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Which Warframe To Choose?





I'm pondering whether I should change my Banshee to something else? It seems like my damage is gimped down compared to the time that I built it (like 8 months ago?). I took a break from the game so can someone verify this?


I have Mag ready, and probably most of the blueprints for other warframes. Which should I go for? I enjoy playing defense missions the most, but even modded Banshee seems to lack the AoE damage to compete nowadays.


Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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If you like Defense missions Frost, Vauban, or Rhino. Rhino is pretty good all-around. Kinda slow, so you'll want Vanguard helm and maybe rush. Nova or Mag are REALLY good offensive frames. Loki or Ash are good about anything too, since they have invisibility to get them our of tough spots, revive teammates, or just get some good damage on a hard enemy

If you haven't played Survival, Nekros is great. I can't say that one frame is the best. Watch this guys videos, they're kinda outdated, but good. It'll give you a good idea of the Warframe's skills, and there stats, too. It even has some weapons.

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unfortunately banshee hasn't gotten any love in the past few updates, and soundquake is severely underpowered as an ult. the stun lock is nice, though if you're with a team. but you can still get shot by guys outside the radius, obviously. sonar is still a useful skill into the higher levels. and I personally enjoy sonic boom/force push. and ignis/embolist do more damage to enemies you knocked down, I believe. similar to when enemies are rag-dolled (has to do with the fact that they have more hitboxes when they're trying to get back up, I think)


banshee was the first frame I crafted, and I still like her, but I prefer saryn now. saryn's ult is armor ignor, and she's pretty tanky. venom got a nerf, but it still racks up damage

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