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Squad Take-Down Contest [Winners Announced]!


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This is my new friend and I together in Neptune Loki collection, we happy together a team to carry on the games, we like warframe.
Thank you all!
Squad list:
1) SanMuGod
2) lyon78

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https://pan.baidu.com/s/1xOP9roDwsI8Ta16zUTeE3g 提取码:150g


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12 hours ago, SanMuGod said:

This is a battle for collecting loki with a friend I just met. We fought side by side in Neptune for many battles and had a good exchange. I really like warframe this game!

Queue list:

1) SanMuGod

2) lyon78

I don’t know how to share my picture, so I will release my picture address:

https://pan.baidu.com/s/1xOP9roDwsI8Ta16zUTeE3g Extraction code: 150g




I just went to your link and entered that 150g code and Right clicked on the image and then copy image address.



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Unedited Submissions




因为国家政策的原因我无法在这个论坛上传图片 但是我把图片上传到了steam的截图上

Because of the national policy, I can't upload the pictures in this forum, but I uploaded the pictures to the screenshot of steam

This is a link to the picture


I named this picture"A powerful blow"


Finally, I wish every tenno a happy 8th anniversary

(The English part uses translation software)


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Heard you guys Like Jojo so here it is! Even Captain Vor can't handle ZA WORLDO But me and Nova sure can! Squad: Tyes45 (ME!) Ciardis (My Wonderful Nova Friend) Sub Type: Editied submission2UuckXK.jpg

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Tyl Regor: "It's hammer ti-..."
Riesling: "No, it's time to cremate you"
Eutos: "We should'a dressed for his funeral"
Riesling: "Maybe"

Eutos (as Protea) and Riesling (as Volt Prime) together burned Professor Tyl Regor to death with at least 2,335 fire procs.
This work is for the unedited submission.

Overwhelming 'fire power', right?

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-Inaudable sad Hydrolyst noises-

Here is my entry to the Squad Take-Down Contest! I submit this as an edited submission. All of the warframes, the operator, the Volt shields, the hydrolyst, the vomvalysts and the lures are greenscreened into the scene using the color key scene and I even made some particles for harrows ultimate ability :D 

There is a lot of detail in this shot and I definitly recommend taking your time to look through all of the detail x)

Massive thanks to the actors involved!

Here are the in game names of each actor:

DPS Volt (orange Volt): AscendMichel

VS Volt+Operator (blue Volt): BioToxicz

Wisp (in archwing next to Hydrolyst): Snoef

Harrow (purple boi): AutistTurk


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