. Now if you survive the first second and still have full soul you can go right back but if you don't have full soul you have to play a dodge and survive game until you can go back to your somewhat tankier form. Which is why it really needs to be like baruuk where it can be activated at any soul gage level above 0. While shadow has unique abilities it moves sluggish and otherwise acts like a typical melee except with very little lunge in the melee combos. The abilities are nice (although 2 is super clunky as stated). You can hardly use them because of how rapidly you run out of energy. (I am using 170% efficacy and still run out of energy in no time as shadow). Sevagoth certainly has the most unique and interested exalted weapon but the boons of it don't really compensate for the lack of those mods at end game. The second chance isn't that useful if you can't instantly return back to shadow with an iframe preventing death as Sevagoth. Now if you die as Sevagoth you turn into shadow with limited ability usage but at high level good luck getting any kills at all with only access to that ability in the short amount of time you're allotted. It is still better than inaros' passive however cuz you can still move and interact with things. 

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On 2021-04-14 at 11:34 AM, Zilotz said:

Look of the frame is great.

But abilities and stats are not good enough.

1) Squishy like a marshmallow - will die on all high lvl missions and on most of middle lvl missions too

2) Energy pool vs energy costs - very low pool and huge costs for things like Gloom

3) Abilities should be able to kill middle level enemies at least(lv40-50) easily

4) Claws are so weak, low range and low damage

5) Range is too low

So as i did criticize i should offer a solution to the problem. Here it is:

1) Up the health to 2500 with full Vitality, up the armor to 150, add passive Hunter Adrenaline for both frame and shadow.

2) Cut Gloom base drain to 1-3/sec. Having a draining ability running is already a big debuff and without it he can't survive well enough even with higher health pool.

3) Double the base range for Sow and Gloom.

4) Up the base damage for Reap to 350(it is a bit low right now) and double shadow's speed in the ability.

5) Up Embrace base range to 30m, Consume base range to 16m + while dashing hitbox 5m, Death's harvest's range to 30m and base duration to 30sec(it costs half of energy if not modded for efficiency).

and quadruple claws range

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On 2021-04-14 at 1:53 AM, (PSN)FK2P said:

Yeah, I have to say- I’m not getting into this one as much as I thought I would. He’s literally a worse version of baruuk. 

Baruuk is literally a worse version of Excalibur. I think we've kind of hit the limit on what Warframes can do for the time being.

On 2021-04-14 at 1:42 AM, Rovaeden said:

Sevagoth Rework

I find Sevagoth extremely clunky to play.

It occurred to me that his abilities would be an awful lot more interesting if he used his Health Pool in place of Energy.

This would give him a unique and interesting risk / reward gameplay style in which he burned his health to use his powers which in turn drained life from his enemies to keep him in the fight.


There are 45 other Warframes. Find another one you actually like if this one brings nothing to the table for you.

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19 minutes ago, Dexxik666 said:

ok few things as ur not-paid beta tester:

1) seva shadow forward combo is usualy glitched - arms r laying behind shadow and not attacking

2) switching back from shadow changed FoV from 90 to something like 70 (while settings show 90)

3) energy drain for 3 is quite high

4) range of shadow is joke, like why is it 1.5?

5) movement speed is terrible with shadow

6) shadows 1 sometimes doesnt pull enemies

Yeah I think this is something other have mentioned but I have not yet. 4) Why are those SUPER LONG ARMS have such incredibly short range? C'mon give us 2.0 at the minimum. But 2.5 is more realistic. 3.0 baseline would help a lot with shadow limited movement. 

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I'd like an interaction where if you cast reap and then hold to cast exalted shadow while your shadow is already detached, you change to shadow form, leaving your body where it was but teleporting yourself to where your shadow was the moment you cast your 4, kinda like wisp's wil-o-wisp

And I don't know how hard this will be to implement, but it would be cool if sevagoth's shadow claws (his cowl thingy) actually disappeared from your model when you cast reap or exalted shadow, like how gara's glass armour dissapears as she casts Splinter storm

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1 hour ago, (NSW)Electropuncher said:

Baruuk is literally a worse version of Excalibur. I think we've kind of hit the limit on what Warframes can do for the time being.

There are 45 other Warframes. Find another one you actually like if this one brings nothing to the table for you.

Ohhh boy. Two things.

1: Baruuk is so much better than Excalibur IMO. Excalibur is certainly not a bad frame but I find Baruuk way more fun to play.

2: I completely agree with your second statement. Sevagoth may not be for you, TC, but he absolutely doesn't need reworked (hell... he really doesn't need any/many changes at all). 

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On 2021-04-13 at 8:12 PM, TheMightyDungeonMaster said:

 I have put 16 forma on Sevagoth, (main frame/shadow form/claws) two of which were umbral, and im giving a fair shot on my new main frame, Tested on healthy amounts on Kuva survival and other game-modes in steel-path, and i can SAFELY SAY this is one of the only Warframes that require NO changes, as i feel he was released in a comfy state.

 He has been released in a state where the first impressions with him were amazing (a sentiment seemed to be shared by a lot of people), even if you want to go head on building Sevagoth, you have to be prepared for the forma hell that is building him. And, after so much investment, you get a solid frame, at which his power level is comparable to something akin to Nidus, which i'd also argue is one of the most well-designed warframes. All of his abilities work organically among each other, none of them can be deemed replaceable, bad, or even overpowered.

 This is a Warframe that doesn't trivialize content (Limbo) or is completely bonkers strong on current content (Saryn), but dare i say, a well-balanced character, that stands alongside Nidus as probably one of the most well-designed warframes to exist now, althrough this is subjective.

Is Sevagoth about as Forma heavy as Titania with her Exalteds?

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So far my only complaint with Sevagoth is that trying to put ephemeras on shadow doesn’t really work right. They don’t appear half the time, and I can’t seem to alter the colors of things like Bleeding body and ki teer ephemera.

Also sometimes when I switch to shadow the game still things I’m holding Down RB so when I go to melee I end up casting shadows 3rd ability instead.

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Hey, this might help in the short term; Sevagoth can actually ditch a lot of his Duration in favour of Range, Efficiency and Strength, so going into negative Duration makes it much, much easier to recast the ability more often.

Since you're likely using it for the room-clear blast with his 1, this way you have a really efficient combo for it. With, say, this kind of build: https://overframe.gg/build/149543/ You end up with a Sow that lasts only around 6-7 seconds, which is enough time to reposition, cast Reap at least once for effect, and then it's only a second or so before that duration is done and you can recast for another.

Picked that idea up from Baruuk, actually, since none of his abilities worry about Duration for their mechanical charging of his 4, so you don't need enemies to fall asleep permanently, you just hit a decent area with his 2 and 3, while having minimum drain on his 1, and then smack everything with a high Strength 4.

Sevagoth, to me, is that kind of frame, where you can use the abilities for the mechanical effect, rather than for the longer duration of it. Max effeciency means the smallest possible drain on Gloom, a decent range means you hit a great area with Sow, and a decent strength means the combo works really well for clearing because it's percentage based damage. Duration just takes that back-seat.

Don't take it too low, however, because then you'll lose that duration on Reap and not be able to capitalise on the effects of Sow if you mis-time the casts.

Anyway, you've got four whole years before Sevagoth gets a Prime, so don't worry about dropping that Umbral Forma on him, it's honestly not a bad investment.

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Frame is having a hard time in terms of how his gameplay is supposed to base around. 

Frame has 2 forms. One caster, one feasting. 

While Shadow form is very powerful the base form remains very fragile and under appreciated. All it does is keeping him alive and stack his shadow form. Since it's so powerful i think shadow form needs some nerfs in terms of presence duration (higher death well drain or sth) but in return base form should receive some high buffs. 


Sevagoth: Energy pool: 125->150

Armor: 110-200 

Ability changes suggestions:

Sevagoth's shadow:

Claw range is hilariously small. Please buff it a bit. 

Embrace: angle should scale with range 


Passive: Dash needs a lock on such as atlas 1 so missing and enemy doesn't make you slamming against the wall. 


Improve its general targeting. It often just keeps going into a wall corner when enemy is right next to it and is left unaffected 

1 20-50% more damage vulnerability and make it to function like a decoy to redirect enemy fire (utility, not damage ability) 

2 make this ability stackable. The more casts hit an enemy, the more damage vulnerable it becomes (utility and damage) 

3 this is bound to option for Sow 

Increase base damage of the ability by 10x-20x but remove debuff (ability becomes an alternative for low level enemy clear, but when needed can be enhanced by 2nd ability) 


Lower the energy cost to 25

Increase duration of the ability by about 2 seconds and damage tick rate. = would make healing more reliable and a pocket equinox alternative 

this ability suggestion is linked with 3rd suggestion for Reap change 

some sort of buffing damage either modded or based on enemies affected or anything. (Used to enhance Reap and Gloom ability) 


If suggested changes won't see the light of day at least augment mod that does some of those would be greatly appreciated. 

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Played around more with the frame and found solutions for previous issues, but some still remain
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